QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer

20-channel Digital Mixer with Touchscreen Interface, 12 Mic Inputs, 4 Mic/Line Combo Inputs, 2 Stereo Line Inputs, Built-in FX, and Remote Control via Wi-Fi
QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer image 1
QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer image 1
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QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer
In Stock!
$1,199.00 (after mail-in rebate, pay $1,299.00 today)

Pro Mix Power with a Simple Workflow

You don't need a large, complicated mixer to achieve pro-quality live sound, and you don't need to compromise on power for a simple design that's easy enough for anyone to use. With the QSC TouchMix series of digital live sound mixers, you've got serious connectivity, routing, and effects processing in an intuitive design. QSC's TouchMix is versatile enough to manage a wide range of medium- and small-format mixing tasks, while its touchscreen interface and built-in user help make it incredibly simple to operate. If your goal is to have outstanding sound quality and extensive mix capabilities in the smallest form factor possible, you'll be impressed with the QSC TouchMix series.

QSC TouchMix Digital Mixer at a Glance:

  • Powerful mixers with generous I/O for their compact size
  • Easy access to all mixing features and processors via the large touchscreen display
  • Effortless setup thanks to the built-in Wizards, info, and preset libraries
  • Powered aux sends can drive in-ear monitors directly
  • Mix anywhere in the room, thanks to remote control via mobile devices (Wi-Fi interface included)
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  • TouchMix Training: Presets & Scenes
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  • TouchMix Training: Gain Wizard
  • TouchMix Training: Recording Functions
  • TouchMix Training: Advanced Recording & Playback
  • TouchMix Training: Firmware Update

Smart and Simple for Anyone to Use

While the QSC TouchMix series packs the connectivity and processing capabilities of much more complicated mixers, its simple interface and built-in help make it easy to use, even for novices. Whether or not you’re experienced with setting up a mixing board, the TouchMix series is designed to help you get great sound fast. In Simple Mode, your TouchMix mixer will optimize channel and effects settings for the best results in a variety of settings, similar to the "Auto" function on a DSLR camera. An index of presets helps you find the best sound possible for vocals, guitars, drums, or any other sound source. And if you ever need some extra help navigating the TouchMix interface, there’s a handy "Info" button that will explain any feature or parameter for you right on the touchscreen display.

Power and Sound Quality Any Pro Will Appreciate

Even though the TouchMix series is designed to be easy to use, it has everything any experienced professional needs. While beginners may use the Simple Mode, Effects Wizard, and Gain Wizard to get a great sound, there’s nothing keeping you from tweaking everything yourself in the Advanced Mode to fine-tune the sound of your production. All input channels have a 4-band parametric EQ, as a well as a gate and compressor. All aux outputs, DCAs, mute groups, and main outputs have a 1/3 octave graphic EQ, notch filters, limiters, and delay. You have all the tools you need to mix any show with confidence.

Hover over features below for a detailed description

High-quality mic preamps and instrument inputs for great sound right from the start
Dedicated trim controls help you optimize input levels quickly
Large color touchscreen gives you intuitive control and fast access to all mixer functions
Access your main mix instantly, regardless of what page you’re currently looking at
Easy access to all mixer functions
Easily record or play back audio from an external USB hard drive
Smooth data wheel and user-assignable buttons give you precise, customized control
Easily switch between your main mix and your monitor mixes
Effects Wizard helps you dial in great-sounding effects; Gain Wizard continuously monitors and displays input clipping
Instantly mute all FX processors
Learn more about almost any mixer function with this built-in user help
Create mute groups for easier mixing of multi-mic setups such as drums and backup vocalists
Phantom power for all inputs, switchable per channel
Recessed power button helps avoid accidents in a live setting
Additional stereo inputs for music players or other line-level sources
Powered aux sends can drive headphones or in-ear monitors
TRS outputs for Monitor and Cue mixes
Fast access to built-in FX processors
Easy access to your headphone mix
Talkback with dedicated XLR mic input on the back panel
Connect a USB hard drive for recording or audio playback
XLR connectors for all Aux and Main outputs

