Westone W40 Earphones w/ MFI Control & Mic

4-driver Flat-frequency In-ear Monitors with EPIC Cable, MFi Cable with Smartphone/Tablet 3-button Remote and Mic, and Full Accessories Package
Westone W40 Earphones w/ MFI Control & Mic image 1
Westone W40 Earphones w/ MFI Control & Mic image 1
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Westone W40 Earphones w/ MFI Control & Mic
In Stock!

Pristine, Unhyped Sound with Extended Lows

Westone's W40s continue their line of audiophile-approved in-ear monitors, with a 4-driver/3-way design that delivers studio-quality neutral frequency response across an extended range. Dual low-frequency drivers join the discrete high- and mid-frequency drivers, bringing the low-end range all the way down to 10Hz for deep bass you can feel. To ensure you get a comfortable, personalized fit, W40s ship with a complete Fit Kit for both their Star silicone and True-fit foam tips. And in addition to their high-performance EPIC cable, you also get an MFi cable, which includes an in-line 3-button remote and microphone for your iOS or Android device.

True-fit universal design for comfort and isolation

Short of their Custom-fit personally molded earpieces, Westone's True-fit technology delivers the best acoustic seal and comfort Sweetwater has found in an in-ear monitor. Drawing on over 50 years of experience crafting earpieces for highly technical and medical applications, no one knows ear ergonomics like Westone. Coupled with their excellent eartips, the W40's low-profile and lightweight earpieces are so comfortable, you'll hardly feel them, yet they can easily block out up to 25dB of external sound.

Balanced-armature drivers offer comfort and detail

Unlike traditional earphones, which use moving-coil speakers, Westone's W40 features their innovative balanced-armature drivers. These remarkably compact and incredibly efficient transducers take up far less space than typical drivers, without losing the slightest bit of sonic detail. What's more, when it comes to multi-driver earphones such as the W40, the small size of these transducers allows the earpieces to seal well and sit comfortably in your ears while providing superior isolation.

Replaceable EPIC cable extends earphone life

If you've ever owned a pair of high-end earphones that were rendered useless because of a damaged cable, then you know how frustrating that can be. Westone completely eliminates that issue with their removable EPIC (Earphone Precision Interface Cable) cable, which is easy to replace by hand. And you'll probably never need to replace your EPIC cable, thanks to the durable braided outer layer and aramid fiber reinforcement protecting its flexible, ultra-low-resistance tinsel wire.

Bonus MFi cable with a 3-button remote/mic

Once you mix or perform with your Westone in-ear monitors, you won't want to go back to your regular earbuds. Swap out the EPIC cable with this bonus 52" MFi cable, which includes a 3-button remote and microphone. The universal TRRS connector ensures that it's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Complete accessory package included

Find the perfect fit, with a full set of eartips. This included fit kit comes with every size of both True-fit foam tips and Star silicone tips. You can customize the look of your earpieces with three interchangeable faceplates. Pro tip: use two different colors to make it super easy to tell the left and right sides apart. A Wax Loop lets you keep your in-ears clean, and you can protect them in the included Mini Monitor Vault.

Westone W40 In-ear Monitors Features:

  • 4-driver in-ear monitors with precision balanced-armature drivers
  • Loaded with dual low-frequency drivers plus separate mid- and high-frequency drivers
  • Exceptional 3-way monitoring delivers neutral frequency response with extended bass range
  • Ballistic-fiber-reinforced, replaceable EPIC cable ensures audiophile-grade clarity
  • Includes additional MFi cable with 3-button remote/mic for iOS and Android devices
  • Define your personal style with replaceable faceplates in gray, blue, and red
  • Included Fit Kits come with every size of both True-fit foam and Star silicone eartips
  • Accessory package also includes Wax Loop cleaning tool and Mini Monitor Vault case

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Tech Specs

Type In-ear
Drivers 4
Frequency Range 10Hz-18khz
Impedance 31 ohms
Noise Attenuation 25dB
Plug Type 1/8"
Cable Length 50"
Color Black
Weight 0.45 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number 78504

