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How to set up your system for optimum performance with your 001. Improving performance with your 001. Avoiding problems.

Some common problems that can easily be avoided by following the guidelines below.

Please read all of the Digidesign manuals and installation documents that come with your Digi 001 digital audio system. In addition we highly recommend reading all of the manuals that make up your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) system to familiarize yourself with the software and hardware and any books or classes on Digital Audio, Apple computers, and Audio recording.
Your CPU should have a minimum of 128 MB of RAM (192 MB recommended) If you plan to use other audio or MIDI applications with Pro Tools additional RAM is highly recommended. Not having the minimum or recommended system memory will cause your system to not launch, crashing during the launch of Pro Tools, system crashes, or DAE memory error prompts.
Make sure your memory setting are as follows. Pro Tools preferred memory should be set to @20,000-35,000k. DAE preferred memory should be set to @30,000-50,000. Pro Tools and DAE minimum memory setting should be left at its default. You can confirm this by entering a zero into the minimum field and pressing enter on the keyboard, this will default the minimum memory setting. DAE’s playback buffer size (Finder/DAE/File Menu/Set Playback Buffer Size) should be set to #2 The Disk Cashe setting in the memory control panel (Apple Menu/Control Panel/Memory) should be set to 512k or lower.
Make sure virtual memory is turned off (Apple Menu/Control Panel/Memory)
Set your monitors to display 256 colors (Apple menu/Monitor’s & Sound/Select Monitors/Select 256 colors for the color depth, then close the dialog). This effects the performance of your system and can directly effect PCI bandwidth issues and produce DAE 6042 errors during playback.
Enable the default set of extensions. Pro Tools requires that certain essential MAC OS System extensions be enabled in order to run properly. -Open the Apple menu/Control Panel/Extension Manager -From the Selected Set pop-up menu choose the MAC OS base set -Select “Duplicate Set” from the bottom right hand corner and name the duplicate set. -In Extension Manager scroll down and turn on OMS preferred device in the Control Panel Folder. -In Extension Manager scroll down and check DigiSystem Init, Digidesign DSP manager, and OMS in the Extension Folder. -Turn on any third party extensions that you might need. -Restart the CPU with the new extension set selected.
Make sure you disable (usually done by disabling the appropriate extension) any third party applications that are running in the background…Norton File Saver, Disk Light, Virus software ect ect.
After Pro Tools is installed successfully, locate the OMS applications folder and run the OMS installer and configure OMS. Pro Tools requires that you disable the “Use Apple Serial DMA Driver When Available” option. In OMS Setup(OMS Setup application/Edit menu/Preferences/Deselect “Use Apple Serial DMA Driver When
Available”/Select OK)
If you’re using a SCSI accelerator card to connect your external audio drives to your CPU please set the sync transfer rate to 10mHz. This effects the performance of your system and can directly effect PCI bandwidth issues and produce DAE 6042 errors during playback. SCSI accelerator cards are currently unsupported and are still being
tested with Digi 001 systems. Look for compatibility documents in the near future.
Do not rename your system folder.
RTAS (Real Time Audio Suite Plug-ins) Plug-Ins provide features and functionality similar to their TDM(Time Divisional Multiplexing) counterparts, but are designed for use on non-TDM-based Pro Tools systems running Pro Tools LE software. Unlike TDM Plug-Ins, they rely on and are limited by the processing power of your computer. The
more powerful your computer, the greater the number and variety of RTAS Plug-Ins that you can use simultaneously. Because of the dependence on the CPU or host processing, the more RTAS Plug-Ins you use concurrently in a session, the greater the impact on other aspects of system performance such as available track count, edit density, and automation.
Also please send in the registration card included with your system. As a registered user, you’ll receive periodic software updates and notifications of upgrades.

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