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How do I install my EWQL Symphonic Orchestra PLAY Library on my PC?

IMPORTANT! Before installing we recommend temporarily turning off “User Access Control” on Vista and Windows 7 prior to installing. To do this go to your control panel and open “User Accounts and Family Safety”, then click again on “User Accounts”, then lastly click on “Turn User Account Control on or off” and set it to off. After making this change, re-boot your computer.

To install your EWQLSO PLAY Library on on your PC (Windows XP or Vista) do the following:

  1. Insert the Disc #1 of your product into your PC.
  2. To begin the installer process double click the item with “Installer x32” if you are on a 32-bit Windows system, or “Installer x64” if you are on a 64-bit Windows system. NOTE: You can still install the 32-bit VST plugin from the x64 installer if you are using a 32-bit DAW/Host on a 64-bit Windows system, under the ‘Custom’ installation menu.
  3. After agreeing to the License terms, select “Typical” from the “Select Installation Type” screen. Select “Custom” if you only wish to install certain components (recommended for advanced users only), or want to install the 32-bit VST plugin. NOTE: You can designate the Sample Library destination from the next screen.
  4. From the “Library Install Folder” screen you can designate the Library to be installed to a different drive. To the right of the Library name, click “Browse” button and select a destination for the Library. We suggest installing the library on a fast drive (7200 RPM or faster) dedicated to samples for best performance. Should you choose to only install one or more sections of the Orchestra initially, rather than the entire Orchestra, you can add the others later by opening up disc #1 and going to the ‘Library Installers’ folder and simply run the Library Installer for each section you wish to add. We recommend using these individual ‘Library Installers’ rather than running the complete Installer as it won’t effect any other components already installed on your system.
  5. From the “VST Install Folder” screen you will designate the location of the VST plugin file (required for plugin operation for most PC sequencing programs such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Live). We recommend checking with the manual or manufacturer of your sequencing program for the proper location of it’s “VST Plugins” folder.
  6. After installation you will need to Authorize, instructions for that can be found here: iLok Authorization FAQ
  7. After installation and authorization we suggest that you get the latest Play Software Update to be sure that all of your software is up to the latest version, as well as any pertinent Play Library/Instruments Update to make sure your patches are all up to date. You can find the latest updates here: Play Updates Page

EWQLSO PLAY Installation/Authorization General Information:For all EWQLSO Play Edition products please note that they are completely separate from any previous NI Version. They require a fresh installation.


  • If you are unsure whether you have Platinum or Platinum Plus… Platinum is 16 DVD’s, and Platinum Plus is 28 DVD’s total. If you have a disc 17 then you have Platinum Plus. NOTE: the Platinum Plus content (16-bit) cannot be installed by itself, it must accompany Platinum (24-bit). The Platinum Plus installer on Disc #1 does install both.
  • Both installers are on Disc #1. Make sure to run the correct installer for the package that you have. NOTE: if you have Platinum Play Edition already installed and decide to upgrade to Platinum Plus, there is a special ‘Plus Upgrade’ installer located on disc #17 that you can run to simply add the Plus content to your current Platinum install.
  • For authorization, if you install a section of the orchestra, you must authorize it. This is true of Platinum Plus as well. Example: If you only want brass on a certain computer/iLok… do not install the other sections, only install brass and authorize brass. For authorization instructions click here.


  • Run the installer on Disc #1 for Gold only if you have Gold Complete, do not run the Silver Installer which is also on Disc #1.
  • If you have Gold Complete, you must also authorize the Silver Authorization Code that was sent to you in the Authorization Wizard, as they share content and require both licenses for operation. Gold Complete comes with both authorization codes. Authorization instructions can also be found here.


  • Silver Complete only requires a Silver Authorization Code, and you will find the Silver installer on Disc #1. Do not run the Gold Installer that is on Disc #1 if you are have purchased Silver Complete. For authorization instructions click here.