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The BIAS Authorization Manager won’t accept my Serial Number and my software won’t launch. What can I do?

A permissions error on your Mac could be preventing your BIAS installer/updater from creating the folder needed to store authorization files that are part of BIAS’s new authorization system.

To remedy this, go to MacHD > Library > Application Support > BIAS. Inside the BIAS folder there should be a folder called “Licenses.” If this folder is not there you will need to make one, but first you’ll need to change the permissions for the BIAS folder. To do this:

1) In MacHD > Library > Application Support, single-click on the BIAS folder to highlight/select it. Go to the File menu at the top of your screen and choose “Get Info.”

2) In the Info window, under “Ownership and Permissions,” make sure that it is set to “Read and Write.”

3) Click the triangle to the left of “Details” to expand the Info window. Click on “Apply to Enclosed Items…” You will be asked if you want to proceed: click “OK.” You will be prompted to enter your Administrator password.

Once the permissions are set properly for the BIAS folder, you’ll need to create the “Licenses” folder. To do this:

1) From the Desktop, hold down the Shift + Apple + N keys on your keyboard. This will create a new “untitled folder.” Name the folder “Licenses” (making sure to capitalize the L).

2) Drag-and-drop the Licenses folder you just created into the BIAS folder in MacHD > Library > Application Support.

You should now be able to authorize and open your BIAS software.

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