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Firmware update for CME VX series controller keyboards.

CME released v1.09 and 1020b firmware,also the VXBrain(Intel mac version),please download from http://www.cme-pro.com/en/support.php?type=app

Please update 1020b first,then do the v1.09 update.Make sure upgrade them all.

Compared to v1.08,this version amends the problems listed below:

* Test mode was disabled, it is now enabled.
* Fixed the problem where the first several MIDI notes were ignored when an application opened the VX’s MIDI ports
* Pressing “YES” to reset VX was useless,”Yes” and “Enter” are both implemented now.
* Fixed the problem where U-Ctrl could not be sent to the expansion.
* Improved the problem that in some certain instance the firmware updates were unsuccessfully.

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