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How do I connect my keyboard/synth to the MPC1000 so that I can control the sounds in my keyboard?

– Connect the MIDI Out of the keyboard to the MIDI In 1 of the MPC1000 and connect the MIDI Out A of the MPC1000 to the MIDI In of your keyboard.

– Set your keyboard to LOCAL OFF.

– On the MPC1000, Mode: MIDI/SYNC, MIDI tab, set “Active Track Receive Channel” to “ALL” and “Soft Thru” to “AS TRACK.” After that, your keyboard will play the same sounds as the pads (ie, whatever is set on the selected Track).

On the Main page, the MIDI field of the selected sequence Track controls where you direct the MIDI output from that Track. You can use this in combination with the Program field to allow one Track to control the MPC1000 sampler and/or an external synth. To automatically select sounds on your synth, you can embed Program Changes in a sequence by recording them or using the Step Edit insert command.

Bear in mind that this applies to MIDI only and you will still have to route the audio outputs of the MPC1000 and your keyboard/synth to the proper places to hear their audio.

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