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When I attempt to use my MTPAV as the “ADAT” master with my HD24, the units constantly lose communication with each other, and sync fails.

While the HD24 is meant to behave like 3 ADATs, the are some differences which cause MOTU hardware and software to react differently.
Here’s what you can do to make “ADAT” 9-pin sync work between the MTPAV and the HD24.

1. Quit all applications
2. Lauch FreeMIDI Setup
3. From the Configuration menu, choose create device – create an Alesis BRC, and connect it to any available port on your midi interface.
*(The BRC just need to be in freemidi… even if you don’t own one)
4. Save FreeMIDI and QUIT
5. Launch Clockworks
6. From the Windows menu, choose “Device Settings and Routings”
7. In this window, click on the “ADAT” icon (on either side). A “Port Settings” window should appear.
8. In Port Settings for ADAT, turn “Enable automatic device detection” – OFF – . Then turn “Send ADAT commands when no ADAT is detected” – ON –
9. Click OK, and open the “Sync/MMC” window.
10. Use the Play/Stop buttons to test HD24 sync within Clockworks.
11. Once you’ve verified that sync is working, QUIT clockworks (no need to save), and trying using sync in your primary sync application.

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