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Posting Guidelines

Please keep posts brief, to the point and factual.  An average post would be formatted like this:


Users experiencing problems installing Studio One on Win 7 64bit                                                            <summary                                                         

Ticket Numbers: 55555, 66666, 22333, 11122, 00123                                                                             <Tickets for reference

The problem is occuring during hardware integration and only using Firestudio Devices                            <Details

This issue is being reported on the forums as well: http://forums.presonus.com/exampletopic                   <additional metrics


Has anyone else seen this issue?  Is there a workaround or fix?  Has a Bug been reported?                   <call for help or info




All agents are welcome to post here, and not just about issues they are having, but also feel free to share your knowledge and experience via articles.  Post your outline/basic article here and we will have them edited and vetted and added to our main Knowledge Base area!!!





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