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Using MOTU Symphonic Instrument as the playback engine for Sibelius.

Follow these simple instructions:

1. If you are on a PC, you will first need to download and install MIDI Yoke from www.midiox.com. Macs have an internal MIDI routing utility in them called the IAC Driver. Either of these virtual MIDI ports will work on their respective operating systems.
2. Launch MOTU Symphonic Instrument as a standalone application. Go to File > Preferences > MIDI Devices and choose “MIDI Yoke NT: 1” (or “IAC Driver”) as an option. This will be activate virtual MIDI port 1, and will make routing active. You can choose the other ports too, if you want.
3. In Sibelius, go to Play > Playback and Input devices. Under Playback devices, set the same virtual MIDI port (MIDI Yoke or IAC Driver) to be available for use (“Yes” under the “Use” column).
4. Go to Play > Substitue Devices. Choose an Original Device, and then set the “Play Back Using” column to the virtual port for that device. This way, when you choose the original device (say, “GigaOut: Port 2”) in the Sibelius mixer, MIDI data will get routed through the virtual port instead.
5. Open the Sibelius mixer. Look at the expanded view. On each staff/track, you will see an option for “Device.” set this device to the one you selected in step 4.
6. You will also see an option for “channel” in the lower right corner. These channels will correspond to the channel slots in MSI. For example, a staff set to output on channel 3 in Sibelius will trigger the instrument loaded on the 3rd slot in MSI.
7. When you play back Sibelius, you should now hear MSI sounds.

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