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Hidden Digitech Preset Effects In Your K2000/K2500

Sweetwater’s Chief Soundware Engineer, Daniel Fisher, received the following from David Fox at Kurzweil, and passed it to us: “Most of you are aware that the effects processor in the Kurzweil K2000 originated in the Digitech 256 rackmount processor, and that the Digitech 256 comes with 127 preset effects. Since the Digitech has 127 slots, there are 127 possible effects that you can call up on the K2000/2500. To spread those numbers out over the 10 banks, they are accessible using the following numbers: 1-37, 100-109, 200-200, etc. up to 900-909. We overwrite the first 47 presets with our own effects settings (0-37 and 100-109). We create our own objects in the Setup ROM which cover up the ones Digitech created.But the other 80 effects (#’s 48-127) are still accessible by typing in the appropriate K2000/2500 number (a number between 200 and 909). The K2000/2500 will say “Not Found” because there is no Kurzweil object in ROM at that number. But it still sends a program change to the Digitech, calling up that number. You must type the number in (as opposed to scrolling with the dial) because when scrolling, the operating system is designed to skip over “Not Found” object numbers. You can also send a program change (with FX Mode set to Master and sending the command on the FX Channel) to call up the effect.Keep in mind there is nothing special about these effects – they are simply the presets that Digitech chose.” Thanks Daniel! K2K# EFFECT NAME CONFIGURATION 200 Medium Chorus Stereo Chorus 201 Slow & Swee Stereo Chorus 202 Slim Machine Para+Cho+Dly+Mix 203 I Love Leslie EQ+Chor+4Tap+Mix 204 Rapid Sweep Stereo Flange 205 Animal Flange Para+Fla+Dly+Mix 206 Tubular Flange Stereo Flange 207 Animal Flange 2 Stereo Flange 208 Chorus Room Chorus+Room+Mix 209 Chorus Delay Cho+Dly+Room+Mix 300 Slap Chorus Stereo Chorus 301 Delayed Flange EQ+Flan+4Tap+Mix 302 Swimming Delay Para+Fla+Dly+Mix 303 Fat Chr Thin Dly Para+Cho+Dly+Mix 304 Rotary Organ Stereo Chorus 305 Flange Solo Stereo Flange 306 Flange Pan EQ+Flan+4Tap+Mix 307 Soap Opera Fla+Dly+Hall+Mix 308 High Synth Lead Fla+Dly+Hall+Mix 309 Crisp LeadSynth Para+Cho+Dly+Mix 400 Piano Chorus Chorus+Room+Mix 401 LA Chimes Delay+Hall+Mixer 402 Fat Synth Bass Fla+Dly+Room+Mix 403 Keyoard Cho/Vrb Chorus+Hall+Mix 404 AdagioForStrings Fla+Dly+Hall+Mix 405 Sharpened Edges EQ+Flan+4Tap+Mix 406 Guitar Solo 1 Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 407 Full Bass Cho+Dly+Room+Mix 408 Guitar Delay Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 409 Lead Guitar 1 EQ+Chor+4Tap+Mix 500 Lead Guitar 2 Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 501 Row Yer Rowds Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 502 Stereo Image 1 Stereo Chorus 503 Metal Guitar EQ Para+Chorus+Mix 504 Monster Gate EQ+Gated+Mixer 505 Ambient Snare Ultimate Reverb 506 Fat Snare Gated Reverb 507 Big Snare Chambr Ultimate Reverb 508 Gates Of Hell EQ+Gated+Mixer 509 Bright Drum Room Ultimate Reverb 600 Darker Drum Room Ultimate Reverb 601 Kick Chamber Ultimate Reverb 602 Big Kick Room Ultimate Reverb 603 DelayVerb Delay+Hall+Mixer 604 SplashVerb 1 Delay+Hall+Mixer 605 DelayVerb 2 Cho+Dly+Room+Mix 606 Echo The Left Cho+Dly+Room+Mix 607 To The Right EQ+Reverse+Mixer 608 600ms Reverse Reverse Reverb 609 400ms Reverse Reverse Reverb 700 200ms Fast Gate Gated Reverb 701 Absolute Gate Gated Reverb 702 350ms Gate Gated Reverb 703 Chorus Rev Right Chorus+Hall+Mix 704 Delay Chase Room Delay+Hall+Mixer 705 Chorused Bedroom Chorus+Room+Mix 706 Low Boost Graph Graphic EQ 707 Mid Boost Graph Graphic EQ 708 High Boost Graph Graphic EQ 709 Parametric #1 Parametric EQ 800 Parametric #2 Parametric EQ 801 Parametric #3 Parametric EQ 802 Sweeping Hall Fla+Dly+Hall+Mix 803 VocalVerb Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 804 Dark Reverse EQ+Reverse+Mixer 805 Slow Combed Room Fla+Dly+Room+Mix 806 Space Flanger EQ+Flan+4Tap+Mix 807 Super Stereo Para+Cho+Dly+Mix 808 Crystal Hall Room Simulator 809 Big Chorus Room Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 900 On The Town Fla+Dly+Room+Mix 901 Dark Bird Chorus+Room+Mix 902 Light Flange Rm Fla+Dly+Room+Mix 903 GeneralVerb Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 904 Funky Bow EQ+Reverse+Mixer 905 Vox Whispers Delay+Room+Mixer 906 Slightly Combed Fla+Dly+Hall+Mix 907 Into The Abyss Cho+Dly+Hall+Mix 908 Pink Melon Cafe EQ+Chor+4Tap+Mix 909 Chorus in a Hall Chorus+Hall+Mix

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