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More On Bank Change Command Work Arounds

Today we are following through on yesterday’s promise (TTOTD 7/1/98) to continue the topic of alternatives for bank change commands. The bottom line is that every manufacturer has come up with their own way of dealing with bank select issues. The Oberheim Matrix1000 module has 1000 program locations. In order to access a new bank you first increase the value of the modulation wheel to greater the 50% and then send a program change between 1 and 9. This sets the bank and then you, after releasing the mod wheel, send a second program change between 1 and 99 to select the program you need in that bank. Program changes from 100 – 128 are ignored. Another example is the patch mapping (see WFTD archive Patch Mapping) capabilities of the E-mu Proteus family of modules, which have since been employed in many other manufacturer’s gear. Patch mapping allows, with some work ahead of time, you to access any of a synth’s patches using only the standard 0-127 patch change commands. Basically any patch can be “assigned” to any program location. In conclusion, the only way you are going to know how to accomplish bank changes on your synth is to consult the MIDI implementation chart (see WFTD archive MIDI Implementation Chart) that came with it.

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