Monitor Any Way You Like with Versatile Aux Sends

Unlike many compact mixers in this class, the QSC TouchMix-16 gives you six aux sends for comprehensive monitoring options (four aux sends on the TouchMix-8). And while you can set up individual monitor mixes and send them to typical stage monitors, the TouchMix’s aux sends also let you drive in-ear monitors or headphones directly. So if the TouchMix is on-stage with the performers, you can connect IEMs without having to connect a separate headphone amplifier/distributor.

Record and Play Back Tracks from a Hard Drive

Recording your live shows is easy with the QSC TouchMix series - you don’t even need a computer or separate recorder. Just connect an external USB hard drive to your TouchMix mixer and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to record all inputs, as well as a combined stereo mix, in 32-bit Broadcast Wave format. You can play back recorded tracks through the mixer as backing tracks or import them into your DAW software later for mixing.

Manage Your Mix Anywhere in the Room via Built-in Wi-Fi

With your tablet or smartphone, you can adjust virtually every parameter on the TouchMix mixer from anywhere in the room. The free remote control app controls all mixer parameters, making it easy to walk the room or tweak monitor mixes from the stage. Best of all, you don’t need any additional hardware to connect wirelessly! Your TouchMix series mixer comes with a Wi-Fi adapter that creates the network connection between your mixer and your device.

Inputs TouchMix-8 TouchMix-16
Mic 4 12
Mic/Line (XLR/TRS Combo) 4 4
Stereo Line (TRS) 2 2
Talkback (XLR) 0 1
Outputs TouchMix-8 TouchMix-16
Aux (XLR) 4 6
Stereo (TRS) 1 2
Main R/L (XLR) 1 1
Cue (TRS) 0 1
Monitor (TRS) 0 1
Cue/Monitor (TRS) 1 0
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Additional Media

Live Mixer Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 20
Inputs - Mic Preamps 4 x XLR-1/4" combo, 12 x XLR
Phantom Power 16 x Channels
Inputs - Line 2 x 1/4" TRS (stereo inputs)
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR
Outputs - Other 6 x XLR (aux), 2 x 1/4" TRS (stereo aux out)
Aux Sends 8 x External, 4 x Internal (FX)
Busses/Groups 8 x DCA Groups (With Mute), 8 x Mute Groups
Computer Connectivity 2 x USB Type A (one reserved for Wi-Fi plug)
Headphones 2 x 1/4"
EQ Bands 4-band Parametric (Per Channel), 1/3-octave Graphic (Main/Aux Outputs)
Effects Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Echo, Pitch Correct
Talkback Yes, 1 x XLR
Height 2.3"
Depth 11.5"
Width 14.2"
Weight 5.9 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Touchmix16

Customer Reviews

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Touch Mix-16

A BIG Thank You to Jim Swain and all at Sweetwater! I do not come from a technical background, but using this QSC TouchMix-16 has been easy and convenient. I am able to dial in a great vocal mic sound in seconds. The sound quality between the mixer and QSC K12 speakers is awesome. I have stepped up my game with this purchase. I was even complimented on my vocals... which has never happened. Thank you again.
Music background: Guitar Teacher by Day, Entertainer by Night

Intuitive set up! Great sound!

First use at a show for 500 people more or less. 4 piece band with 2 vocals - Front man switches between acoustic and electric guitars. So the TouchMix 16 comes out of the box just before the show. Set up goes well - Monitors, etc. Then it's decided to run the show from an iPad right then. (Lead guitar player had already downloaded the app.) This was a test by fire with no working anything out beforehand. It could have been a train wreck, but things went fantastically. Sound man had the biggest grin moving all over the venue. He said, "This is the future!" and he was right.

A Great Weight Has Been Lifted!

