JBL SRX815P 2000W 15" Powered Speaker

2000W Powered PA Speaker with 15" LF Driver, 3" HF Driver, and Ethercon connectivity
JBL SRX815P 2000W 15
JBL SRX815P 2000W 15
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JBL SRX815P 2000W 15" Powered Speaker
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Advanced Configurability and Professional Quality Sound

JBL Professional's SRX815P active loudspeaker provides great sound and rugged durability to those who depend on portable PA systems. The SRX815P is a 15", 2-way speaker cabinet that features powerful onboard DSP making it a great solution as a main PA speaker or a floor wedge monitor. Ethercon connectivity provides full HiQnet network-ability so you'll have extensive system tunability to get the best sound possible out of your PA no matter where you're mixing. Never compromise sound or durability in your PA again with JBL Professional's SRX815P active loudspeaker.

JBL Professional SRX815P Active Loudspeaker at a Glance:
  • HiQnet networking puts system configuration at your fingertips
  • JBL experience and Crown efficiency pair up for great portable sound
  • The durability you need for portable applications
HiQnet networking puts system configuration at your fingertips

The SRX815P is equipped with Ethercon connectivity so you'll have the ability to take full advantage of HiQnet. This communications protocol was developed to give you configuration control within a single software application. For sound installations there's HiQnet Audio Architect that lets you dial in your system to perform at its peak inside your room. For portable applications, use the HiQnet Performance Manager to make sure you're making the most of every room, every time. Optimized for use with a tablet PC, you'll have full control over your sound reinforcement system's networking right at your fingertips.

JBL experience and Crown efficiency pair up for great portable sound

To give you the quality of sound you expect from JBL Professional, premium 15" and 3" JBL drivers are nestled inside a cabinet engineered to produce sonic balance and clarity. 2000-watts of power are courtesy of Crown amplification and DriveCore technology - a one-piece amp circuit provides great sound, power efficiency, and keeps cabinet weight manageable. And with onboard, user-configurable DSP you have a complete set of tools to get the best sound.

The durability you need for portable applications

The SRX815P from JBL Professional is designed to give you the great sound that seasoned engineers demand in tour grade package. A great choice for av rental houses, touring bands, outreach sound reinforcement systems, schools - anywhere durability is just as crucial as sound quality.

JBL Professional SRX815P Active Loudspeaker Features:
  • 2-way speaker for mix clarity
  • Ethercon connection to take advantage of HiQnet networking software
  • 2000-watts of Crown amplification and DriveCore efficiency
  • Premium 15" and 3" JBL drivers for quality sound
  • 2 input channels feature XLR/1/4" combo jacks and individual XLR direct outs
  • XLR mix output for conveniently daisy-chaining other speakers
  • Lightweight plywood cabinet with Duraflex finish
  • Convenient polemountable, stackable, or flyable options
Get the quality sound and durability pros depend on with the JBL SRX828SP!

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Tech Specs

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
LF Driver Size 1 x 15"
HF Driver Size 3"
Total Power 1500W (Continuous), 2000W (Peak)
Inputs 2 x XLR/TRS Combo
Outputs 2 x XLR
Frequency Range 36Hz-21kHz (-10 dB)
Crossover Frequency 1.9kHz
Maximum Peak SPL 137dB
Horizontal Coverage Angle 90 Degrees
Vertical Coverage Angle 50 Degrees
Enclosure Material 18mm Plywood
Height 27.2"
Width 18.03"
Depth 18.82"
Weight 63 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number SRX815P

Customer Reviews

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Great speaker

I use this SPEAKER for live sound and I was blown away by the sound quality of these speakers best SPEAKERS in the price range

New Keyboard? No New JBLSRX815P's

I have a Nord Stage HA88 for quite sometime I have been using a pair of Keyboard amps with a 15inch LF and a HF driver. A good sound but after 15 years it was time to replace them. I purchased a pair of SRX815P's from Dave @ Sweetwater my main connection for all my Musical needs. I purchased a pair of the JBL covers for protection for the investment. I took ONE of the JBL's to a Open Blues Jam in Philly with the Nord. The house band starts with One Guitar & amp, Bass & amp Harp & amp, Drums, and the Keys when I sit in with the Band typical right? This is Philly and in one of the best Juke Joints in Old City 2nd Street. By the middle of the Jam we have 3 Guitars, 2 Harp players a few vocalists added to the stage. With a good crowd and a troupe of Blues dancers on the floor. With two inputs on the JBL for stereo from the Nord @ 1500w continuous I cut through front of house with such clarity and punch that for the first time I was truly happy with my sound. For the first time I received a text from the host thanking me for sitting in and mentioned I sounded good. I was given a card from an agent said I was doing some nice stuff up there and to call him. A new keyboard? Same Board same player just a better system. A caveat to this review I will add is from the home studio. You get a new Keyboard and all the programs are new and exciting to hear especially with the Nord. With the JBL815P I found myself listening to all the programs as if the Nord was new. With such improved clarity and depth from each program I truly believe the JBL drivers matched to the Crown amp inside are amazing. The bean counter in the household said considering the cost for the Old Stereo keyboard speakers purchased quite some time ago from Dave @ Sweetwater, amortized over the many years of use, with inflation of about 15 years the cost of the new JBL's fall right in line with acceptable expense parameters. Thank you Wife. Thank You Sweetwater. Please keep in mind the power of the JBL Crown amps with 2000w peak output,1500w continuous from just one Cabinet playing any club I recommend protection from voltage sags and Brownouts cause these puppies are high end computer driven and powerful and clean as the board of health.
Music background: Keyboardist Blues and Jazz Fusion

Jbl srx 812p

Wow I use them for monitors and let me tell you in a gig I did not notice that my mains where off since my monitor where so loud to the front I did set it for speech not for monitors to get the best results ...

