XILS-lab XILS 3 LE No Longer Available

Virtual Analog Polyphonic Synth Plug-in with Modular Architecture, 3 Aliasing-free Oscillators, 128-step Sequencer, and MIDI Controllability - Mac/PC AAX, VST, Audio Units, RTAS
Item ID: XILS3le

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XILS-lab XILS 3 LE image 1

Sorry, the XILS-lab XILS 3 LE is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Take Your Sounds Into a New Dimension

The XILS-lab XILS 3 will sate your vintage synth appetite. The XILS 3 is based on the classic, semi-modular EMS VCS3 - which Pete Townshend used to modulate the signal of a Lowrey organ for the sequenced intro of Who's Next's closing anthem. With this lofty pedigree, you'd expect the XILS 3 to serve up a banquet of holy-grail vintage analog goodness - and it does, indeed. Unlike it's ancestor, however, the XILS 3 is affordable - and easy to program, thanks to its powerful modularity. Fortify your arsenal with a virtual vintage modular synth: XILS-lab's XILS 3.

XILS-lab XILS 3 at a Glance:
  • You've got connections
  • Modules galore
  • Sequence this
You've got connections

The XILS-lab XILS 3 virtual synthesizer ushers modularity and sound design into a new dimension. With more than 450 connections (audio and control signals, trig signals) available on the XILS 3, you can pretty much route anything to anywhere, giving you iron-fisted control over your sound palette. You can also use it - as did Townsend with the VCS3 - as a powerful and versatile effects processor.

Modules galore

The XILS-lab XILS 3 is fitted with three warm-sounding, alias-free analog-style oscillators, analog curve matching, 2-pole and self-oscillating 4-pole dynamic filters, fast envelopes, a noise generator, a ring modulator, and spring reverb. More than enough to whip up intensely original sonic textures.

Sequence this

The XILS-lab XILS 3 boasts an easy-to-program 128-step sequencer that can create standard 8- or 16-step fixed patterns, as well as more complex rhythms to fuel your compositional expeditions.

XILS-lab XILS 3 Features:
  • Awesome modular synth for music and sound design!
  • Three aliasing-free oscillators: sine, ramp, square, triangle.
  • One 2/4-pole lowpass filter
  • One envelope, based on two different designs, trapezoid and ADSR
  • One spring reverb
  • One ring modulator
  • One 128-step sequencer
  • Two output static filters
  • One joy stick
  • Three connection matrix
  • One input gate
  • One input envelope follower
  • One pitch tracker
  • One transient tracker
  • Mono/Unison/Polyphonic playing mode; up to 18 voices of polyphony
  • All parameters MIDI controllable
  • Many presets made by famous sound designers
  • Plug-in only; no stand-alone operation
Steer your sound in new directions with the XILS-lab XILS 3!

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