Sabra-Som ST2 2 Mic Stereo Bar

Universal Stereo Bar with 3/8" and 5/8" Threads
Sabra-Som ST2 2 Mic Stereo Bar image 1
Sabra-Som ST2 2 Mic Stereo Bar image 1
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Sabra-Som ST2 2 Mic Stereo Bar
In Stock!

Every Engineer Needs One!

The Sabra-som ST2 could very easily be called the Multifunction T-Bar. It's a totally modular and totally adjustable stereo bar that gives you variable distance and angles between your two microphones. The ST2 can accommodate either standard (5/8") or European (3/8") threads. A central elbow boasts horizontal movement, which allows you to adjust the ST2 to keep the stand's center of gravity situated where you need it. When the situation calls for stereo, there's no substitute for it. The ST2 makes stereo miking a snap!

Sabra-som ST2 Stereo Bar Features at a Glance:
  • Modular and totally adjustable
  • Variable distance and angle between mics (towers' movement)
  • 2 Thread adapters: 3/8" (European standard) and/or 5/8" 27 threads/inch
    (universal standard) each, fixed on two sliding towers, respectively
  • Relative angles between the towers are totally variable
  • Central elbow with horizontal movement for the adjustment of gravity center
  • Central elbow with 360 of movement and an efficient locking system
  • Can be connected to the top of a boom stand with any relative angle — in particular, horizontal and vertical configuration (XY format) and vertical configuration (Blumlein format)
Go stereo with the ST2 from Sabra-som!

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Pretty Flexible - A Decided Value

I tried this based on some advice from my Sweetwater representative as I needed something along these lines. I have been able to make this work with small condensors, omni's, and even LDC's in an M-S, though I have not yet attempted a Blumlein arrangement. One thing I would suggest about using this is to 'think'. That is, because the bar is not round, which is actually a very good thing, you have options as to the orientation (rotation) of each, as well as its translation (distance along the bar). Basically, this allows you to rotate the two stand-offs as required - and this sort of thing is indeed sometimes required if you are trying to align your mics in a specific fashion and are bound by constraints of the mics themselves - this is how I ended up finding a solution for the M-S arrangement with LDC's. If I have one gripe it is that the locking screws on the back of each of the two units are small, making it difficult to get them really tight. However, this is really only an issue when using large, heavy LDC's and is not insurmountable...but like I said, you have to be willing to work to find a solution (and remember to secure them once your mics are set). On the other hand, setting up an XY, ORTF or similar with small condensors really could not be any simpler. Keep in mind that they make a slightly longer version of this (the bar itself is longer - I think the rest is identical) and if you are trying to use this with LDC's that would probably make life a little easier for you, but again, overall, I like the simplicity as well as flexibility - and best of all, it is inexpensive.
Music background: Recording Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Sound Quality / NVH Manager

Does the Job

This is handy little device, and lets you quickly and easily set up a coincident mic pair. It's sturdy and reliable, and adjustable in all the important ways. The main bar is hexagonal, so it won't slip/rotate when the mics are not vertical, a nice touch. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the (very small) set screws captive, so they cannot accidentally screw all the way out.

Works Great!!!

I have a pair of DPA 2006C's. They're very light and quite small, so they work really well with the stereo bar. I'm sure it would be problem with bigger microphones as this item is made entirely of plastic. I can imagine there would be some weight balancing issues. That's not the case for me however. So far I've have only used the Sabra-Som ST2 for field recording. My only complaint is the width of it. I need much more width to get a better stereo image when i'm using omnidirectional. Luckily I can modify this thing to get the width I need. Besides that, I absolutely love this thing. It's a must have for my field recording sessions.
Music background: Music artist, field recordist, audio engineer, music lover, etc.

Good Product

This bar does a great job. I wish it had some graduations or markings to help with exact placement and angles.
Music background: Recording engineer, professional musician

Not ideal for SDCs.

I got these for my pair of Michael Joly MXL 603s. These are probably good for side address microphones. If I had a pair of Coles these would be great. I found it difficult though to stagger the heights enough for a proper ORTF or XY setup with my SDCs. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Music background: Project Studio
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