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How do I use MachFive to created sliced loops for BPM?

MachFive (version 2.0 and later) can be used to created sliced loops for use in BPM. By running it at the same time as BPM, you can quickly record in BPM, slice in MachFive, then loop and sequence in BPM.

  1. Launch or instantiate both MachFive and BPM.
  2. Open the Clip sampling window in BPM. Sample any source you want.
  3. Select the portion of the sampled audio that you wish to create a loop from, then shift-option-drag the audio onto a part in MachFive’s part list.
  4. The loop will default to Stretch mode; switch to Slice mode
  5. Edit the slices as needed. Make sure to set the correct number of bars & beats as well.
  6. When the loop is sliced as you’d like it, go to the File Manager and press the Sample > Save As button. Name and save the file to the desired location.
  7. Load your newly sliced new loop into BPM.
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