Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier

Humidifier for Acoustic Instruments
Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier image 1
Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier image 1
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Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier
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Protect Your Guitar From Humidity Issues

Because tap and bottled water contain dissolved minerals that can clog the humidifier's liner, it is recommended that you use distilled water with this product.

Many common problems with acoustic guitars are due to humidity. Keep your investment protected with the Oasis guitar humidifier. Have you ever noticed that the tonality of your guitar can change season to season? Or that the string action changes? This can be due to humidity issues. Too little humidity can cause slight changes or even massive damage to your guitar. Ever see an acoustic where the top has started to split? There's a good chance it was due to humidity. The Oasis Guitar Humidifier lets you rest at ease knowing your guitar is safe and protected.

Unlike other humidifiers, the Oasis uses Humigel, a gel consisting of super-absorbent polymer crystals, which is less likely to leak inside your precious instrument. Humigel holds up to 500 times its weight in water. The Oasis guitar humidifier is made from a special fabric that allows water vapor, but not water, to pass through it. As more humidity is needed, the Humigel crystals release it, creating a vacuum that shrinks the humidifier and letting you see when it needs to be refilled. The Oasis hangs down from your guitar strings, thanks to a polyurethane stabilizing bar that lies across your strings. This ensures that the humidifier won't touch the back or sides of the guitar, potentially causing damage. You spent good money on your guitar, why not protect it? Keep your acoustic guitar happy and well-fed with the Oasis guitar humidifier.

Oasis Guitar Humidifier Features:
  • Long-lasting humidification
  • Easy to use
  • 2 levels of leak protection
  • Inserts in your guitar quickly and safely
  • Protects your guitar from dangerous humidity changes
Keep your guitar properly humidified with the Oasis guitar humidifier!

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How To Keep Your Guitar Humidified

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Manufacturer Part Number OH-1

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Great humidifier

I live in western Colorado, in a region called the 'high desert', which, as the name implies, is very dry. It's not unusual to have humidity levels of 10% or lower out here! So keeping my acoustic guitars properly humidified is very important to me. Since I have central A/C, my condo stays very dry during the summer months, when we have temperatures which reach over 100 degrees! Hot and dry weather: which is disastrous for acoustic guitars! I run a humidifier in my condo; mainly for my 'cheap' guitars, which I leave on their guitar stands. But I have to protect my expensive Martin guitars, which I always leave in their cases, with a better humidity solution. Which is why I started using the Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifiers. I was skeptical at first, because I was worried about hanging something which is filled with water, in the sound holes of my expensive acoustic guitars. But after using these humidifiers for the past couple of years; I swear by them! I fill them once a week ( I tell my friends it's my day to 'water my guitars' ), and I haven't had any issues with the Oasis OH-1 humidifiers. If you use caution by not over filling them, these humidifiers will keep your acoustic guitars at the proper humidity level. And always keep your good guitars in their cases. If you are conscientious about keeping your acoustic guitars at a correct humidity level, you're going to keep them in their cases anyway. The Oasis OH-1 humidifiers are a must, especially if you live in a dry climate.
Music background: long time guitar player

Great for Ovation guitars with Opulet sound holes.

I've owned an Ovation Custom Balladeer with a standard 33/4" sound hole but traded it for a CE44 Ovation with the Opulet sound holes. My Kyser round does not fit. However, The OH-1 with the stabilizing bar lets me place the humidifier inside the guitar through one of the Opulet holes without touching the inside of the Lyracord back. It works great and I would highly recommend to anyone owning the Ovation CE series.
Music background: Been playing both guitar and bass since the late 60's. Currently play for pleasure. Played professionally for 15 yrs.

Easy To Use

I have 8 of these. Have been using them for 4 years.
Music background: Guitar. Gospel/Praise, 50's-70's Rock & Roll.

Great Humidifier

I use an OH-1 in each of my two Martin guitars. They are easy to use; I like the way it sits being held by the strings; and they even give you a syringe body to make filling the OH-1 easy. As suggested, I use distilled water (found in grocery stores). The humigel system is nice ensuring that the gel absorbs the water in the OH-1 and then slowly releases it, meaning no loose/free water within the unit to spill. I find that I have to refill them with water only once a week. In the spring time when I stop using the OH-1, I dump-out the humigel crystals and only then let the OH-1 dry out. There is an inexpensive refill kit that has enough humigel crystals for around 5-6 or more refills when you start using it again in the fall. All in all, I am very pleased with the OH-1 system.
Music background: Amateur, playing folk and Americana since the 60s.

Have been using 2 of them for six years

I have been using 2 of these humidifiers for six years continuously. They keep my guitar cases at 45% to 50% humidity in all conditions. I have never gotten a drop of water in either guitar or case. I have nothing but good things to say about this humidifier.
Music background: Hobbyist
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