Customer Reviews

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Westone W40

I have been using the Shure SE425's for at least four years now, And thought I would try some thing new. I use them some times when I record when I play and sing, but I use them a lot for listening to music threw a Fiio X5 music player. I am a bit of an audiophile and I like my music to be clean, fast and well balanced, not a fan of "enhanced bass". I am also by most peoples standards, a quiet listener. I listen to my music at low to moderate levels. I was fortunate to have a chance to try several Weston products before I purchased the W40's. I tried the UM3 pro, W3 and the W4r. To me the UM3's, were listenable, and non fatiguing, but I felt the mid range to be very laid back with an upper bass rise, making them to dark for my needs. I am guessing that a drummer or bass player would like them, but as a singer and acoustic guitar guy, not a good fit. The W3's were better but still had a hump in the lower mid's and upper bass. So the over all balance was better but they were punchy in the upper bass. A sound the I am sure is popular with many. The W4r's, predecessor to the W40's where much more balanced, but still very easy to listen too for extended periods. They seemed to have a slight dip in the mid range or rise in the upper bass, but not so much that shifted the tonal balance of what I was supposed to hear. I have been living with the W40's for about two months now and they are great. They are like Shure SE425's with extended range on top and bottom. With the W40's My voice is right, And a Dreadnought sounds like a Dreadnought, and a small body OO guitar sound like a OO. You can listen to music for hours in comfort. Music is smooth fast and detailed with out being overly Basie,But they have plenty of dynamics when the recording calls for it. The W40's are very reveling of the source martial. With Hi Res files, they sound great, With highly compressed MP3's, not nearly as good. So you get what you give. The W40's did take a long time to break in, something In the area of 40 to 50 hours of use. The W40's come with two cables, The MFI for use with Iphones and the EPIC cable. The MFI cable did not work well with my computer, nor did it sound as good with my Fiio X5 as the EPIC cable. I also find the W40's more comfortable then SE425 to wear, and I never thought the SE425's were uncomfortable.I hope you find my experince useful if you are shopping for in ear monitors.
Music background: Acoustic guitar player and singer

Still the best Quad-Driver in-ear headphone!

This is my second pair. The 1st finally died. They lasted roughly two years. I utilize them for everything. Mostly, hi-res music. The 3.5 mm braided replacement cable is crap. Hands down. It breaks at the connections points. The MFi Cable with Smartphone/Tablet 3-button Remote and Mic is more durable. The 4-driver Flat-frequency In-ear Monitors are the star. No exceptions. The 4-driver Flat-frequency In-ear Monitors is what we want & need.
Music background: musician, music lover

Westone W-40's

Sound great. I use them in smaller shows with a TC-Helicon VL3X. My molded IEM's have a flat eq, so if I use them with no eq they sound very bla! They sound great with eq on the board and sennheiser wireless. So I bought the W-40's. They are a little pricey, but sound great straight out of the VL3X. Haven't tried them on a big show with eq and sennheiser wireless. I take them as a backup with no worries.
Music background: Professional musician and sound engineer

Best universal monitors I've owned

I've been using in-ear monitors since '06 or '07, and I simply can't stand floor wedges anymore...it's like going from coach to a royal first class or something. Anyway, the models I've owned in the past, were M-Audio's IE-40 model, and recently Shure's 425CL. The former were nice and balanced, got discontinued, so I went with the latter, which were decent for the money.After how much time, I was putting too much volume into my ears (not good), just to get more bass. All I got was louder everything else, and as a result, I got used to turning my cab's volume up past the minimum mic volume. This unnecessary volume, both in my ears and from my cab, led me to the Westones. Sweetwater's payment plan was a deciding factor, yes, but mostly it was the W40 specs that wowed me, considering the price compared to the competition...(down to 10hz for $500). It sounds strange, as I don't do well with custom molds, as the silicone/acrylic materials still don't feel comfortable and also slide out from my oily and sweaty ears (I'm energetic on stage, btw). Universal foam tips always have served me better, and stay in place for me, so I stick with them. Universals haven't been able to stack up to custom-molded models' specs, until now. The first gig in which I used the W40's, I didn't notice any real difference in bass, compared to my 425's, but they were clearer with less volume. What wowed me, though, was how the bass and overall fullness opened up the next night...wow. The bass was so much more powerful, compared to my 425's, that everything else in my mix had to be bumped up in order for me to hear it all. Again, the overall volume is significantly less, just that the balance had to be changed. The volume level isn't nearly as loud on my body pack now, so the batteries last longer, too. Supposedly, Westone says that these are pretty much flat-frequency based, so perhaps that's true, considering my volume levels after break-in. I say this, even with the overpowering bass, because that's just how I have our monitor guy make my stage mix (I'm a bass player, afterall). One of the great things about my W40's, too, is how the cord-slack adjuster never moves once you adjust it. My Shures always slipped, causing me to have to re-tighten the cord numerous times during performances. These new monitors are indeed bulkier, and don't "hide" as well as my Shures, only because I now have twice the drivers in each ear...hey, fair trade. The only real gripe that I have with these, is that unlike my Shure buds, these don't have a memory/form-fit around the ear, so they require a little more of an effort to "screw in" to center in my ear canal, and seem a little flimsy. This may jeopardize the cord's durability over time, but they're replaceable, so no real worry there.All in all, if you're devoted to universal-fit in-ears, then these are phenomenal. I highly doubt that Shure's new $1000 ones can beat these, and my W40's are 1/2 the price.
Music background: bass, vocals
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