Yamaha SLG200S - Natural

6-string Silent Steel-string Guitar with Mahogany Body/Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, and SRT Pickup System - Natural
Yamaha SLG200S - Natural image 1
Yamaha SLG200S - Natural image 1
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Yamaha SLG200S - Natural
In Stock!

For the Guitarist on the Go

The Yamaha SLG200S Silent Steel-string Guitar solves so many problems for guitarists that it is a must-have in your collection. It's easy to throw over your shoulder when you're traveling, and its minimalist body virtually eliminates the feedback problems that often plague acoustic guitars when you're performing live. Whether practicing at home, on a fly-gig, or recording, you owe it to yourself to find out what the Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar can do for you.

Yamaha SLG200S Silent Steel-string Guitar at a Glance:
  • Travel with ease
  • Play silently with big-guitar tone
  • Great live acoustic sound with none of the feedback
Travel with ease

With the SLG200S, Yamaha has solved a headache traveling guitarists have always had to deal with: finding space for your instrument. Acoustic guitars, because of their bulk, are especially problematic. The SLG200S's slim body breaks down to fit in its included compact gig bag. It will easily fit in the overhead compartment on your flight, under the seat in the band van, or anywhere else it needs to.

Play silently with big-guitar tone

Guitarists at Sweetwater have been in situations where we struggle to get a good sound from our instruments because of having to practice quietly, or even silently. We imagine you have, too. But with the SLG200S, just plug in your headphones and you'll hear studio-quality, miked acoustic-guitar tone, courtesy of Yamaha's SRT powered pickup and preamp system. You can blend that signal with the included under-saddle pickup. You also get great reverbs and chorus to further tailor your tone.

Great live acoustic sound with none of the feedback

Another benefit of the powerful SRT Powered pickup system in the SLG200S is what it brings to your live performances. By using the onboard effects and SRT Powered system, you'll send the same miked-up guitar sound to your audience that you hear when practicing. Without a large acoustic body resonating from loud stage volume, feedback is a nonissue. You can move freely around the stage with full confidence that your audience is hearing exactly what you hear.

Yamaha SLG200S Silent Steel-string Guitar Features:
  • Hybrid Steel-string guitar with Yamaha pickup and preamp system
  • Detachable design breaks the guitar down for easy travel
  • SRT Powered pickup system blends in studio-miked acoustic tone
  • Headphone input for silent playing and listening
  • Aux input allows you to play along with your music
  • Onboard tuner
  • Minimalist solidbody engineering avoids feedback
  • Natural acoustic guitar feel
  • Gig bag included
The Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar is a must-have for the traveling Steel-string guitarist.

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Tech Specs

String Type Steel
Number of Strings 6
Body Style Single cutaway
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
Color Natural
Finish Satin
Top Wood 1-pc mahogany body and neck
Back & Sides Wood Maple and rosewood
Neck Wood Mahogany
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Fingerboard Inlay Dot
Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 25"
Tuning Machines RM1242N-4
Bridge Material Rosewood
Electronics SRT Powered System
Case Included Yes
Manufacturer Part Number SLG200S NT

Customer Reviews

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Great guitar

Been playing this almost every night. I work a mid swing shift. So, there's lot's of times I need to unwind after work and this guitar works great . Quiet enough that I don't wake up the people in the other apartments, or my girlfriend if she's sleeping.

Amazing acoustic tones!

I was using an acoustic guitar for many years for live performance and every sound engineer struggled with feedback issues and had to cut EQ frequencies to the point of embarrassing stage tone. If that wasn't enough if you have ever had to travel on a plane with an acoustic, you know how much it sucks! Recently an engineer mentioned the Yamaha Silent Guitar of which I was unaware of and after the show I did some research on You Tube and was very excited, so I placed an order with Sweetwater and received the guitar within two days. I have to say this guitar is so cool looking that it turns heads at every venue I perform at and the sound is stellar! You have on board, studio quality reverb, chorus, tuner, bass and treble knobs and a blend knob that mixes the piezo pickup with modeled full body acoustic sound. This guitar is a dream come true. If incredibly lush, rich acoustic tone is what you desire, without the annoying feedback, than look no further because this dream machine will blow your mind! Oh yes, It is so small, light and portable NO PROBLEM on any airline in the over head, plus it has a head phone jack that puts this already "GEM" in a category all by itself. Hey, Lee Ritenour, Mike Stern and Alex Scolnik use it live, need I say more??? sweeten your experience with a sales engineer at Sweetwater and relax in knowing they are the best in their field...

