Soundtoys PurePitch Plug-in - TDM No Longer Available

TDM Pitch Shift and Vocal Effects Plug-in - Mac, PC
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Soundtoys PurePitch Plug-in - TDM image 1
Soundtoys PurePitch Plug-in - TDM image 1

Sorry, the Soundtoys PurePitch Plug-in - TDM is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Soundtoys PurePitch Plug-in - TDM
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Perfect Pitch and Harmonies!

NOTE: This product requires an iLok (not included) for authorization. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have questions.

PurePitch has become a standard for its high-quality pitch alteration and unique vocal-processing effects. You can easily create realistic harmony parts from a lead vocal or instrument, deepen a vocal part without changing its pitch, or add vibrato to a flat performance. For voice-over work, PurePitch can be used to alter the formants and pitch inflections of a speaker, producing subtle character alterations, or more extreme gender and species morphing effects. PurePitch includes over 50 preset patches for music production, sound design, and post-production.

Control Pitch and Formants Independently

The formant knob on PurePitch is something that needs to be heard to be believed. In small amounts, create alter-ego singers and subtle double-track effects. Or instantly morph vocal character from evil aliens to small furry animals and back again. This mind-blowing effect can even be modulated with the built-in LFO! The pitch and formant sliders make it easy to create radical vocal sounds perfect for game designers, animated characters or sound design

Harmonies in a Snap

PurePitch has presets already set up for doing common harmonies. You can automate pitch changes within the scale using its cool keyboard-style layout. You can use PurePitch on each backing vocal to create even richer walls of sound, or totally new harmony lines. You can even use the formant control to add female harmonies to your all male backgrounds, or vice-versa.

Pitch Shifting with Character

For character voices and game voice effects, it's PurePitch all the way. Aliens, robots, computers, demons, cute and fuzzy bunnies, and a whole lot more. This tool has been used on major Sci-Fi TV shows such as Star Trek, Babylon Five, and in major motion pictures like Polar Express, to create unique voices or classic characters.

Voice-over Dynamo

PurePitch also has a unique pitch dynamics function that makes spicing up a boring voice-over a breeze. Simply call up one of the presets and PurePitch will add more highs and lows to give more life to monotonous voices. It can also go the other direction and tame a hyper sounding voice down to normal, or take a voice all the way to monotone.

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