DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal

Whammy Guitar Pedal Pedal with MIDI In
DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal image 1
DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal image 1
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DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal
In Stock!

Have Whammy, Will Dive

It may look like the original Whammy pedal that shook up the guitar world over two decades ago, but this latest unit packs a whole new bag of tricks! First off, the DigiTech Whammy delivers the same incredible effects and functions that made the original a must have for guitarists. But they've been updated and enhanced, offering you a fullness and depth that will take your sound to the next level and beyond. The Whammy now also includes chordal pitch shifting and classic single note bends for more functionality than ever. All the cool Whammy settings are instantly available at the touch of a knob. Get a DigiTech Whammy today!

DigiTech Whammy Expressive Pitch Shifting Guitar Effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • Bring the Whammy to your pedal board
  • True bypass switching preserves your tone at all times
  • MIDI compatibility for ease of use
Bring the Whammy to your pedal board

From Steve Vai to Jack White to the Edge to Tom Morello, the Whammy has been a part of modern music form over 20 years. The DigiTech Whammy brings you the same hair-raising "dive bomb" effects, gripping pitch bends and lightning harmony shifts you are looking for plus a few new twists. Bend entire chords with the new chordal pitch shifting setting, and execture classic single note bends. LEDs indicate the current Whammy setting and a heavy-duty momentary footswitch enables and disables the effect. There is only one Whammy, add it to your board today.

True bypass switching preserves your tone at all times

What are your pedals doing to your sound when they aren't in use? If you're rocking a DigiTech Whammy, then your guitar tone is safe. That's because the Whammy features true bypass circuitry. True bypass circuitry means that when you disengage your Whammy, your guitar signal passes cleanly through the pedal, unaffected by any of its background circuitry. This eliminates signal loss and noise, while simultaneously reducing the effecting length of your signal path, reducing the effect of RF and EM noise in the environment.

MIDI compatibility for ease of use

Full MIDI connectivity allows you to hook the DigiTech Whammy up to any MIDI device and send or receive pitch-bend information. This lets you control the Whammy from any MIDI controlling device. You can put the pedal in your rig and control it from your keyboard, MIDI foot controller, or almost any MIDI device.

DigiTech Whammy Expressive Pitch Shifting Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • The whole bag of tricks from the original Whammy, plus some
  • All new single note Whammy bends and chordal pitch shifting
  • True bypass switching to keep your tone uneffected while not in use
  • Won't force you to retune your axe between songs
Get an updated version of the classic Whammy pedal with the DigiTech Whammy!

Additional Media

Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal User Manual
Whammy 5

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Pitch Shifter
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (Dry, Mix)
Height 2.5"
Width 6.3"
Depth 8"
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Power Supply Included Yes
Manufacturer Part Number Whammy-U

Customer Reviews

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TrueBypass and Polyphonic ver 5

I liked this pedal so much I had to get another one after I sold the one had over some mistaken multi unit that was to replace everything, so did not. This pedal takes some experience to really use properly and develop some musical sense and shall I say finesse. It seems to hold the record on crappy first time demo users. No one seems to get how cool the harmonizer modes are, much less no set key or scale, ultimate freedom of expression. Some very musical things I like to do with it: - Harmonizer a 5th low or combinations there of, 5thup/dwn 4th etc. But the 5th down harm is a fusion treat, such a killer tone! - Using Harmonizer mode 1 oct down to 1 oct up, extremely cool. Think Dazed and Confused like note shifts, endless possibilities. - Whammy shifts up 1 and 2 oct, Gilmour does this with such taste and musical feel, probably uses the pedal better than anyone else, talk about finesse! There is the thing also, if you are using it just for the Whammy section you can put it before or end of line amp -in, before the delay/reverb (that should be in the amp loop). If you are using for harmonizer modes Digitech recommends, and I agree, more front of chain for accurate tracking. Earlier versions of this pedal were monophonic tracking only and all that glitch and burble they had was not as some think, "an endearing artifact quality of the old pedals", it was simply bad tracking glitch out. The new Whammy 5 has new polyphonic tracking ability AND they have removed the old tone suck buffer to true bypass. Whole new animal. Has to be one of my fav pedals of all time and the one w the worst videos of all time. You have to spend some time to learn this pedal, it is not a bloody wah and the less you rock that treadle the better, unless you of course need a wide note shift or a dive bomb. But all that blasted "weeeeeeoooooo" crap really gives the pedal a bad name. Put in front of your drive on that 5th harmony dwn and try to stop playing.

Whammy V

The first time I realize what David Gilmour was using in the song " The Blue " I knew I had to have one. After all ... if it's good enough for Gilmour .... well You know the rest !!!!!!!
Music background: 51 years playing Guitar

Awesome Whammy Pedal!

This pedal absolutely rocks! So much fun can be had! Very sturdy, looks cool, all around awesome. Makes you feel like Tom morello or Jack White! I would recommend this pedal to anyone.
Music background: Professional Noob

Great Pedal for Saxophonists

I decided to buy this pedal after hearing Casey Benjamin of the Robert Glasper Experiment use it and it sounds super rad on a saxophone. It's tough finding pedals that respond well to horn instruments but this one does it really well! Love that I have the option of getting synth like textures with the octaves/pitch-shifting feature, or just switching it to detune for gnarly chorus as can be heard on Terrace Martin's sax playing (Kendrick Lamar's "Alright"). I'm sure it sounds great on guitar too, haha.
Music background: Saxophonist/Keyboardist


I originally purchased this pedal in the hopes to emulate Phish's song "First Tube" as I found out that all the astonishing effects that were performed weren't so much his skills at guitar but the technology of effects pedals. Now keep in mind you'd need a Boomerrang Pedal as a looper (or use a flashback they get good ratings) but pitch shifting provides a plethora of possibilities and lets your imagination run wild. I can't get enough of it. Especially when you put it in your signal chain as to where the other pedals are effected by the Whammy pedal. You can have so much fun with it. I highly recommend being a guitarist for over 20 years that you will LOVE this pedal.
Music background: Who cares?
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