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Why do I not have access to the Windows volume control when I use my MOTU Audio Interface?

MOTU wave audio cannot be controlled by “Volume Control”, the Windows multimedia applet associated with the volume functions of the operating system. Some MOTU audio interfaces are equipped with a dedicated main out volume knob, headphone volume knob, or a combination of the two. Interfaces without volume knobs rely on the host application’s master output for volume control. (ie: the volume slider in Windows Media or the master volume fader in Sonar).

CueMix Console is a virtual input monitor mixer, allowing you to patch inputs through to assigned output(s). The CueMix output section functions mainly as the output volume control for the monitor mix CueMix creates. It does not include the computer’s audio output. Note that in CueMix FX (used by the 828mk3 and other mk3 series FireWire interfaces), the Monitor knob does control both the input being patched through via CueMix and the level of audio being output from the computer, such as from your DAW.

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