XILS-lab Synthix No Longer Available

Virtual Analog Synth Plug-in with 16 Voices, Two Oscillators, and Multi-track Sequencer - Mac/PC VST, Audio Units, RTAS
Item ID: Synthix

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XILS-lab Synthix image 1
XILS-lab Synthix image 1

Sorry, the XILS-lab Synthix is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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XILS-lab Synthix
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Create Killer '80s Tones and Conjure New Creations

Based off of the legendary '80s synthesizer the Elka Synthex, the XILS-Lab Synthix is a virtual analog synthesizer with 16 voices. With twin oscillators sporting 4 selectable wavetables you'll be able to create killer synth tones, especially since you can utilize several waveforms simultaneously on each oscillator. Other features include four LFOs, four D-ASDR envelopes, embedded effects, and a multi-track sequencer. Whether you are recreating vintage synth tone or pushing the envelope and creating totally new sounds the XILS-Lab Synthix is an invaluable tool.

XILS-Lab Synthix at a Glance:
  • Sought after synthesizer
  • Full-feature virtual synth
  • Phenomenal sounds
Sought after synthesizer

The XILS-Lab Synthix plug-in is an emulation of the classic 1980s Elka Synthex synthesizer. Artist such as Tangerine Dream and Stevie Wonder used them, and Jean Michel Jarre still uses one today. Add great sounds of this sought after synth to your rig with the XILS-Lab Synthix plug-in.

Full-feature virtual synth

Besides being a virtual version of the Synthex, the XILS-Lab Synthix brings the modern touches and upgraded flexibility of modern synthesizers. Synthix gives you 16 voices, two oscillators with foru wavetables each, four LFOs and ADSR envelopes, a multi-track sequencer, built-in effects, and much more. This multi-layer virtual instrument offers eight independent layers and each has its own set of oscillators, filters, envelopes, glide and LFOs, with independent settings, so let you imagination run wild and turn the XILS-Lab Synthix into one of your go to plug-ins.

Phenomenal sounds
Let your inner muse free with the XILS-Lab Synthix. Create those cool, old school synth tones or conjure new sounds and tones for your next session. From lush, warm sounds, ranging from rich, opulent basses and gradually evolving pads to belligerent leads and crystalline keyboards the XILS-Lab Synthix is the plug-in you have been looking for.

XILS-Lab Synthix Features:
  • Virtual 16 voice analog synthesizer
  • 32-bit plug-in
  • Two oscillators
  • Four selectable wavetables per oscillator
  • One multimode filter
  • Four LFOs
  • Four ADSR envelopes
  • One multi-track sequencer
  • Four effects : Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Dual EQs
  • Several playing modes
  • Guitar modes
  • The Chaox: an LFO based on fully calculated chaotics functions
  • Multi-layer and Polytimbral modes
  • Eight totally independent layers
  • Plug-in only; no stand-alone operation
Bring killer vintage synth sounds to your session with the XILS-Lab Synthix.

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