Dangerous Music SOURCE

Monitor Controller with Digital and Analog Input Sources, 1/8" Stereo Input, and Dual Headphone Outputs
Dangerous Music SOURCE image 1
Dangerous Music SOURCE image 1
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Dangerous Music SOURCE
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Dangerous Source

Dangerous Music's Source is the all-in-one portable monitoring system project studio engineers have been waiting for! The Dangerous Source gives you access to a complete set of audio sources, including USB and AES digital audio, as well as a balanced XLR and an 1/8" stereo input (perfect for your iPod!). Separate source selections for your headphones and monitors will certainly also come in handy when collaborating with artists. If the complexity of your monitoring setup has you tied in knots, check out the Dangerous Source.

Dangerous Music Source monitoring system at a Glance:
  • Portable, studio-grade monitor controller
  • Flexibility - it's a beautiful thing
  • Dangerous quality
Portable, studio-grade monitor controller

The Dangerous Source pops into your backpack and fits right under your laptop. If you're a producer, engineer, DJ, or video editor who's always on-the-go, it's great to have access to studio-quality monitoring on the road. Dangerous Music's studio monitoring products are well regarded amongst audio pros, and you know when they set out to design a portable monitor controller, it's going to have the right stuff.

Flexibility - it's a beautiful thing

The Dangerous Source lets you listen to any combination of four input sources; you get two speaker outputs and two headphone outputs. You can let the singer hear her own personal headphone mix, for instance, from the Analog 2 input - while you monitor the real mix, coming in from your computer via the USB input (which can run up to 24-bit/192kHz). The Dangerous Source gives you the monitoring flexibility to handle virtually any monitoring situation that might crop up.

Dangerous quality

Dangerous Music is renowned for their no-compromise designs and build-quality, and the Dangerous Source lives up to this reputation. The company's products have earned the fierce loyalty of legions of audio pros the world over. When you add the Dangerous Source to your audio rig, you know that you're making an investment in great sound that will give you many years of use.

Dangerous Music Source monitoring system Features:
  • Hear everything, anywhere, so you can mix it right the first time.
  • Portable monitor control for both speakers and headphones.
  • Monitor Digital, (2) Analog and USB sources separately or simultaneously
  • Fits beneath a 13" laptop or rack installable (kit optional)
  • Two speaker outputs can be engaged simultaneously, or use one as a dedicated subwoofer out.
  • Headphones and speakers can monitor single or multiple sources - different choices for the producer and artist.
  • Two analog inputs: 1/8" mini stereo & XLR/TRS combo jack.
  • Two digital inputs: AES/SPDIF and USB
  • USB IN, up to 24-bit/192kHz for Windows and Mac (plug and play in OX X 10.7)
  • Third stereo output to send to Front of House or final mixdown
  • Rackmountable with optional rack ear kit
Restore sanity to your monitoring setup, with the Dangerous Music Source!

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Tech Specs

Input Channels 4
Output Channels 8
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR/TRS Combo, 1 x 1/8" (Stereo)
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x 1/4" (Headphones)
Digital Inputs 1 x AES-S/PDIF, USB
Digital Outputs AES Thru
Computer Connectivity USB 2.0
Form Factor Desktop (Optional Rackmount Kit Available)
Height 1.75"
Width 8"
Depth 12.75"
Manufacturer Part Number SOURCE

Customer Reviews

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Top Notch

Bought this after years of using an SM passive controller. The switching was fine on the SM, but I never realized what it was doing sonically until I installed the Source. The Source's analog path is pristine, but in my opinion, the digital inputs are where it really shines. The difference between my Apollo's (silverface) DA and the Source's is very obvious. The Source is much clearer, and the balance in the audio spectrum is much cleaner as well. Having the option for a USB input is also fantastic, as I can do quick comparisons between reference tracks on my computer and my mixes with the push of a button. The dual headphone jacks are a nice addition, and Dangerous gear just looks and feels pro in my setup. I also get to use the analog through jacks for a set of Coleman VU meters! Very happy with my purchase.


