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TDM Auto Vocal Tuning Plug-in - Mac, PC
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Soundtoys PitchDoctor Plug-in - TDM image 1

Sorry, the Soundtoys PitchDoctor Plug-in - TDM is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Soundtoys PitchDoctor Plug-in - TDM
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TDM Pitch Correction Power!

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SoundToys Pitch Doctor combines an extraordinarily smooth pitch-shifter with an advanced intelligent pitch analyzer to create the ultimate pitch correction tool. When an out-of-tune performance is a problem, Pitch Doctor is nothing less than a session-saving miracle. Simply enter the desired key and scale, and Pitch Doctor automatically adjusts the intonation of any out-of-tune notes. Because Pitch Doctor uses PurePitch's formant-preserving quality (no chipmunks!), it's the only choice for truly challenging correction work.

Pitch Doctor's on-screen keyboard displays the musical scale used for pitch correction, allowing easy scale customization while also providing a visual readout of the detected note. Since Pitch Doctor is fully automatible, the key, scale, and even scale customizations may be changed in mid-track.

Shift Mode

Pitch Doctor is the only intonation correction plug-in with PurePitch's formant-preserving quality. This eliminates the chipmunk effect common to most pitch shifters, and gives PitchDoctor a wider usable pitch shift range.

Score Control

With score control, simply specify the correct melody, and Pitch Doctor will smoothly modify your performance to bring it into perfect pitch. The score editing feature works seamlessly with Pro Tools' automation editor, allowing easy, and intuitive editing of the desired musical score.

Manual Pitch Correction

Even with Pitch Doctor's automated pitch correction, it can still be useful to manually specify the pitch correction amount. Pitch Doctor provides a large, high-resolution pitch correction fader. The manual correction fader can either be used alone, or in conjunction with the automatic pitch correction mode. Like the other parameters in Pitch Doctor, the manual pitch correction data is easily editable in Pro Tools' automation window.

SoundToys Pitch Doctor Features:
  • One-hundred percent real-time - no waiting!
  • Full-bandwidth, 24-bit processing
  • No limit on the number of instantiations
  • Uses one DSP chip for each channel of pitch processing
  • Automation of all parameters

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