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Microphone Month 3


DAE error 32766 when launching Pro Tools FREE after setting input in the Sound Control Panel to a USB audio interface.

Apple Audio Extension 1.33 has allowed users of the Egosys U2A, Griffin iMic, Wave Terminal, and other USB audio interfaces to work with Pro Tools FREE. This extension is not a separately available component, but it is included with Mac OS 9.2.1. OS 9.2.1 also has a revised Sound Manager, but most users have reported success using the Apple Audio Extension 1.33 only.

At this time, the Roland UA-30, the Tascam US-428, the Tascam EZ-Bus, the Griffin iMic, and the Egosys U2A are compatible with PT FREE on the Mac using the drivers supplied with these devices and/or the new Apple Audio Extension above. Users are starting to report success with Emagic’s USB I/O the EMI 2/6 as well.

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