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On my PC, Pro Tools FREE seems slow to react and I’m noticing a delay in the audio output. What is going on?

The Pro Tools hardware buffers are intentionally set very large on Windows to overcome some problems with very inexpensive soundcards. This results in delay or latency in the playback of audio tracks, the display of onscreen audio level meters, and a slower response time. Some users with better performing soundcards can try lowering their hardware buffer size to reduce these delays. Before you do this, verify the kind of soundcard or soundchip your PC is using and check for any information on that make of card or chip in the Pro Tools FREE Read Me or our online documentation. If your card is a SoundBlaster or Diamond Monster MX 400, reducing the buffer size is not recommended, but with other cards you can experiment. Please check the Pro Tools Reference Guide PDF or our online Pro Tools FREE support information for details on changing the size of the hardware buffer in Pro Tools FREE or LE.

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