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Running Melodyne with Cubase.

First of all, use the latest builds of Melodyne and Cubase SX.

Cubase Settings:
– In Cubase SX set the “Audio Buffer Size” to at least 256 samples – we recommend 512 or 1024.
– In the “VST Engine Expert Settings” dialog, set the “Audio Priority” to “Very High” and uncheck “Multi Processing”, even if your computer is equipped with multiple processors.

Melodyne settings:
– Be sure to select a larger buffer size than the one you have selected within Cubase.
– Set “Buffer Count” to 8 and “Buffer Preload” to 2.
– If you get drop outs while using the MelodyneBridge, try increasing these parameters.
– If you do this in real time, streaming will stop for a second and the two application will be re-synchronized.

For help on using Melodyne with ReWire, see Knowledgebase article #28493.

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