Well worth the money,but still room for improvement

I have had this guitar a few months and was waiting to send this review rather than just firing off first impressions.Firstly,let me say that my background is that of an acoustic guitarist;I don't always have a lot of patience-or luck, plugging in.Also,my main point of reference is a Godin Multiac,which has needed a lot of TLC from a good luthier, but sounds great plugged direct into an an acoustic guitar amp with no effects.I've seen a direct comparison of these two guitars on you tube so I might make similar references. I was impressed with the guitar straight out of the box; going by this experience I'd only buy from Sweetwater from now on...no loose frets or factory seconds here.After a bit of messing around it was easy to figure out how to put it together/work the controls, so I dug out an old set of iPod headphones and dug in.The sounds you can get....plugged into headphones, you just know you have made a good choice; for me there are two strong choices, light reverb/no chorus and dialed the other end, light chorus, a little reverb. The long reverb just sounds odd and -for me- unusable. If you like your guitar to sound nocturnal and soothing, look no further. Even though I don't have neighbor issues I still find myself putting on headphones just because the sounds are that good. Into an acoustic amp was less than satisfactory-for me.Others on this forum have had a lot of satisfactions I may need to get a better acoustic amp or just keep experimenting a lot more. I found that compared to the Godin,the sound was a bit cold and metallic-in a word,disappointing.Also,the string separation/blend was not as good and the built in effects sounded a bit cheesy-nowhere near as good as through the headphones.It's easy to see good players on you tube who have had plenty of success through an amp with the same guitar, which makes me wonder just how do I need to tweak this thing. Ergonomics;I really like the neck profile and feels well as the flat fingerboard.On my Godin,the first string can fly off the fingerboard, making it sound like you don't practice enough.No such problems whereat all.The guitar was not set up quite how I like it but it was certainly good enough for me to figure out what I was dealing with-a short stay at the luthiers sorted that out.For a guitar that's touted as 'also a travel guitar'(even though it's not as small as airlines stipulate)I was a little disappointed that the knobs were not recessed.A couple of rough journeys could land you with all kinds of unwanted problems you hadn't bargained for with controls working themselves loose.A cowling or recessed knobs would have been nice. Also,the detachable upper bout.....although I found the contouring-body side- to be well thought out,it seems that if you are playing with bare arms, the hard chamfering is not well thought out and can cut into your fore arm.This problem is diminished when you wear a jacket or sweater, but how long before you fray your clothes? Would it take Yamaha too much work to round out the edges that come in contact with the player's arm?I have taken to wrapping two suitcase handle covers where my forearm rests-looks cheesy on such an attractive instrument, but it works. I suspect the pick guard is great for Latin/pop/jazz type players who use a pick and rest their fingers on the guard,but what about finger style players who rest their wrist/forearm on the guitar's face? If this is you,I would advise playing a silent guitar before you buy-it really might not work well for you, which would be a shame.I would be very happy to see Yamaha offer an additional arm/wrist rest that can be snapped on, for those who would benefit. Upper bout; don't pick this guitar up by the upper bout-stick to the neck! a few times I picked this guitar up and it fell away fro me because the screw had worked it's way loose without any way of knowing it had happened.Perhaps a snap lock once the upper bout has been screwed in? After reading back what I've typed,I still give the silent guitar 4 1/2 stars; into headphones it's a pleasure to play, surprisingly comfortable and hard to put down. If my review(re.electronics) is right and the sound direct into an amplifier can be improved-as well as the 'ergonomic' issues,I'd be happy to pay several hundred $$$ more for an improved version-it really could be an ideal 'one stop shop' guitar for those who need to travel light and stick to just one guitar. If I was stuck in an apartment with all the issues that can bring(like, how many guitars can you keep/how can you keep everyone happy with the noise level)this could easily be my main guitar without a second thought. As it stands, well done Yamaha;I'm keeping mine!
Music background: acoustic fingerstyle

Great sounding and looks cool too..

My wife talked me into to getting this and I'm glad she did. In hand it looks like a piece of art. Is fairly resonate, more then expected without being plugged in. Through the included headphones it sounds wonderful. I don't have an acoustic amp but ran it through my PA, and my Budda SD18. Wonderful sounding through both. Why I knocked off 1/2 a star. Out of the box the action is high. Better have strong hands, And the strings they put on this thing are stiff, super stiff. Sanding off 1.5mm from the saddle and changing strings made this super playable. This is not a toy. I will be using this to gig with.
Music background: 47 years playing guitar, gigging musician

Getting to Five Stars

There are many very good features that make this a 4 Star guitar and a couple that keep it from getting 5. It's a fun guitar to use at home and I'll have a light-weight, portable backup guitar for gigs. It arrived well set up for typical acoustic guitar action. (I've adjusted it for a lower action by lowering the saddle and with lighter strings there is still consistent true sound at all frets.) The electronic sound is very good with a variety of earphones including the furnished "Yamaha" ones, standard Apple ear buds, and high end Shure In-Ear monitors. I roll off the low end to my taste using the BASS control and I'm please overall with the sound. The built in tuner works well and is as accurate as most small external tuners. The built in effects are ok: REV 1 is a "slap back" echo that I wouldn't use, REV 2 is a long echo that is too long to be a subtle reverb. The Chorus is more typical of that type of effect. Most external effects would be more variable than these built-ins but these are ok for a self-contained package. All three are accessed with a single rotary control that could be improved with a clicks (détentes) between Rev 1 and Rev 2 and between REV2 and Chorus. Amplified it's sound is consistent with the earphone sound and very useable. The upper (removable) bout makes sit down playing feel like a standard guitar under my strumming arm. For stand-up playing the same holds true but the neck-heavy weight distribution requires the neck to be held up with left hand or right forearm on the upper bout. As portable and convenient as it is, it doesn't meet the carry-on restrictions for most (all?) airlines. So I'm highly skeptical of getting it past most airline gate agents. But I will enjoy playing it around home, taking on car trips and having the security and simplicity of a light weight backup for performance trips.
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