Rupert Neve Designs RNHP 1-Ch Precision Headphone Amplifier

24V Stereo Headphone Amplifier with +4dBu Line, RCA, and 1/8" Stereo Inputs
Rupert Neve Designs RNHP 1-Ch Precision Headphone Amplifier image 1
Rupert Neve Designs RNHP 1-Ch Precision Headphone Amplifier image 1
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Rupert Neve Designs RNHP 1-Ch Precision Headphone Amplifier
In Stock!

A Headphone Amp with Unparalleled Sonics

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP is a state-of-the-art headphone amplifier. Now when Mr. Neve turns his attention to anything, you know it's going to be good. And spectacularly so. What the RNHP delivers is reliable, reference-grade amplification for any pair of headphones. Based on the headphone amp in the RND 5060 Centerpiece, the dedicated 24-volt design is spec'd with calibrated +4dBu Line, RCA, and 1/8" stereo inputs. Everything's housed in a road-tough, VESA-mountable steel chassis. The unit's effortless sonic performance and the ability to drive virtually any 'phones without compromise let you perform, mix, and savor your music with stunning clarity.

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP at a Glance:
  • Unerring accuracy for better performances
  • The benefits of near-zero-ohm output impedance
Unerring accuracy for better performances

You know you perform your best when your cans sound great - and that's where the RNHP can make a huge difference. Many integrated headphone amps are plagued with a non-linear frequency response, as well as noise, distortion, and skimpy headroom. To some, these units' lackluster sonic performance may seem "close enough for rock 'n' roll," however at Sweetwater, we believe there is the performer's subconscious response to consider. After all, if you're not inspired by what you're hearing, your performance will suffer.

The benefits of near-zero-ohm output impedance

Rupert Neve Designs spec'd the RNHP with near-zero-ohm output impedance to minimize frequency-based reactive-load impedance shifts - a problem unique to headphone monitoring. This ensures accurate sound reproduction, which is obviously important if you need to trust the decisions you make with headphones. You'll find the RNHP's unerring accuracy beneficial when you're using just one set of cans, and also when you're comparing a mix on multiple pairs of headphones.

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Features:
  • Reliable, reference-grade amplification for any pair of headphones
  • Based on the headphone amp in the RND 5060 Centerpiece
  • Effortless sonic performance
  • The ability to drive virtually any headphones
  • Dedicated 24-volt design
  • Calibrated +4dBu Line, RCA, and 1/8" stereo inputs
  • Near-zero-ohm output impedance minimizes frequency-based reactive-load impedance shifts
  • Road-tough, VESA-mountable steel chassis
The Rupert Neve Designs RNHP: step up to a new level of headphone monitoring accuracy!

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Tech Specs

Input Channels Single stereo channel
Output Channels Single stereo channel
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 2 x RCA (Left, Right), 1 x 1/8" TRS
Analog Outputs 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Controls per Channel Volume
Form Factor Desktop
Manufacturer Part Number RNHP

Customer Reviews

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Very nice Headphone Amp from Rupert Neve. As with all the products bearing his name, this thing reproduces sound and music the right way, with total fidelity. Expanded and enhanced the music I was hearing in clarity, fidelity and stereo imaging. Really a great product. Perhaps priced a smidge too high, but you can tell the thing is built to last, and is a real peice of pro gear, so maybe worth the little extra.
Music background: Songwriter, Recording Hobbyist


Read all the forums and own conclusion after a couple weeks is that it is amzaing. My go to headphones are denon 2000, westone um2, and senn 600 for mix/monitoring. My audio gear testing music for the past couple decades is Smashing Pumpkins siamese dream, Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, MJ wanna be starting' somthin' and B.I.G's Juicy. Drives the 600 with no problem but you will be at noon to 3 o'clock volume, the um2s are in your brain bass heaven, I don't go past 9 o'clock on these. This fits the denon 2000 like a glove making a very very fun rock, rap, pop experience. Fidelity, separation, and honesty are the name of the game. It is not sterile or sharp, but will know very quickly if your mix is. I have tested all my current dacs and all the inputs, it is VERY quite. Using the monitor out with TS to rca from Antelope zen, no noise and plenty of volume. 1/8 inch from your phone will also put a smile on your face. Shielding is good, I can send data (wifi and cell signals) with the phone on top of robot alien artifact . Using this compared to other amps or amp/dac will be preference if you want another way to color or glue the sound, besides using different sets of headphones...For the price, it can't be beat. But the primary duty of this unit is monitoring your mix. I have access to a few nice studios in a certain city in the Northwest where I get to be a fly on the wall. YOU CAN get 90% of your mix in your home if a good room and monitors are out of the question for the music and work on balance and picture best you can with your room.

Stop reading. Click Add to Cart now.

Stop reading this review. Scroll to the top and buy it. Rupert Neve is a well-known audio legend and his headphone amp is nothing short of unbelievable. The RNHP is a desktop-sized amplifier based on the headphone amp circuitry in the 5060 Centerpiece Desktop Mixer. Technical specs aside, there's a beautifully phenomenal listening experience with the RNHP. The longer I've been producing music, the more important I think it is to use a proper headphone amp like the RNHP to drive your headphones or in-ears. The biggest thing I notice is an amazing clarity and smoothness to the sound spectrum. Comparisons with other devices has left me with this primary take-away: there is so much power with this amp and such a low resistance that it's able to deliver both powerful transients and amazing detail immediately following any transients. The best way I can describe it is that I feel like there's no "recovery" period following a strong impulse, a recovery period where there's usually a loss of detail. The RNHP is able to deliver an incredible amount of detail, distance, and depth. My life is now changed.
Music background: Keyboardist/Producer

headphone amp

This headphone amp is unreal this amp is built solid all metal I love the knob.the sound is like nothing I have ever heard before the separation the detail the balance and the sweetness of the sound is unbelievable I have focal sony and grado headphones the best I heard. Thank you Rupert neve it is a master piece I will be buying more neve equipment .thank you Ben porter you guys and galls are the greatest
Music background: tech novice

High-Quality, Versatile Headphone Amp

The RNHP is the first Rupert Neve product I've owned and I certainly see why his gear has such a fine reputation. Even average headphones take on a new life with this amp. I'm no golden ears, but I can hear a clear difference. The amp is also very flexible. You can throw any kind of device into it and it works well. It also works with a range of headphone types. For all the money I've wasted on "better" headphones over the years, I should have bought the RNHP first and then judged the headphones based on it. It is a game changer for me.
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