Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Emulator

Portable Guitar Effects Processor with 300 Presets, 32 Amp Models, 16 Cab Models, 16 Effects, Audio Player In Jack, USB Connection
Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Emulator image 1
Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Emulator image 1
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Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Emulator
In Stock!

The Power of the POD in a Pocket-sized Package!

The Line 6 Pocket POD is packed with so many amazing features, you won't believe its diminuitive size and low price! Line 6 packed 300 presets, 32 great amp models, 16 cabinet models, and 16 effects into a unit roughly the size of a handheld tuner (that's built in, too)! You can use the Pocket POD as an effective practice tool with headphones, and audio player, or as a full-blown multi-FX processor with your amp. A USB connection is onboard, and you can access free editing and tone library software online with the Line 6 Pocket POD!

Line 6 Pocket POD Amp Emulator and Multi-effects Processor at a Glance:
  • The same great POD sounds in a smaller package
  • This POD can go anywhere you do
  • Connect the Pocket POD for even more great sounds

The same great POD sounds in a smaller package
Pocket POD gives you all the celebrated features and pro tone that makes POD a standard in studios and on stages everywhere. Don't be fooled by the smaller package; Pocket POD is packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by some of today's hottest rock stars (including Maroon 5, P.O.D., 311, Hoobastank, and many more).

This POD can go anywhere you do
Battery-powered and about the size of a tuner, Pocket POD is completely portable. Use it for effects in front of your amp, or just plug in headphones and practice anywhere, anytime.

Connect the Pocket POD for even more great sounds
Connect to any computer via USB, then download the free Vyzex software and "deep dive" into all your tone details to create your own custom tone, or manage your own personal tone library right on your desktop. Or visit to download any of the 3,000 free presets created by guitarists from around the world.

Line 6 Pocket POD Amp Emulator and Multi-effects Processor Features:
  • 300+ presets
  • 32 amp models
  • 16 cabinet models
  • 16 effects
  • 4-way navigation pad
  • Chromatic tuner (can be set to mute for onstage tuning between songs)
  • USB connectivity
  • Edit presets on the computer with free software from
  • CD/MP3 player input jack
  • Portable design
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3.25" x 2.5"
  • Runs on 4 AAA or optional DC power adapter (sold separately)
The Line 6 Pocket POD packs a massive amount of features and functionality into a portable package!

Additional Media

Line 6 Pocket POD Review
Line 6 Pocket POD Review

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Number of Effects 16
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 32 Amp Models, 16 Cabinet Models
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Aux In
Analog Outputs 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Headphone/Direct Out
Computer Connectivity USB
Batteries 4 x AAA
Height 2"
Width 5"
Depth 3.5"
Weight 0.375 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 99-075-0105

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
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The best for that price

After trying several low cost multi effects I think this is the best, and not only for the price but for quality too. It is basically a big POD with reduced features. I have used it with amps and recording and it is awesome for the price. The software is confortable and easy to use. I modded mine and it is something I could work with.
Music background: Music Producer


This (really) little FX processor has me picking and grinning for hours and days! Navigating the menus takes a bit of practice, but that's only because there's SO much packed in there, from twangy country, to crunchy rock, and everything in between. And all this in a unit that sits lightly on my belt or strap. It's guitar heaven at my fingertips! An outstanding value for the price. Five stars to Line 6, Sweetwater, and my sales engineer, Andy Miller!
Music background: Former rock band guitarist, now private recording studio cat

Powerful Snare Processing!!!

Blown away. Simply blown away. I use this as an outboard unit alongside my SSL 9000. The input and output don't quite fit the my DB25 cables to the patchbay, but this can easily be remedied with a soldering iron and some tape! However there is no sacrifice in tone. I reach for presets 1-6 to give my snare that classic "Elton John" vibe. Presets 8-12 work great to fix timing issues, and the later 6 presets are great for adding a little mastering magic to your snare chain. Snare tuning too low? Turn up the drive knob! Cymbal leakage in Tom mics? Turn up the effects knob! Just remember microphone input goes into "CD/mp3 in". Phantom power is provided by the included 4 AA batteries. A must have!!!!
Music background: 30+ years experience in post sound and location recording

My new Line 6 Pocket Pod is like adding a new member to the group!!

