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FireWire/USB2 Audio Interface Consoles

  • MOTU Audio Setup – where you select your digital I/O type, sample rate, clock source, and default I/O (eg. for Core Audio apps like iTunes playback, or for standard Windows multimedia apps like Windows Media Player).
  • CueMix FX – for control over the CueMix zero latency monitoring system. (NOTE: The original 896 and original 828 do not utilize the MOTU CueMix Console for direct hardware playthrough; instead there is a “monitor input setting” in MOTU Audio Setup which allows one pair of inputs to be patched thru at zero latency on these interfaces.)
  • MOTU SMPTE Setup – controls the SMPTE sync functions of our FireWire/USB2 interface line.

Note that prior to OS X driver 1.3.0 / Windows driver, these consoles were found under the names MOTU Firewire Console, FireWire CueMix Console, MOTU FireWire SMPTE Console, respectively.

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