Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System 3" Powered 2.1 Monitor System with Subwoofer

Powered Stereo Monitoring System with Subwoofer, 2 Satellite Speakers, and Desktop Remote Hub
Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System 3
Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System 3

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Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo System 3" Powered 2.1 Monitor System with Subwoofer
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Pro 2.1 Monitoring at a Price You Can't Beat!

The Blue Sky eXo2 stereo monitoring system is an evolution of the original Blue Sky eXo system that gives you the same excellent full-range monitoring capability of the original, but with a smaller footprint. The eXo2 system features a small yet powerful 8" subwoofer and a pair of highly detailed 3" satellite speakers with 1" tweeters. Together, these speakers provide you with controlled bass, accurate mids, and clear highs. The whole system is rounded out nicely with a handy remote control and desktop connection hub. The desktop hub allows you to control the system without leaving the sweet spot and provides easy-to-reach headphone output and auxiliary input connections for added flexibility. Still, despite its considerable output power, sound quality, and range of professional functions, you can get the Blue Sky eXo2 2.1 stereo monitoring system for an entry-level price.

Blue Sky eXo2 Stereo Monitoring System with Remote Hub Features at a Glance:
  • True full-range stereo monitoring system
  • Redesigned, small-footprint subwoofer (10" x 9" x 11")
  • 2 x 3" 2-way satellites, with 1" soft-dome tweeter
  • Separate 8" subwoofer for extended low-frequency response
  • 160 watts of total system power (35W per satellite, 90W subwoofer)
  • Convenient desktop remote control and connection hub
  • XLR/TRS inputs for pro mixers and DAWs
  • RCA inputs for computer soundcards and CD players
  • 1/8" mini jack input for iPods and MP3 players
  • 1/8" headphone jack
  • Headphone jack mutes the monitoring system (headphone level is controlled via the gain knob)
The Blue Sky eXo2 system gives you accurate monitoring and convenient control, all in an incredibly affordable package!

Additional Media

eXo2 User Manual
Studio Monitor Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Full Range (Satellite)
LF Driver Size 3" (Satellite), 8" (Sub)
LF Driver Type Cone
HF Driver Size 1" (Satellite)
HF Driver Type Dome
LF Driver Power Amp 110W (Sub)
HF Driver Power Amp 35W (Each Satellite)
Total Power 160W
Frequency Range 200Hz-10kHz (±2.0dB, Satellite), 20Hz-20kHz (±2.0 dB, Sub)
Crossover Frequency 140Hz (LF), 2.2kHz (HF)
Maximum Peak SPL 240W
Input Types 1 x Preamp, 2 x XLR/TRS Combo, 2 x RCA (Sub), 1 x 1/8" (Satellite)
Output Types 2 x Binding Posts (Sub), 1 x Preamp, 1 x 1/8" (Headphones)
Enclosure Type Sealed
Height 7.12" (Satellite), 9.35" (Sub)
Width 5" (Satellite), 9" (Sub)
Depth 4.75" (Satellite), 9.5" (Sub)
Weight 3 lbs. (Satellite), 20 lbs. (Sub)
Manufacturer Part Number eXo2

Customer Reviews

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Big sound

These things are incredible for how tiny they are. If you're trying to find small footprint monitors or are working in a smaller space, these are beyond amazing. That's not to say they don't sound big - considering the small satellite size, they still sounded great in my medium size room.

Great system!

Bought this system for my bedroom size studio. Fantastic sound, ample volume and the sub is tight and focused. Nice small footprint and smartly designed system with speaker defeating headphone out jack and easy access for an aux in on the volume control box. It's not overly loud for a small room.. Very happy with this purchase.
Music background: Semi pro musician and home project studio guy.

Blue Sky does it again.

Musicans and producers already familiar with Blue Sky's tradition of packing extraordinary performance into compact packages might well wonder how the eXo2 monitoring system could possibly be an honest heir to this tradition. It is, after all, the smallest and lowest-priced monitor they have ever offered. Surely the compromises of going smaller and cheaper must take result in a steep decline in performance when getting down to this size and price point. So, when I ordered these babies for my overseas studio (because of the cost of freighting anything larger), I worried about potentially boxy or tinny sound from the satellites, and perhaps a boomy mid-bass to compensate for the lack of solid low-end performance. When I arrived in New Zealand, and unpacked the units, I was impressed with the professional, rugged finishes on the cabinets and simple functional design of the system's features. Clearly no compromises here. The single subwoofer cube contains the two amplifiers that drive the system. One, for the satellites, and one for the single 8 inch subwoofer. Using a single stereo amplifier for the satellites midrange and tweeters is clearly one of the economy measures. The nerve center is the HUB, essentially a simple preamp control unit you can easily hold in your hand. The HUB that takes the analog audio output from a digital audio interface, or microphone preamp and directs the incoming signal to the subwoofer and satellite amplifier deep inside the cube. The HUB's two front knobs allow smooth and continuous adjustment. One knob acts as a volume control for the whole system. The other controls the relative gain of the woofer which crosses over at 140 Hz, enabling adjustment of bass output the unit to various room placements. Blue Sky even provides two generous-length speaker wires more than adequate for most small room placements. The HUB also has a mini-stereo input jack for connection for listening to an iPod or laptop audio card, as well as a headphone output. Another plus for me was that a simple red switch next to the IEC 320 power plug on the subwoofer enables the system to to be used on either a 115 or 230 volt line (used in many overseas countries). So, does the sound qualify this small, relatively inexpensive system live up to the Blue Sky reputation? I should also say I am used to the much more expensive and larger 2.1 Blue Sky System in my home studio in the USA, but did not do a direct A/B side by side comparison. I tested the eXo2 on acoustic jazz, electronic and classical ensembles from solo piano to full orchestra. I was very impressed with the clarity and unstrained quality of the midrange sounds, and the detailed extended high end of these units. Never did the sound seem strained or harsh. Every detail in the recordings was revealed with a natural transparency and openness that defied the small speaker dimensions in front of me. As with any good speaker, the sound was neutral, reflecting the timbre and character of the instruments, rather than the speakers themselves. The bass response made a taut, seamless integration of the lower range of any instrument; whether voice, guitar, piano or cello. Even deep bass did not seem to strain this system at low to mid volumes. In a word, this system is so impressive because it delivers the signature performance goals of Blue Sky at a bargain price. In the interest of full disclosure, I am using this system in a small room, about 1200 cubic feet in volume. And, I do not listen at high volumes to rock the rest of the house. Someone who needs to do monitoring at high volumes will likely run into limitations with this system that I have yet to discover. But for someone doing monitoring for smaller acoustic ensembles, or prefers to do editing at sound levels which allow the ear to do its most discriminating work, this system is an unbeatable value. Blue Sky has once again defied convention and set a new standard of performance-to-price ratio for compact desk-top monitoring systems.
Music background: Composer

A very high quality System

For many years I had a Klipsch sound system for my desktop. The sound was very good. It stayed on all the time and I eventually wore out the power section in the sub. Apparently there were a lot of problems with that system. I am hopeful that the Blue Sky will out last the previous system. At this point , it is great. Sounds better, I just hope it can last.
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