I've tried just a handful of headphone amp/monitors, etc., and I had my mind set on an SPL Monitor. When I finally connected the snake cables and the analog inputs I gave it a test drive. The absolute worst sound you can imagine. It must have been damaged or not working correctly it sounded like a thousand people where whispering. I was tiotally without a clue as to what was the problem. Step back a while. I had a d-box so I knew right away that DM has excellent monitoring systems. Well when I decided to turn to the Source, my expectations where exceeded beyond limits. I have access to AES/EBU, USB (VERY IMPORTANT working sessions with PT) and of course analog . Along with of course a seperate speaker monitor though I stick with the headphones and my sennheiser Hd 650. The sonic quality is superb the DAC is as good as my 16x16 Avid I/O, I can easily switch back and forth depending on my needs (i.e. using a passive summing mixer I HAVE to have AES monitoring because my analog outputs are used up - another good reason to get this item) and the USB monitoring mode is so unique I am unsure if anyone else has done it. Anyway if you're constrained by various factors so that you have to work your sessions with headphones for monitors this is the best and only way to go. My only complaint is the rack installation. I won't bore you with the details or my actual complaint but suffice to say it is not on my rack mount. I haven't been this excited over audio gear is so long and we all know monitors are the integral factor in audio engineering.
Music background: Who Cares


I wanted to improve my monitoring, I had no idea what I was missing with my previous controller. I was going through 5-7 mix revisions before I was ready for my client to critique, not bad, but I need to move faster. After my FIRST mix session with the Source, I had only fine tuning tweaks, the mix was almost perfect!! Extreme flexibility and ease of use, Thanks Dangerous and Sweetwater!!!!
Music background: Producer, Engineer, Guitarist

Great monitor controller

The sound is fantastic and really gives you a very accurate image of the mix. I love all the options for switching and inputs. This unit can really do just about everything. If you are creative it can even be uses as an A/D converter as well. I love the fact it was designed by Mastering engineers, you know the quality of the converters is going to be amazing. The ability to run protools and reference audio playing from my computer via the USB port was an amazing idea. This prevents from having to open the glitchy core audio driver. The guys at Sweetwater really know their stuff, if my sales rep hadn't turned me onto this box I would be sick knowing I went with another option. Just a great buy.
Music background: Mixing Engineer

Love this thing

I am another who moved up from a Central Station, this was a night and day difference, just ridiculous. Hear so much more from my mixes, used to have to plan on what was missing and guess, now I just mix and that's what bounces down and is what I hear when I take it to outside players. A godsend!

Sweetwater Advice

Cameron Wheeler

The Dangerous Music Source is an incredible DAC. In my studio, I have used this as my primary monitor controller for mixing. Its pristine accuracy allows me to hear things I never could before.

Andrew Malloy

I just picked up Dangerous Music Source for my portable setup. The sound quality of the monitoring path allows me to really hear the mix, it fits in my laptop bag perfectly, and the DA converters are worth the price of admission alone. The Source is truly mastering-grade monitoring and conversion without the mastering-grade pricetag. I will never give up my Source!

Mitch Gallagher

When you're working on a recording -- whether you're tracking, editing, mixing, or mastering -- monitoring is everything. If you can't accurately hear what you're doing, you can't make decisions about mic placement, edits, EQ, effects, or balances. Everything is affected by what you hear from your monitor system. That's why great monitors are essential. But don't forget about your monitor controller; everything passes through it, so it must be the best-quality item in your signal path. The Dangerous Music Source is a new monitor control center that delivers both stellar audio quality and a great deal of routing flexibility. The Source has four stereo inputs: Analog 1, Analog 2, AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital, and USB. There are two independent output paths: one for headphones and one for studio monitors. You can connect and switch between two sets of studio monitors, and assign any input source to either output path. This lets you route different mixes to headphones than you have feeding your monitors -- perfect for tracking sessions. You can also simultaneously route multiple inputs to the headphone and/or monitor outputs, so you can jam along with playback from an iPod, for example. You can even listen to both sets of monitor outputs at once, which is useful if you're connecting a subwoofer with main monitors. The USB input can connect directly to your computer and feed audio from the computer through an onboard D/A converter to the outputs. In many situations, you won't even need an audio interface to listen to audio (unless you're tracking or need inputs to the computer, of course). There is also a stereo through that you can pass through to an external stereo recorder or back to two inputs on your computer, plus a digital through allows you to pass through to other digital devices. The Source is deceptively powerful, offering everything many of us will need for tracking, mixing, and mastering in our studios. It's also great for mobile rigs, whether recording or DJ, because it slips right into a laptop pack. With all of its features, the Source is an incredible value -- before you ever factor in the pristine Dangerous Music audio quality. It has become an essential part of my rig.
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