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Additional Resources & Solutions beyond Sweetwater for Kurzweil

One of the best sources of independent reference information is The K2000/K2500 Launchpad, maintained by Tony Palermo. http://www.k2users.org/k_main.htm

The V.A.S.T. Answers page contains answers to various common questions, collected by the administrator of the original K2000 mailing list. http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/jeffc/VASTanswers/

I.U. Center for Electronic and Computer Music.
MIDI tips / Forums / Digital and much more!

Ravenware Music offers the K2500 Companion, a Mac freeware editor/librarian
program, along with additional sounds and utilities for download, plus other helpful
information. http://WWW.Ravenware.Com/music/K2500_Support_Page.html

The Kurzweil Connection is maintained by Mike Martin, a Kurzweil Sales rep, and
features tutorials, downloads, and his in-store schedule. http://members.aol.com/kurzconnection/

George Hamilton, a clinician for Kurzweil, has his own GeoSync Music web site. the
site has many downloads available for the K2000, K2500, K2600, and PC2

The Sonik Site has web-based forums for discussion on Kurzweil and other related topics, along with additional information. http://WWW.SONIKMATTER.COM/SONIK/default.asp

The Puppeteer’s Katacombs offers a couple of tutorials on using clock based control sources. http://katacombs.sonikmatter.com/

Rob’s Realm has a tutorial on reverse effects sampling. This site also hosts the excellent programming tutorials created by Brian Cowell as well as Daniel Johansson’s Visible Fun page. http://www.public.iastate.edu/~robw/k2k.html

Brian Cowell also has his own page, featuring many files to download, from his Kurve-Station Project. The Sonik site also hosts more tutorials by Brian. In addition, Sweetwater Sound hosts a page containing the Brian Cowell Collection. http://assessment.iupui.edu/cowzar/

Another independent resource on K2000 programming is Keith Cowgill’s Programming the K2000. http://k2000.creativebits.net/

Music Books Plus. http://www.musicbooksplus.com/

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