Very, very pleased. Mixed my first gig with my new TouchMix 16 this past weekend. This was my acoustic trio, with only five inputs, so it wasn't complicated. I'd gone through the manual pretty thoroughly beforehand and set up my scene for this group and my gain structure for my speakers. Everything went swimmingly. Not one surprise, and no fumbling.The high points:1. It sounded great! I used a combination of presets and some personal tweaks. Vocals and instruments (acoustic guitar, mandolin) sparkled. Lots of compliments from the audience.2. How do I know it sounded great? I used my iPad and stood in the audience to set levels. The internal wifi worked flawlessly. I also was sending the same signal to the mains (QSC K10's) as I was sending to the monitors (QSC K10's). It sounded great onstage, too.3. No issues with complexity/jumping from screen to screen to make adjustments, etc. Granted, I'd done my homework and practiced some ahead of time. But the layout and operation is sensible and intuitive. I didn't have any "why am I not hearing that?" moments, even this first time out. Using my left hand to move a fader and my right to fine tune it using the knob becomes very natural in no time. And you can flip a switch on the iPad to fine tune, which works great, too. So no worries about clumsy touchscreen faders.4. Plenty of headroom on the pre's. This was a relatively lightweight show, but still. 5. Saved the best part for last. This mixer has more functionality than my previous analog 16 channel mixer, comes with its own padded case, and even with that, weighs 1/10 of my old mixer in its road case. An absolute joy to transport.Overall, this is a great step forward for my live PA, and after its maiden voyage, I couldn't be more pleased.

NOW I get it! Wow is all I can say.

OK. I've been watching the digital mixer wars for some time now waiting to see where things would go. But, had to finally pull the trigger and buy something and went with the TouchMix. My reasons were 1. that I liked the idea of having a screen to control the mixer if the WiFi went down and 2. that I didn't have to rack it (which sort of defeats the idea of having a small mixer, I think) and 3. I don't need a computer to operate it. Now that I have the mixer and have used it for 2 weeks I can tell you this without hesitation...WOW!!! I own QSC speakers and love them so I'm already a QSC fan but with all honesty, this is the greatest little mixer imaginable. Why? First off, my reasons for choosing it were just wrong. What I did not anticipate was how amazingly good this thing sounds. Yes, sound is subjective, but there's good sound and then there's this. Did I say WOW? Second, the learning curve was literally ZERO. Completely easy to understand and if I have a question, there's a little help button which brings up the user manual. But here's the thing that just blew me away - the PRESETS. Hey QSC, THANK YOU and how did you do that? People, I can tell you that these guys did their homework. On my first gig with the new mixer we showed up an extra hour early to dial in a new mix for the band. Not kidding... we were done in 10 minutes using just presets and 5 more minutes for everybody in the band (4 of us) to each create our own monitor mix on our phones. And (wait for it...) our very first mix on the TM made us sound like a completely different band (in a good way, I can assure you.) All of our friends and regular fans came up to us on the first gig and asked what we did differently to sound so good. We are REALLY happy with this mixer and I am feeling a little foolish for not jumping on it sooner. If you're looking at the different mixers out there and trying to make a decision based on specs and number of inputs/outputs etc. for the money, just forget it. The real story behind this mixer can only be told when you use it and hear it for yourself. If I had ten thumbs, TouchMix would get 10 thumbs-up from this guy.


I selected this mixer over similar units from Mackie and Line 6 based on the recommendation by my Sweetwater Account Manager, and I'm SO happy I did. This is absolutely a remarkable device! So much functionality built into one easy-to-use mixer. Significantly reduces the amount of gear you have to haul around without surrendering features in the process. There isn't a single thing I've been asked by my band to do that this mixer couldn't handle. The flexibility for handling individual monitor mixes is just amazing. Haven't tried to use the iPad connection at a gig, but that's coming soon, along with capturing a live recording of a gig via the USB port. Highly recommended!
Music background: Bassist, Vocalist
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