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How can I map my UF80 to Logic 8

Please refer to the list below regarding the MackieControl function map:

UF v2 part

MCU part
Slider 1-9 Slider 1-9
Jog Wheel Jog Wheel
F1 Bank Left
F2 Bank Right
F3 Channel Left
F4 Channel Right
F5 Previous
F6 Next
Shift+F1-F6 F1-F6
Shift+EXIT Left
Shift+ENTER Right
Rtz Rtz
Rew Rew
Ff Ff
Stop Stop
Play Play
Rec Rec

About how to do the Mackie control setup,please see below:

*Connect UF80 to your computer and turn on the power.
*Open Logic.
*Press Shift button on UF80,then press Uctrl(the White key function),the screen will display on,and flashes several times,then return to normal.right now,UF80 comes into the Uctrl mode.
*Select the commands in the following order:[Logic]\[Preferences]\[Control Surfaces]\[Setup]
*Click on [New]\[Install…]of the Setup panel.
*Select [Mackie Designs Logic Control],and click on [Add].Then the Mackie control setup is done.
*You can see the connection between computer and Logic control,click on it,and select [Input]as Port2,select [Out Port]as Port1.

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