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How do I add a rewire soft synth to my Digidesign Pro Tools? (Advanced users’ guide)

1. You’ll need to add one Stereo Aux Input and one MIDI track.

2. Raise the fader on the Aux 1 track.

3. Launch the softsynth plugin of choice.

4. If required by your soft synth, select a patch/instrument. (some softsynths load a default patch, some do not)

5. On the MIDI 1 track, make sure the input says All.

6. On the MIDI 1 track, select the output as channel 1 of your softsynth, which should be listed as an output. (e.g. Sampletank ch1 – 16, or Reason and its various modules)

7. Record-enable your MIDI track. Your softsynth should respond to incoming MIDI messages from your keyboard.

* Please note that Aux Inputs WILL mix down in real-time during a bouncedown, so in most cases, you do not need to make the soft synth into an actual audio track, this will happen automatically when bouncing down.

* You can use multiple MIDI tracks on the same Aux track soft synth- you can send any number of MIDI tracks to one or more MIDI channels within that soft synth.

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