Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Pad Controller

Multi-touch Programmable MIDI Control Surface with 16 x Pads, 9 x Sliders, and 2 x Rotary Sensors, Each with Multiple Zone/Pressure Detection
Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Pad Controller image 1
Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Pad Controller image 1
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Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Pad Controller
In Stock!

Freakishly Powerful yet Brilliantly Simple!

Check out the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo multi-purpose MIDI controller and performance device. From virtual instrument ensembles and loop-based DJ rigs to MIDI-equipped lighting systems, the QuNeo controller puts all of the controls you need right at your fingertips. It's absolutely incredible how many functions they gave this compact control surface! Unlike most complex control surfaces, the QuNeo wasn't designed around any kind of software, let alone a specific title. Instead, Keith McMillen Instruments makes it easy to design your own control schemes, opening up a world of creative control customization to you. Get more out of your MIDI gear with a Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo control surface from Sweetwater!

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo Multi-touch Programmable MIDI Control Surface at a Glance:
  • More hands-on controls than you'd ever imagine
  • Integrated multicolor LEDs provide critical feedback
  • Pack-and-go footprint lets you take your rig on the road
More hands-on controls than you'd ever imagine

Like most pad controllers, the QuNeo gives you 16 pads to play with. However, each of the QuNeo's pads gives you continuous pressure response and X-Y control as well as 127 levels of velocity sensitivity. That means you can use a pad to trigger a note on a soft synth, control its pitch bend with the Y axis, modulation with the X axis, and level with continuous pressure... 16 times over. But thats not all. The QuNeo also gives you a pair of rotary sensors (complete with angle, pressure, and radius sensitivity), which you can use for anything from scrubbing to scratching and more. Add to that multi-touch sliders and smart switches, and you're never going to run out of available controls when you perform with your Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo.

Integrated multicolor LEDs provide critical feedback

Having a ton of controls at your fingertips is great, but it can be more than a little daunting if you don't have the right kind of visual feedback. That's why Keith McMillen Instruments equipped the QuNeo control surface with 251 multicolor LEDs, which you can easily program to provide you with the critical visual feedback you need. There are even dedicated LEDs beneath the QuNeo's faders, which act as VU meters, allowing you to keep track of the volume and intensity of your tracks.

Pack-and-go footprint lets you take your rig on the road

With all of these cool controls bolstered with an army of LEDs to keep you on track, you'd probably expect the QuNeo to be a fairly sizable control surface. Not so! Keith McMillen Instruments designed the QuNeo to have the approximate footprint of an Apple iPad. In fact, the QuNeo will actually fit in many iPad-specific devices, such as mic stand adapters and desktop stands. That also means you can stick your QuNeo into just about any bag, without worrying about space. And since the QuNeo is totally USB bus powered. you're ready to pick up and go anytime.

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo Multi-touch Programmable MIDI Control Surface Features:
  • Powerful, flexible multi-touch programmable control surface you can use with any MIDI-controllable gear
  • Layered multi-purpose control sections let you take hold of a vast number of individual continuous controllers at once
  • 16 x drum-style pads provide full velocity sensitivity, X-Y position sensing, and continuous pressure detection
  • 2 x rotary sensors detect angle, pressure, and distance from center, providing you with intuitive control over DJ decks, jog wheels, and other complex parameters
  • 9 x multi-touch sliders give you multiple operation modes, including tap, two-finger, and fader-style control
  • A series of programmable switches let you select samples, fader banks, and transport controls
  • 251 x multicolor LEDs provide extensive visual feedback, including VU monitoring behind the multi-touch sliders
  • Small footprint allows you to store your QuNeo easily in your backpack or laptop case
  • Designed to fit in many iPad accessories, such as mic stand adapters and cases
  • USB bus provides power and connectivity via USB, class-compliant MIDI over USB, or OSC
  • Compatible with KMI's MIDI Expander USB to MIDI adapter
  • Development kit and API available for anyone who wants to create their own code to respond to QuNeo's sensor data
Rediscover all of your MIDI-controllable gear with Keith McMillen Instruments' QuNeo multi-touch programmable MIDI control surface!

Tech Specs

Pads 16
Velocity Sensitive Yes
USB 1 x Micro-B
Software QuNeo Editor, QuNeo demo lab
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core 2 processor or higher, 1GB RAM or more recommended
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core 2 processor or higher, 1GB RAM or more recommended
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.5 or Later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7
Height 0.39"
Width 9.45"
Depth 7.28"
Weight 0.88 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number K-707

Customer Reviews

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The Pads

This thing is an instrument you can actually play. It is a lot of other things too. Template or click and assign. I have two that I mirror with the second shifted slightly out of tune so drums don't machine gun. Every time I load a project it becomes a tool I use differently. A master volume control is nice to be able to grab. Understand that each pad's corner is assignable as well so you can have a true launchpad style template- with way more control. It is pretty deep if you want it to be and you ntrtfm to learn functions like Coma mode. Mostly I just find a great sounding drum kit and bang away.
Music background: Xiphoid Process

The Best Pad Controller on the Market!

I've been using percussion controllers since the MalletKat emerged in the 80's. Mort Subotnick brought one to a rehearsal of his opera "Hungers" my life has never been the same since. The Quneo is to date THE most sensitive pad controller on the market! One can completely dial in personal preferences on the pads and separate settings on the sliders. I've got a push and I enjoy the readout for tweaking, but it feels like playing a rock. I've A/B'd the velocity variations that I get between the Push and the Quneo (also had a Trigger Finger in the past that was not bad...among many others)and Push could not hold candle to the the amount of expression and nuance that is captured when playing Quneo. Sure, you can add someone else's "groove" to a beat that you just recorded in to Ableton but if you want your groove, Quneo is the only way to get it!
Music background: Live electronic percussion/interactive video artist


This,once again, was recommended to me by the ever knowledgeable Mark Maxwell. i was all set to get the APC 40, but this controller, (while i am just learning it,) is intensely eay to format. so far i found how to automte to ableton ,and am working and making progress to playing my plug=ins as well. i recommend this to anyone with ableton,and im sure this control device would serve in any DAW youre using!.
Music background: Freelance Music Producer, Bassist, Teacher Military Musician

Amazing product!

What can't you control with the quneo? This thing is awesome! The in depth editor and advanced mapping make it enjoyable to use in a way you want to!


This is the most versatile and expressive controller out there. I love the feel and look of it. I'm currently working on making templates for Guitar Rig, and then I'm going to buy or build a mount to connect it to my guitar. I have also tried it with SSD4, Traktor Pro, Reaktor, Absynth and a few others, They are instant best friends usually. The Quneo software is easy to understand and not too time consuming. I am only breaking the ice of our new friendship but I
Music background: Experimentalist, Sound Designer, Musician, Batman

Sweetwater Advice

Jorge Padilla

Venturing into the world of electronic music production, I couldn’t have picked a more flexible and intuitive controller. The workflow is simple and gives me a new feel of my virtual instruments and DAW. Definitely a piece I don’t see leaving my station.
See also: Electronic Percussion, Keith McMillen Instruments, Keith McMillen Instruments DJ Controllers, Keith McMillen Instruments Electronic Drum Controllers & Multipads, Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Controllers