I purchased my Pocket Pod because a friend mentioned his when I asked about his guitar sounds on his new recording. Man, the sound is so good and so versatile that I've not only been using this for my electric, but also acoustic guitar, and the bass is fantastic!! I haven't tried keyboard or sax yet, but I'm sure it'll be interesting! This is a great, easy to use device that's by far the best addition to my recording arsenal.
Music background: Semi-Pro


I can't put it down! I've been playing guitar for 30 Years and have gone through myriad's of equipment. The tonal wizardry alone of this wee little kidney bean completely dumbfounds me! If I would have possessed such a device durring my formative years, I would have been ~"God"~ I just recieved it today and I'm already all over it. With it's vast array of presets, effects, amp/cab emu's and unlimited downloadable presets from Vyzex, the possibilities are truly governed by the imagination! I would have paid $229.99 for this much quality. The multidirectional controller is the perfect size for the unit and is easy to manipulate. I don't by the "big hand" compatibility issue one bit. Buy it!!! Their practically giving these babies away. It's my new kidney transplant!
Music background: Studio Musician/Hobbyist/Home Studio Engineer

Sweetwater Advice

Chris McCown

From clean to mean, this little POD comes ready to rock. Extremely portable - use it for a quiet practice solution via headphones, or combine it with a Fender Mini '57 Twin (for example) and clip them both onto your belt - you'll be amplified, "wireless," and prepared to entertain!

Joe Hebert

The Pocket POD is a powerful and unique effects unit. Rather than putting an effects processor for the guitar on the floor as a pedal or on a rack, this little kidney bean fits on your belt, which would be an interesting sight for an audience: to see the performer handle his effects from his hip and have the same options as many multi-effects pedals. The interface is as simple as can be: several conspicuously labeled dials and a 4-direction transport that you use to navigate through the preset libraries. Although there are only a few of these libraries (popular bands, songs, and user-defined), the Pocket Pod can hold over 300 different presets, and each of these can then be manipulated further with additional reverb, tremolo, flange, etc. Imagine having the same sound from a 311 song, or Metallica, or Sublime, and then adding a bit of chorus or any other effect you want. Grungy distortion, smooth reggae, trippy acid-rock, and many more sounds are available with the Pocket POD, and I recommend it for beginners who want an inexpensive practice tool as well as performers who would enjoy having control right there on their belt.
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Chris McCown

I found the Pocket POD to be very enjoyable to use with a lot of flexibility contained within a small, cost-effective unit. I took one home, plugged in my headphones, and started flipping through presets, which by the way couldn't be simpler. I got a kick out of the different presets and their associated names - such as "chugs and kisses," which is... you guess it... meant for palm muted downstrokes on a very overdriven amp! Then there was "slow swell," whose name again gives an idea of what the sound is about - a very slowly opening gated effect with some light overdrive and delay; almost synth-like if played correctly at the right speed. Perhaps the coolest feature of this little unit is its portability. Being the smallest of the Line 6 family, and small it is - measuring a mere 5" x 3.5" x 2", it lends itself well to being able to be transported almost anywhere, anytime, by anyone. It will easily fit in a gig bag or case, and even in the front pocket of a comfortable fitting pair of pants (I tried it). It even has a belt clip! I plugged the Pocket POD into my mini guitar amp that runs on a 9-volt battery with two watts of power and a 2" speaker. If you haven't tried any similar products such as the Fender Mini Tone Blaster or the Fender Mini '57 Twin, you would not believe how much output such a tiny amp can have! I clipped both the mini amp and the Pocket Pod onto my belt and I was mobile with a whole lot of different sounds at my disposal! It was akin to an economy "wireless system" for a small space! This is a great product for any guitarist who needs mobility and/or privacy, with many different editable sounds to choose from and practice with. It's a great solution for guitarists who live in an apartment/dormitory/anywhere that there isn't a lot of space to store even a small practice amp.
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