Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz Pedal with Volume, Fuzz, and Brightness controls, and Voicing Switch
Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal image 1
Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal image 1
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Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal
In Stock!

Stack-powered Fuzz Tones

Take your tone over the edge with the Wampler Pedals Velvet Fuzz pedal. Not just another fuzz, the Velvet Fuzz combines classic fuzz with the sound of an EL34-powered stack to give you a massive tone. The "tight" setting gives you big fuzz-like distortion. When flipped to the "big" setting, the Velvet Fuzz delivers classic fuzz tone with loads of compression. Rolling back your guitar's volume cleans up the sound for a fat rhythm tone. If you're looking for that fuzz-into-a-screaming-stack sound, then grab the Wampler Pedals Velvet Fuzz and start rocking!

Wampler Pedals Velvet Fuzz Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • The quintessential fuzz-into-a-screaming-stack sound
  • 2 completely independent clipping circuits: pure fuzz or a fuzz-like distortion
  • Handmade in the USA
  • True-bypass circuitry
  • High-grade film capacitors and resistors for superior sound and response
  • Battery connection and 9V power jack
Wampler Pedals Velvet Fuzz delivers huge fuzz tones to your rig!

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Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal Demo

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Sounds great.

This fuzz is great. I didn't want a fuzz that was going to be finicky with whether buffered pedals were in front or not and if the amp was set just right. Just put this in front of a clean amp and you're in fuzz heaven. Is it this fuzz vs that fuzz? No. It's just fuzz. Don't get caught on up on what type of fuzz it's mimicking because it's not mimicking any of them. It's just fuzz! Love the tight switch. I run it with brightness fairly high. Surprised at how wide the gain range is. Can go from almost clean boost to extreme fuzz.

Great Tone, Easy Use & Quality Components

I have been on a bit of a GAS binge and have invested in about 15 pedals this year. My goal was to create a great pedalboard where I could easily swap out pedals and get any tone I desired. Using almost all Wampler pedals, I achieved my goal. One of the core pedals needed by any blues or rock enthusiasts is a Fuzz. The Wampler Velvet delivers and then some. You get an amazing EL-34 tone with traditional fuzz and then flip it to the fat switch and you get rockin rhythm tones. The pedal responds very well to your guitars volume control.
Music background: Hobbyist


Got the pedal directly from the Wampler website, but wanted to post review here. My first Wampler pedal; after getting the Velvet Fuzz I plan on getting more. This pedal is fantastic, smooth, thick and velvety. I love the tight setting, sounds like a mix of distortion and fuzz(thick).The big setting is nice, it can take the paint off the walls if needed. Definitely has the vintage sound about it. I would recommend to anyone.
Music background: Guitar player

Fuzz Nirvana

This has to be one of the greatest fuzz pedals EVER MADE, transparent enough that you can tell if your running a LP or a Tele through it, but soooo musical. Killer harmonics, great honk, and that beautiful doubled, syrup sounding violin like lead tone, thats as close to Eric Johnson as any pedal I've ever heard. I've known of Brian Wampler, from way back when he did pedal mods, on other peoples pedals, he's always been a gear geek, just like the rest of us. Build quality and components are second to NONE, and this pedal, will inspire you, with the sounds you can pull from it. Try doing what I did and run this thing between two OD pedals, it sounds awesome being pushed, or pulled, you'll love it. I really am Blown Away by this pedal, I own 3 Wampler pedals, ALL are AWESOME.
Music background: Professional Musician

Instant Classic

If Mr. Wampler has constructed it, you can bet that it's going to put a smile on your face. This pedal may be used for thick solos ("Big" mode) or for a fuzzy cloak for general riffing and noodling ("Tight" mode). This pedal sounds fantastic coupled with just about any other pedal, AND it is extremely responsive to the tone and volume controls on your guitar. Importantly, a turn of any of the three knobs yields a noticeable tonal difference. If you're looking to add something to your arsenal that represents versatility and rockability, you can't go wrong with this one. One "complaint" is the switch. It might be more user-friendly as a button. That's why you should buy two.
Music background: Pedal Connoisseur

Sweetwater Advice

Charlie Davis

This is the fuzz for people who normally don't like fuzz. I love the tonal qualities of fuzz but always found them too woofy on low notes and unclear when I played chords. The Wampler Velvet Fuzz fixes all of that. The low end is huge but controlled, but there is an openess to it that I've never found in another fuzz.

Don Carr

Wampler designs pedals from the ground-up to be what guitar players want; plug them into any guitar and amp combination and get the killer tones you're expecting to hear. On top of that, all of the range and controls of the pedals are useful and they're solidly built in every aspect. As expected, the Velvet Fuzz delivered all of this and more. Plugged In Aptly named, the Velvet Fuzz is both smooth and woolly. It's designed to be that classic, fuzz-through-a-cranked-stack sound through any amp, big or small, clean or dirty. Achieving that, it also has a wide variety of sounds available in the lower range of the gain spectrum. With my trusty PRS 513 and Fender Deluxe Reverb, instant fuzz gratification was mine when I introduced the Velvet Fuzz into the signal chain. I set the Fuzz and Brightness controls at 12 o'clock, found unity gain with the Volume control and had the toggle switch in the Tight setting. I started with the guitar's volume knob all the way down and as I slowly rolled it up, the Velvet Fuzz responded like a tube amp; clean and lower in volume at the lowest settings but never muffled or unusable. The more I turned the volume up, the fuller and dirtier the sound got. I found great sounds throughout the spectrum and with the guitar's volume full-up, the tone was still focused with great note clarity and touch response. Higher gain settings gave the same result only bigger and dirtier. Crank It Up Switching to the Big setting on the toggle switch changed the character in a predictable manner; more everything but especially fuzz. The bottom end became fuller and the gain ramped-up substantially. The entire feel and sound of the pedal got looser and fuzzier. In the extreme settings, it's downright wild and out-of-control in a good way, slathering gobs of fuzz and coaxing controlled feedback at manageable volumes. Even then, the Velvet Fuzz was never messy or inarticulate and cleaned up with a twist of the volume knob, totally responsive to whatever dynamics I threw at it-- big fun, to say the least. The other thing that I noticed was how little noise the pedal was making at this extreme setting. The Volume on the pedal was still at unity gain with the amp but the fuzz was all the way up and when I turned my guitar down with the pedal engaged, all I heard was a slight hiss. I would expect to hear a sound comparable to a tsunami coming through my amp but the Velvet Fuzz surprised me completely. Nicely done, Wampler. The Rest Of The Story The Brightness control, for me was of the set-it-and-forget-it variety. I found the spot that sounded best with my guitar and amp and left it there. Experimenting with it informed me that it's function is to dial-back harsh highs or brighten-up muddy lows. The Volume control had plenty of range to drive an amp as hard as I could ever need. With the pedal engaged and the Volume set at roughly 10 o'clock, the perceived level was the same with the pedal disengaged. That's not even halfway through the range of the volume knob. The switches, knobs and general build quality are robust; the red, status indicator light is bright and the design looks cool. The design scheme is black background with white lettering and the word "Velvet" in swirling, red cursive. The word "Velvet" is also in larger print horizontally along the face of the pedal in a subtle gray, lurking underneath everything else. In Conclusion A wide, useful range of huge, responsive fuzz and distortion tones in a well-designed, sturdy, sleek-looking package; that's the description that sums up the Wampler Velvet Fuzz for me. That's also why the test model came right off of my personal pedalboard.
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