Waves Tune Plug-in

Pitch Correction Software with ReWire Support, Natural Vibrato, and Ability to Export MIDI Files - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, AU
Waves Tune Plug-in image 1
Waves Tune Plug-in image 1
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Waves Tune Plug-in
Delivered In Minutes!

Tune your singer!

Waves Tune represents the latest generation of native pitch correction! Have you ever had a nearly perfect vocal take, but the singer slid slightly out of tune in a spot or two? If you need to automatically tune a vocal track, Waves Tune will make the changes as gently or as aggressively as you like, using the default parameters or your own personalized settings. Engineers at Sweetwater know that even the best vocal takes can sometimes use a tweak or two. With a slew of real-time editing tools, there's nothing too big or too small for Waves Tune to correct.

Waves Tune Pitch Correction Software At-a-Glance:
  • ReWire Support for Real-Time Edits
  • Pitch Correction and Beyond!
  • Export Notes as MIDI File
  • Manipulate Vibrato
ReWire Support for Real-Time Edits

By harnessing the power of ReWire, Waves Tune provides instant access to all playback functions including looping and scrolling. Now, there's no need to export your track for processing or to separate a chunk of your file to work on. Play cursor position and loop points can be set at any time to any session location, using your host or Waves Tune's transport controls. Set the Timeline Ruler to Bars/Beats, Minutes/Seconds, or Samples for pinpoint navigation.

Pitch Correction and Beyond!

Let's say you want to go beyond correction. Maybe your vocalist finished on an A note, but you think going up to a C would be more dramatic. No problem. Waves Tune represents each individual note as an orange block. To change the pitch, just use the Note Tool to grab the orange block and drag it up or down on the piano-roll grid. Waves Tune's advanced formant correction keeps the tone sounding completely natural, even on wide intervals. Use the keyboard graphic to hear your target note before you choose it.

Export Notes as MIDI File

Export the notes of your track as a perfect MIDI file, which can be used by a synthesizer or sampler to follow a vocal's every move-including pitch bends. Or trigger Waves Tune using an external MIDI keyboard. Waves Tune will override the Notes Grid while you're playing, and will return to normal functioning once the MIDI input stops.

Manipulate Vibrato

Waves Tune has the ability to not only detect natural vibrato, but to manipulate it as well - naturally. Click on the Natural Vibrato button and Waves Tune will highlight naturally occurring vibrato in pink. If you'd like to tame or increase what's there, just adjust the Attack and Amount parameters, and you'll see the Pitch Curve become flatter or wavier, giving you more or less of the vibrato that's already present. And if you need a totally smooth, precise vibrato or an extreme vocal effect, click on the Synth Vibrato. Its precision controls let you determine Waveform, Depth, Predelay, Attack and Rate.

Waves Tune Native Pitch Correction Software Features:
  • Work in perfect sync with your host and do all your editing from within the Waves Tune interface without being bound to a specific section of your track.
  • ReWire lets you listen to your edits in real-time, together with the rest of your tracks, starting playback from any timeline position.
  • Formant corrected pitch processing results in natural sound, with an astonishing new level of transparency and no audible phase shift.
  • Powerful yet extremely easy-to-use editing tools and a totally intuitive piano-roll screen.
  • Large, user-friendly display is easy to use and navigate and the superior Zoom Tool lets you know exactly where you are at all times.
  • Tweak Natural Vibrato for maximum realism or fine tune Synth Vibrato to transform your sound.
  • All edits are non-destructive and saved with your session.
  • Export MIDI files to double your vocal parts using your favorite synth or sampler, or to create note-for-note transcriptions.
  • Choose from dozens of standard and exotic scales, or set and save custom scales with amazing flexibility.
  • Does not support Final Cut Pro X, Main Stage, Garage Band, Wave Burner, Soundtrack Pro, WaveLab, Sonar, Sound Forge, Vegas, Acid, Audition, Samplitude, Sequoia, Ableton Live, or Media Composer.
Waves Tune - Intuitive real-time pitch correction!

