Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle No Longer Available

Complete Guitar Amplifier-miking Solution with i5 Dynamic Microphone, Compact CabGrabber Microphone Guitar Cabinet Clamp, GRAMMA II Isolation Riser, and 25' XLR Microphone Cable
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Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle image 1
Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle image 1

Sorry, the Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle
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Save Cash and Score an Awesome Guitar Sound!

With the i5/CabGrabber Bundle you get an ace system for miking your guitar amplifier — and you save money at the same time. In the bundle, you get the Audix i5 microphone. It rocks on a bunch of sources, but it's known to flat-out shine on guitar amps. Ready to mic up your amp? No problem. Use the i5/CabGrabber Bundle's ingenious CabGrabber. It clamps onto your guitar amp, for fast, perfect positioning every time. Place your amp on the included Auralex GRAMMA II isolation riser and get the purest sound from your amp, thanks to reduced vibrations from the floor. Rounding out this bundle is a 25' XLR mic cable. Simple. Awesome-sounding. Money-saving. It's the i5/CabGrabber Bundle.

Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle at a Glance:
  • Mic your amp the easy way, and save cash!
  • The Audix i5: it's a dynamo on guitar amps
  • Includes the coolest amp-miking invention ever: Cab Grabber
  • Make your amp sound even better with a GRAMMA II

Mic your amp the easy way, and save cash!
Here's an awesome-sounding, time-saving way to mic up your guitar amp — and one that keeps more money in your pocket! Got to love that.

The Audix i5: it's a dynamo on guitar amps
Yes the Audix i5 is a super-versatile studio tool... but some microphones find a home-run niche and the word spreads rapidly. That's the deal with the i5. Get this thing in practically the vicinity of a guitar amplifier and it sounds awesome. Forget spending forever dialing in a tweaky EQ — your guitar sound is going to be in the fits-in-the-mix-perfectly ballpark right from the second you "record arm" the track. Just because it sounds supreme on guitars, though, doesn't mean you should pigeonhole it. We love the i5 on snare, on pretty much all sorts of percussion, and even on vocals. And considering the i5/CabGrabber Bundle, you really can't beat the super-charged value packed into this one.

Includes the coolest amp-miking invention ever: CabGrabber
Every so often a piece of gear comes around that you immediately deem a stroke of pure genius — and that's the way we feel about the CabGrabber. Audix nailed it with this one. The CabGrabber clamps to the side or top of your cabinet and offers up 180 degrees of fluid rotation. Just clamp it, swing it, listen, and then lock it into place once you've found that sweet, sweet, spot. It takes only moments. Best yet, if you've got an amp hanging out in your studio, you can set it up once and be done with it. The whole thing is low-profile, so you're not going to be tripping over stands or any cabling. Brilliance, Audix, brilliance.

Make your amp sound even better with a GRAMMA II

You deserve to hear your gear sound its best - and with the Auralex GRAMMA II underneath it, you can. This unbelievably handy riser isolates your speaker/amp/sub from the floor, keeping it from passing along any vibrations in the room. The purity of tone you'll get is remarkable, considering the GRAMMA is such an affordable investment in great sound. You've spent the money on great gear, so you deserve to hear it perform the way it's meant to - the Auralex GRAMMA II is the answer.

Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle Features:
  • This bundle saves you $20 bucks
  • Includes the Audix i5 dynamic microphone and the Cab Grabber microphone clamp
  • Improve the sound of any amp by isolating it from the floor with a GRAMMA II isolation riser
  • Includes 25' XLR mic cable
  • Complete solution for getting an awesome recording of your amp
You can't beat this bargain: the Audix i5/CabGrabber Bundle gets you awesome guitar recordings while saving you bucks!

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