Cakewalk SONAR Platinum

DAW Software with Software Instruments and Audio Effects Suite with Touch Control Capabilities - PC VST, DSD
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Cakewalk SONAR Platinum image 1
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If you're using Pro Tools, AAX plug-ins (or RTAS for older versions) are what you need. Most other Mac DAWs support AU plug-ins. VST is compatible with a number of Mac and Windows programs. Be sure you choose plug-ins that work with your DAW!

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Cakewalk SONAR Platinum
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Power and Flexibility for Professional Recording Results

SONAR Platinum, Cakewalk's most powerful DAW software, provides you with the professional studio essentials that you need to produce high-quality tracks on PC. The customizable Skylight user interface in SONAR Platinum is now touch-controllable (with Windows 8), and is an intuitive tool for optimizing your studio workflow, so you'll be more productive than ever before. A suite of amazing virtual instruments including Addictive Drums 2 Producer and a full selection of plug-in processors that includes Melodyne Essential with ARA integration make the process of creating and mixing music easier. And with cool new tools that make collaboration and distribution via the internet easy, Cakewalk SONAR Platinum is your DAW-of-choice for convenience, power, and productivity.

Cakewalk SONAR Platinum at a Glance:
  • Play - Rock out with top-notch virtual instruments and killer guitar tones
  • Record - Flexible tools simplify your recording workflow without limiting your potential
  • Edit - Perform pro-level editing techniques effortlessly with the Skylight interface
  • Mix - Refine your tracks with a host of amazing mixing tools and virtual processors
  • Deliver - Distributing your latest masterpiece is just a few mouse clicks away
  • Cakewalk's Command Center keeps you up to date
Play - Rock out with top-notch virtual instruments and killer guitar tones

One of our favorite things about SONAR at Sweetwater is the sheer amount of content you get. Cakewalk packed SONAR Platinum with 21 killer virtual instruments including Rapture, Dimension Pro, Z3TA+ Classic for creating modern electronic dance sounds, and more! If you play guitar or bass, then you'll love SONAR's 16 new drag-and-drop amps. These virtual amps go beyond emulating ones that already exist, they allow you to create the amps of your dreams for tone you could never pull from a real-world amp. Combined with an impressive low-latency audio engine, these fun guitar effects are even perfect for recording everything from bluegrass to thrash. On top of this, you also get loop construction tools, a unique step sequencer, and amazing take comping tools.

Record - Flexible tools simplify your recording workflow without limiting your potential

With unlimited audio, MIDI, and instrument tracks at your disposal, SONAR Platinum sets the bar when it comes to basic recording capability. But the basics are hardly all this DAW has to offer. For starters, it's built around a phenomenal sounding 64-bit/384kHz audio engine, which keeps your sound as pristine as possible for mixing and editing. It also provides you with a huge collection of useful recording options, including the ability to record multiple takes directly to separate take lanes in the same channel. And SONAR Platinum gives you the power of VocalSync, an indispensable vocal alignment tool for video editing.

Edit - Perform pro-level editing techniques effortlessly with the Skylight interface

One of the things that really sets Cakewalk SONAR Platinum apart from other DAW programs is its amazingly simple yet totally customizable Skylight user interface. This flexible interface lets you organize individual modules as you like them (arrangement view, piano roll, mixer, etc.) and then lock them together into a single window. With SONAR Platinum's extremely clever Smart Tool, you can move from module to module and always have the functions you need just a mouse click away. You'll have over 50 FX chains at your fingertips - from simple utilities to boutique guitar pedals, you'll never be at a loss for inspiration. AudioSnap gives you the power you need for tempo and rhythm-based editing. And with powerful conveniences like the pattern tool, efficient control bar, FX stacking abilities, expandable sends, and multi-touch control, getting your songs just right is easier than ever.

Mix - Refine your tracks with a host of amazing mixing tools and virtual processors

Cakewalk certainly doesn't skimp when it comes to virtual processors. From the moment you install SONAR Platinum, you'll have dozens of amazing plug-in effects and processors - including the Essential Suite - you can use to bolster your sound and smooth out your mix. The handy mix recall function allows you to save and switch between your mix scenes for easy A/B listening. Experience the power of enhanced VST3 support that now includes multi-out functionality. SONAR Platinum also gives you the powerful ProChannel Console Strip that includes nine different modules including QuadCurve EQ and REmatrix Solo, a zero-latency convolution reverb module. And since you can also mix for radio, video, podcast, or MP3 and bounce all of them at once, SONAR Platinum saves you serious time when it comes to tackling many advanced mixing tasks.

Deliver - Distributing your latest masterpiece is just a few mouse clicks away

With the tracking, editing, and mixing behind you, there's only one thing left to do, and that's to share your work with the rest of the world. Whether you need to simply burn a CD or you want to toss your latest tune up to SoundCloud, save it to the cloud via Gobbler, or export video direct to YouTube, Cakewalk SONAR Platinum lets you do it all - without ever leaving the program! That's not all. SONAR Platinum also supports DSD (Direct Stream Digital) imports, exports, and conversions to provide you with high-resolution, archive quality audio.

Cakewalk's Command Center keeps you up to date

Cakewalk's engineers work constantly to make your recording experience with SONAR Platinum better, faster, and easier, and now you don't have to wait until the next version is released to take advantage. When you activate your SONAR membership you will automatically receive updates to features, content, presets, and more for an entire year via the Cakewalk Command Center. The Command Center is your place for the latest and greatest improvements to SONAR Platinum. And even if you don't renew your membership, you lose nothing - everything you've updated in SONAR Platinum will still be there.

