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Roland MICRO BR® How to Initialize (Format) the MICRO BR’s SD Card

Note: This article refers to the BOSS MICRO BR® Digital Recorder that was released in 2006. If you’re looking for information on the 2011 MICRO BR® BR-80 Digital Recorder, please click this link:

The following procedure clears your SD memory card and reloads the factory settings.

CAUTION! All User information on the SD card is lost during formatting. Be sure to first back up any information you wish to keep before proceeding.

Each new SD (Secure Digital) card needs to formatted before it can be used with the MICRO BR. Always make sure that the power is off when putting in or taking out the SD card. Perform the following steps to initialize the SD card.

1. Turn on the MICRO BR, and then press UTILITY.

2. Press TR4 (INI).

3. Press TR4 (YES).

4. Press TR4 (YES)—the card is erased, formatted, and a new song is created.

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