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Audio Restoration Software Mastering Suite with Five Functions and Spectrogram Display - Mac/PC
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Sorry, the iZotope RX is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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iZotope RX
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Now Audio Restoration Gets a Touch of iZotope Magic!

iZotope RX is a complete audio restoration standalone suite designed to heal common audio ailments such as hums, hisses, buzzes, clicks, and clips. RX is a must-have for broadcasters, podcasters, archivers, and every studio that needs pristine audio quality. For the last four years, iZotope has been developing groundbreaking technology that delivers remarkably clear results. And, better yet, iZotope is offering this revolutionary technology at a pocket-pleasing price. Put this audio doctor to work in your studio. iZotope RX sets a new standard in restoration technology!

iZotope RX at a Glance:
  • Denoiser removes broadband and tonal noise
  • Spectral Repair removes intermittent noises
  • Declipper removes clipping and other distortion
  • Hum Removal cleans up hum caused by poor wiring
  • Declicker removes digital impulse noises
  • Detailed spectrogram display
  • Multiple processing options
  • Undo processing even after saving

Using new techniques based on image processing technology, RX's Denoiser module is designed to remove steady-state noise like tape hiss, camera motor noise, environmental noise, and more. While the module runs in automatic mode, it can also be trained with a sample of the noise - very cool.

Spectral Repair
This module removes intermittent noises and can intelligently fill in gaps in an audio file. Even if what's missing includes changes in vibrato or pitch, Spectral Repair can learn from the audio surrounding a section and resynthesize the missing audio.

Declipper can remove analog and digital overload distortion and actually rebuild damaged peaks in clipped audio, effectively resurrecting previously unusable tracks.

Hum Removal
Wiring problem? No problem. RX's Hum Removal can isolate electrical hum as well as any resulting harmonics. Hum Removal offers a 50Hz and 60Hz hum removal, but can also operate in a Free Mode, letting the user remove hum from any frequency necessary.

Especially useful when archiving, Declicker can suppress the familiar pops and crackles from vinyl and record masters as well as similar digital impulse noises.

Detailed spectrogram display
RX offers an extremely crisp and detailed spectrogram display, making it easy to spot clipping, buzz, and any other audio problems with a mere glance.

Selective Processing
With RX, you can select by time and frequency and easily isolate the problematic noise. Queued Processing allows you to audition multiple module settings side by side.

Undo History
Even after saving, iZotope's RX allows you to revert back to earlier states.

iZotope RX is a professional and affordable audio restoration suite.

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Manufacturer Part Number 9910-42663-00

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