Cakewalk SONAR Platinum Features:
  • Record unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
  • Mix with as many effects, sends and busses as you need
  • Skylight Interface enhancements including multi-touch support with Windows 8
  • Comp multiple takes together instantly for the ultimate performance
  • Full support for VST3 synths and effects
  • Improved video support including YouTube export
  • Save your projects to the cloud with Gobbler integration
  • DSD support gives you better-than-CD-quality audio
  • Edit with 57 total FX including the Studio Mixing and Engineering Suites
  • Easy collaboration and distributing via SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Comes with 21 instruments including the Studio Instruments suite
  • Addictive Drums 2 Producer bundle for a great-sounding foundation to your tunes
  • Create great mixes with ProChannel Console Strip modules
  • Tighten up vocals with the powerful VocalSync alignment tool
  • Includes 19 Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX for mix perfection
  • Always have the most current version with your SONAR membership
Have fun making music with Cakewalk SONAR Platinum DAW software!

Tech Specs

Software Type DAW
Platform PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Bit Depth 32-bit/64-bit
Format VST
Supported Audio Formats ASIO compatible
Hardware Requirements - PC 2.6GHz Intel/AMD Multi-core processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Manufacturer Part Number 10-ODPT1.00-R0CE

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
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Excellent DAW

I have been using Cakewalk software since 2000. I got in on the lifetime updates for Sonar Platinum and have been extremely happy with it. There are always improvements being made and it has been rock solid for me. I can't see myself changing to any other DAW. Once you get used to Sonar it is a fast and easy DAW to use with a ton of included plugins and features, and the Pro Channel is awesome.

Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

Brilliant service! Great products and prices. What more do you need than Sweetwater!

Don't beleive the hype!

Let me start by saying that I've tested and bought nearly every DAW imaginable. Even the smaller $60 ones. This wasn't an easy task choosing. I kept moving from Mac to Windows and back. Usually coming back to Sonar every time. I was brought into music industry in Hollywood, and all you see is Pro Tools or Logic. So I had a bias view on anything other than the two. I ended up having a conversation with a multi-awarded engineer to ask him view on DAWs. He blatantly said, it really doesn't matter what you use. The whole entire mind-set was a massive ad campaign for Digidesign. If you're working in a studio, and they use Pro Tools, then you use Pro Tools. If you go into a studio and they're using Sonar, then so be it. If you have your own setup, why the hell would you care? IT'S YOUR SETUP! And if people come into your studio, guess what? They're going to be using whatever you have. If you make quality music, no one cares what you use. All that matters is the final product. And now that I remember, before Digidesign/Avid ever came into the picture. No one gave a crap if you were using a toaster as your DAW.With that being said. Sonar is just logically and thoroughly laid out. Really I can't find anything you can't do with it. You have to appreciate the development team, because the customization of the program truly requires massive coding, and the fact that they release an update every month lets you know they care about their work. Me with a background in computer engineering, let me tell you first that the audio engine is superb. It is digitally perfect. I see people in forums copying what others say that Sonar sounds muddy. But it you do your research, you will know that audio interfaces are the cause. Sonar uses a flat response system that 100% relies on the quality of your audio interface. While others try to tweak their software to compensate for poorly made interfaces. Google this and you will see companies providing services to replace transistors and other components within it because most original devices are pure crap.Through testing (And I mean I actively looked at coding while playing the music back) the only DAWs I've seen with true flat responses are:SequoiaSamplitudeStudio OneDigital PerformerSonarPyramixSAW StudioYou really need to look beyond Windows and really give Sonar a try in order to appreciate the quality and features it has. Not to mention that I'm running Windows 10 natively on a Mac Pro, and Sonar is running faster than any program that I've used while running Mac OS X.
Music background: Recording Engineer

SONAR Platinum

I have used Cakewalk products for years. I'm pleased with this new version Platinum. This version has run really smooth it's also has reduced the load on the PC. I am able to run a significant amount of VST Instruments and have no noticeable load on my computer. There are some great new features and ease of access that have helped me with my workflow . The Platinum version comes also with Addicted Drums Producer Bundle a $250 value along with a few other software titles. The touch control is cool but I still like my mouse. Overall Sonar is a pretty friendly program running all types of 3rd party VST and Direct X programs. I have and still work a bit with ProTools and other DAWs that wont load certain plugins but Sonar will. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the program. All I want out of DAW is that it's easy to navigate, straight forward, and produces a high quality audio result.
Music background: Recording Engineer, Composer, Musician

Awesome DAW

Sonar platinum, along with all of it's software add-ons, is ridiculously good! You could make great recordings and never buy another third-party set of plugins if that's what you desired. I've always admired their hunger for innovation, and they continue to bring useful features that aren't stock with other DAWs. I would love to see widespread propagation of this software because people need to experience how complete this recording platform is in their own lives. It also has some of the most beautiful and useful stock EQs that I've ever seen. The look is beautiful, and the overall appearance is now totally customizable to your tastes with a little work in the new theme editor. Sonar isn't completely perfect, but it's ridiculously close, and I feel secure that people's qualms will be heard and addressed, when necessary, in their periodic updates. Thanks for continuing to make great software Cakewalk!
Music background: Producer
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