Typical JBL

Okay, yeah, I admit it. I'm biased. I've used almost nothing but JBL's (an older version passive SR series system, tri-amped) for over 20 years now, and every time I've been forced to use something less, it turns out to sound like....well, "something less". To me, PA speakers are just as personal as guitars, amps, drums, or cymbals. Some instruments just have *that sound* which sounds right to your ear. Maybe you're the only one who hears it, but for you, that tube amp with that guitar, or crashing that cymbal...or hearing that speaker, is the one that sounds *right*. JBL is that way for me. Other brands are that way for other people. I fully understand that. I've been wanting to get another cabinet, which could also double as a monitor, for some time now. Since I've been a long time JBL SR series user, the SRX 815p was a logical choice. Yes, I looked at other brands and read reviews (most of them very positve for the respective brand being reviwed) but in the end, it boiled down to this: With JBL, I knew what I was getting, and I knew pretty much what it would sound like, even before I actually heard it. As I said at the start, my JBL SR system is now over 20 years old (SR 4718's and SR 4731's if you're interested in the model numbers), and still going strong. I've never blown a speaker, horn, or crossover in any of my SR series cabinets (which was another reason I decided not to fix what wasn't broken and stuck with JBL) and they have been subjected to some pretty rough treatment and weather from time to time. If you've ever have a cabinet fall off of a loading dock while setting up, or get drenched in an unexpected down pour, you find out why strong, plywood constructed cabinets, are well worth the price. Cheaper OSB board type cabinets show why they cost less very quickly in less than ideal conditions or with unintentional rough treatement. The cabinet on the 815p is first rate, and the metal grill cover feels very strong and durable. Just what you want to see in a cabinet like this.This is also my first venture into a powered cabinet and the processing options which are available. I haven't gotten that far yet, so for now I'll stick with the basics. Let's just say on the processing end of it, there are a LOT of features there to take advantage of, I just haven't had time to learn a lot about that aspect of the cabinet yet.If I could only use one word to describe the sound of this cabinet, it would be: smoooooth. Even though this is only a 2-way cabinet (as opposed to the SRX 835p which is 3-way, but a bit *too bulky* for me to use as a monitor) the sound is very clean and detailed, with a nice solid bottom end. I compared this cabinet to my SR tri-amped system side by side, and it did exceedingly well, considering it was going up against dedicated 18's for bottoms, 12's for mids, and horns going through three amps, and a DBX rack drive speaker manager which has been fine tuned over a period of years. Even in a pretty large room, you could put two of these puppies on stands and have plenty of volume and power. For using it as a monitor, as I will be doing, it should be spectacular. Not having to carry an amp rack? I'm already liking powered speakers more and more.So, this speaker sounds great. Is there anything I *don't* like. Well, yeah, actually there are 4 things I think need improvement. (Just because I'm a die hard JBL fan doesn't mean they're perfect) None of them are a big deal. I would still have bought the cabinet, but JBL should take note:1. This cabinet has a street price of $1400 bucks...not cheap...and NO corner protectors at all. Even though for me, this cabinet is going to be road cased out, and will stay in the case tray even when in use... those who are going to be hauling them bare will need to be careful.... unless you just don't care about your cabinet getting banged up. JBL could have spent the 5 bucks (their cost, if even that much) and outfitted the cabinet with corner protectors (which could be replaced as they become worn or broken). Sorry JBL, for a cabinet at this price level, that's "cheaping out". If I wasn't putting mine in a road case, I'd be seeing if I could find or make some type of corner protectors.2. The level controls in the back don't feel as solid as I would like. They seem to have a bit more wiggle to them than I would have expected. They work fine, but again, not having a real solid feel gives the impression of cutting corners on the three level knobs. They should feel more solid than they do.3. The LCD display cover in the back feels very thin and is not well protected. If something was to hit it or be pressed against it hard (maybe like a 1/4 inch guitar cord plug or speakon connector) in transportation, I could see it getting broken very easily. I will be making a retrofit plexiglass cover for mine, even though it is going in a road case.4. This one isn't a big deal, but it seems like the *cool thing* now is to have your logo on the front grill light up in some fashion. No such luck on the JBL. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal...just would have been kinna cool.So far, I love this cabinet. It sounds great, and should be an exceptional drum monitor for me. I can't wait to get into the processing end of it, but that'll have to wait for another day.
Music background: Drummer for over 40 years, live sound for over 20.
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