Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller with 10 Multi-function Keys, USB Ouput, and Navigation Pad
Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 image 1
Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 image 1
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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2
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Incredibly Functional Foot Controller for Your Entire Rig

The original SoftStep was a huge hit at Sweetwater, and it's gotten even better with the SoftStep 2 from Keith McMillen Instruments. The keys have been redesigned with a cruciform shape that respond to pressure and direction better than ever. The LED backlighting is now brighter for better visibility on stage. This innovative USB/MIDI foot controller is perfect for keyboard players, guitarists, DJs, singers, and anyone who needs to control hardware and software - or both!

Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep Foot Controller at a Glance:
  • Multi-function keys for precise control
  • Take control of any digital device
  • Expand and customize your control with software editors
Multi-function keys for precise control

The innovative Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 Foot Controller brings foot controller technology to the 21st century. Each cruciform key is pressure sensitive for expressive control, and direction sensitive for control values. By varying the pressure and up/down/left/right foot movements you gain control that is more complex than previous foot controllers. Each key is capable of processing multiple parameters simultaneously.

Take control of any digital device

Control, manipulate, and command any almost any digital device with the Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 Foot Controller. It is pre-programmed to work with Ableton Live, Apple Garage Band, Logic, Traktor, loopers, Avid ElevenRack, and more. Whether you are a DJ, keyboard player, guitarist, or producer, you'll love the power of the SoftStep 2. With the optional MIDI Expander you can take command of keyboards, rack gear, and lights. The SoftStep 2 is lightweight and extremely durable. The back is made of rugged carbon fiber and the top features a liquid-proof elastomeric skin.

Expand and customize your control with software editors

Keith McMillen Instruments knows you like to have control over all your plug-ins, DAWs, and devices, that's why they have created an entire suite of software editors for the SoftStep 2. From extremely simple editors, to advanced development kits, Keith McMillen has provided all the tools needed to give you ultimate control.

Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 USB/MIDI Foot Controller Features:
  • Powerful multi-function foot controller
  • Control plug-ins, DAWs, software, and hardware devices
  • Programmable to fit all of your control needs
  • Perfect for DJs, guitarists, keyboardists, and singers with effects processors
  • Durable, lightweight and liquid-proof controller
Take your foot controller to the next level with the Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 Foot Controller!

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Keeps my Kemper Versatile!

This is an awesome piece of gear. The fact that it is small and is super light weight is a major plus. If you need to control your Kemper/Axe FX/ Line6 and don't wanna spend huge money on a midi foot controller look no further. This has function look and is easy to see when lit up on stage. Soft pads make feet super comfortable when pushing the switches. Software allows you to easily set up the SoftStep2 for what you need.

Amazing Tech Breakthrough

I have had a lot of MIDI controllers in my career. You wouldn't believe. But please do trust me that this one is the best ever. LIght weight, rugged, and it can do things no other pedal can do. With all of its capability, one might expect the task of programming it to be an ominous chore. But it's really as easy as pie. I wish I'd had not only one, but two or three of these a long time ago.
Music background: Avant Guitarist

Softstep2 midi multi foot pad controller

I have always been looking for a multi switch midi controller to use with my feet and along with my midi guitar while playing. Softstep2 has now provided me with what I need. This is quite a device with allot of controller options to be able to control my virtual sound instruments on my computer. At first when I opened the box and looked at the Softstep2 pads, I thought they were going to be hard to press down on because they were just rubber type pressure pads. But after powering it up and using it, I just have to just barely touch down on the pads to make the functions work. I can even use my fingers if I want to. Only thing I find since I have size 13 feet, is dont use shoes that toe up in the front allot to press down on the pads. There are 10 pads, each pad is about 3.5 inches apart and the back row of 5 pads are raise about .75 inches. Even with my size 13 feet, I can get to all the pads. The device comes with a 15-20 USB cable to connect to my computer. When powered up the pads are well lit up and large numbers to even see in low light or the dark. The base of the unit is made of hard rubber also and is very sturdy and druable and is 16 by 4 inches in size. Softstep2 comes has 2 software editors which I downloaded from their webstie. They are basic and advanced, right now i have only used the basic editor. The editor sets me up on what midi channel I want the pads to transmit on to my computer and has 6 different modes of operation to program for each of the pads. You will have to download the pdf manual if you want more detail on each of the modes since there is so much to them to explain here. I have tried 4 of the modes and they work great. Also read the manual to read about the rest of the unit. On the computer side all I had to do is go into the midi settings and select or add Softstep2 to each of my music programs for it to work. I have tried it with Kontakt and several Viirtual instruments in my Acoustica DAW and I have just barely touched the capabilities I can do with this unit to midi control my virtual sound libraries. It may not do everything, but it does allot so far that I have tried. Makes it so nice while playing my midi guitar or keyboard. If you are looking for a multi midi foot controller for your needs, this might work for you. It may be a little pricey, but I find the unit well worth the money at least for my use. I use it mainly for studio work right now. Hope this helps a little on what Softstep2 does. take care
Music background: musician, composer

Worship Leader's Powerful Tool

I use the SoftStep 2 to control my worship click and backing tracks at church. Having more options (pressure-sensitive, up/down, left/right, multiple banks, etc) than click-style pedals makes this a very powerful option. I have assigned several of the pedals 2 and 4 separate midi channels based on direction, leaving other pedals available for more options. This pedal is fully customizable. With the Softstep 2's Advanced Editor, I can make my board do anything I want! (CC, Program, PitchBend, MMC, OSC - that's not even half!) With X & Y axis options, each pedal has a multitude of options. We all have those times that the team starts getting a little ahead of the click. Instead of awkwardly slowing down, I am able to press the top of a pedal and catch the track up to us so we can lock back in. Same thing if we lag on the beat, too - I just press the bottom of the same pedal. It's also pressure-sensitive, so depending on how hard it is pressed it will change a value more or less. Universal Stop? On this pedal, just tell it that any pedal of your choice should send the same note on the same MIDI channel in every bank you create in the editor, and you have a universal STOP pedal in every bank (without having to hold for a menu). Of course, I can launch a track with ease and can select several "regrouping" places within songs. Some have complained about this pedal communicating with Ableton ... I have had no issues on my Mac. I am quite pleased with this product. I'm still thinking of how else I can use it. Just yesterday I was assigning the up and down of one button to speed up or slow down the tempo of a click for the rest of the song in case we were feeling something different in the middle of a worship set. Cool stuff!
Music background: Worship Leader, Guitarist, Educator

Works Great, but not on macOS Sierra

After going back and forth for quite a long time with the (excellent) Keith McMillen tech support, we determined that the software editors do not work on macOS Sierra (10.12) systems. A patch is planned but there is not published timeline on when I can expect this fix. I was able to eventually program this unit by firing up an old Windows XP system, but this is far from ideal. The actual controller itself works reliably and flawlessly and I use it to control MainStage 3. I love how compact and solid-feeling it is. I should mention, also, that KM tech support is excellent and very responsive. I would consider buying other KM products.
See also: Controller Keyboards, Keith McMillen Instruments, Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Controllers