Radial Workhorse

3U Frame for 500 Series Modules, with Phantom Power, Master Section, Summing Capability, and Built-in Noise-filtering Technology
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Radial Workhorse image 1
Radial Workhorse image 1
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Radial Workhorse
Special Order

The Nerve Center for Your 500 Series Modules!

Radial's Workhorse puts your 500 Series modules to work for you! Love the modular approach to signal processing you get from 500 Series modules? Then you'll really love the way the Workhorse housing system works. You can put up to eight modules in this 3U unit, and get great features such as phantom power per module slot, summing and direct out connections (via D-25 jacks), full 1/4" and XLR I/O, transformer-isolated 1/4" and XLR outputs, and much more. It's not just a home for 500 Series modules; the Workhorse makes a complete signal-processing nerve center!

Radial took a look at current frames and decided they could bring much more to the party. While made to be compatible with API formats, the Workhorse adds a ton of functionality to the 500 series format. You'll appreciate the flexible Omniport inputs, which greatly expand the versatility of your modules. Use the Workhorse's 25-pin D-sub connections to run straight to your PA system or DAW, for added convenience.

Don't worry about noise when you plug your modules into this housing. Radial's reputation for hum-killing, noise-crushing performance extends to the Workhorse. Built-in filtering technology means noise issues are scrubbed away at the source. The external power supply features a magnetic coupling between power supply transformer and the internal transformer, so your signal stays hum-free.

The Workhorse includes a master section, complete with master, monitor, and headphone outs. It gives you level and pan controls for each module. You even get an expansion bus, so you can combine multiple Workhorses for large recording setups. And, if you want to combine tracks before you send your signals out, the Workhorse can be used as an 8-channel summing box! If ever a product was perfectly named, this one's it.

Radial Workhorse Housing System for Series 500 Modules Features:
  • 3U
  • Accommodates up to eight 500 Series modules
  • Phantom power for each module slot
  • Omniport input for each slot
  • 1/4" and XLR I/O
  • 25-pin D-Sub jacks for direct out connections to PA or DAW
  • Transformer-isolated outputs
  • Master section
  • Master, monitor, and headphone outs
  • Built-in noise-filtering technology
  • Hum-fighting power supply
  • 8-channel summing capability
Plug your 500 Series modules into Radial's Workhorse and see what they can really do!

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Tech Specs

Number of Slots 8
Manufacturer Part Number R700 0100 00

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It's about the analog summer

Ok, so first of all, I don't know how clean the power is necessarily since I'm already running mine through a power conditioner. (You're probably crazy if you're not running it through at least a surge protector, right?). But it's definitely quiet so I don't think it *adds* any noise, at all. Given that this power supply will be on pretty much all of your preamps, EQs, and supply thousands of dollars of your studio, power bears consideration, right? So yeah this didn't really make an impression on me in this respect, which means 10/10. Nice and quiet. Right now I only have two preamps in it but I noticed other reviews claim it can power quite a bit (more than the specified in API 500 specification for 500, presumably), so since I'm using it for preamps (which draw a lot of power for Class A amps), that was one reason I picked it. It's a proprietary power supply for this thing and it comes with it (I noticed some rack-mounted stuff out there has power supply sold separate). So the "omni-port" has already been useful to me. I seriously doubt the omni-port will catch on beyond Radial but I do have a nice Radial reamp box in the chassis which uses it, which is occasionally convenient (yellow x-amp for 500 series... great reamp box, by the way). The other nice thing about it is that the "feed" button is useful, but only if you have something other than preamps (unless you want to feed a preamp with a preamp), just means you don't need a patch cable. You can only feed a contiguous block of modules. So put thought into your ordering if you install many modules at once. My modules all fit. Supposedly you can remove a lip on the chassis to accommodate oversized modules but I haven't had to explore this yet. Stuff is snug and it feels secure to me. So what it has that the other "workhorses" don't is the analog summer. You can adjust the gain on each of eight inputs along with the pan, and you can hit a button to turn the channel off instead of 0'ing out the gain. It does NOT come with the cable needed to feed the analog mixer, and it's an expensive cable. To get one that looked like it wouldn't fall apart cost about $120 or so. It's called a "DB25" connector. I got one named "Pro Co DA88BQ-5 - Analog DB25/TRS Patch Snake, 5'" from this website (Sweetwater.com) and you might as well order it with this chassis if you want to test out the mixer right away. I fed the mixer with a Scarlett 18i20 output and it sounded pretty good. You get hiss if you turn up the gain on the mixer too far but I was able to drive it pretty loudly without having the gain. You will notice some coloration from the module. It could be nice I guess. I honestly wish I'd just gotten one without the mixer and both a standalone rack mixer because I don't use it very much. The headphone amp/output thingy can drive 300 ohm headphones and sounds nice. My biggest complaint quite honestly it that it doesn't have an On/Off switch so I need to plug it in and out manually... I don't want to be wasting power and sometimes want my other rack-mounted stuff on without drawing power from the Workhorse. This thing is study as hell and the knobs and buttons don't feel cheap. It looks like it has good ventilation. It's about half as long as a Scarlett 18i20 so in your rack it'll be in-set from the back a bit. I think it's really pretty looking too, lol. I guess my review, in summary, is that the "Workhorse" line of products is awesome but make sure you know about the cable you'll need for the summer and make sure you really want an analog summer. This thing is not cheap.
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