Tech Specs

Software Type Pitch Correction
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Bit Depth 64-bit
Format AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, AU
Supported Audio Formats Any Supported by DAW
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon or higher, 4 GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon or higher, 4 GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 SP1 or later
Manufacturer Part Number TNE

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
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Should be talked about more!

In the pitch correction game, you often hear about Auto-Tune, and Melodyne. Meanwhile, Waves Tune just sits quietly on the sidelines and no one really mentions it. I've used both I mentioned in the first sentence, with many, many hours on Melodyne, but after trying Waves Tune, I was completely sold on it. Transfers are painless. You just press play, and if Waves Tune hasn't already scanned the audio, it will. If you change your underlying audio, just select that part in Waves Tune, clear it, and press play, it'll fill in what you changed. Editing tools are perfectly simply and practical in regards to function. I feel like Melodyne lets me get a little more forensic with things, but it's often to the detriment of the original performance. Too much tinkering is never a good thing to start doing with pitch correction. Get that performance recording correctly from the start, and do whatever minor tweaking you need to polish things off. The sound of Waves Tune is incredibly natural. As long as you don't try to make it do anything ridiculous, it's the most natural sounding pitch correction I've ever used. Another plus over Melodyne, it will sync with your host DAW transport. So if I'm working in the Waves Tune window, I can use the plugin timeline to play from a certain point. To be fair, the sync can get out of whack from time to time, but for the most part it works well, and saves a bit of frustration. I highly recommend trying the demo of Waves Tune and see if it works for you.
Music background: Songwriter, Recordist, Punk, Music Nerd

An Amazing Program

Waves Tune is exceptional in it's versatility and depth of detail. Once I studied the tutorials, I was up and running. I did pitch correction on an entire album (12 songs) with 4 singers in about 5 hours. My special thanks to Mark Magdich at Sweetwater who recommended Waves Tune. I have dealt with Mark and Sweetwater for over 10 years and his help has saved me thousands of dollars. Most of the items in my recording studio have come from Sweetwater.
Music background: Over 40 years as a recording engineer and Pro Musician.

Fix Troubles with Celtic Whistles

Waves tune is a great tool. The GUI make it VERY easy to use. Lots of control. Built for intuitive use. I record a lot of Celtic music. Whistles are often poorly intoned. Waves Tune permits me to put whistles, especially when multiple whistles are used for harmonies, into precise tune. Waves Tune has fixed a lot of problems that traditional acoustic wind instruments have. Probably works well for orchestral wind instruments too. Of course the product is excellent for vocals. It’s even possible to create harmony from one track by copying it to another track and using Waves Tune to move the pitch to the desired harmony notes. Very helpful in exploring harmony options. Waves plugins are wonderful. My only beef is their clunky “Waves System” in which these things are delivered. I use Reaper as my DAW. Waves drops its plugins all over the hard drive. It can be daunting to find them and get the correct FX pathways to the plugins. Once that task is done, the software runs perfectly. I know that Waves doesn’t support Reaper. That’s because Reaper updates its DAW once or twice a month. So, it isn’t considered a “stable” DAW. Well, okay, it’s just timely and up to date and bugs get fixed quickly. All in all, Waves Tune is a marvelous software tool. It's well worth the price and even a bit of installation hassle.
Music background: Recording, Engineer, Pro Music, Teacher

Much better than Tune LT

I thought that tune vs. Tune Lt has no big differences, but was great my surprise when I upgraded to this version. Now my corrections are faster and sound better. Very recommendable!
Music background: Hobbyist singer and composer

Felxible and Clean

This is my first pitch correction plug in so it was a strange new world learning how to set this up. No bodies perfect but perfect pitch is a standard. I waited a long time before buying my own pitch correction plug-in. I did the research and asked many people about how they use pitch correction and they gave me a wide variety of answers. These answers lead me to this plug in because it fulfilled all the different uses I had learned about. Over all I chose this plug in because it is flexible and clean.
Music background: Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Song Writer and Student
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