Crumar Mojo 61

61-key Clonewheel Organ with 22 Organ Models, 9 Drawbars, Vibrato and Chorus, Rotary Speaker, MIDI In/Out, USB In/Out, Headphone Jack, Balanced Stereo Outs, Wi-Fi Antenna and Real Wood Finish
Crumar Mojo 61 image 1
Crumar Mojo 61 image 1
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Available This Thursday (June 29)
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Crumar Mojo 61
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Lifelike Vintage Organs and Electric Pianos

The single-manual Crumar Mojo 61 clonewheel gives you the sounds of analog with the convenience of digital. Mojo's 22 onboard organ modeling algorithms and drawbars do a great job of capturing the authentic response and tone of some vintage A-, B-, and C-series organs. But this keyboard also lets you save and recall those settings at an instant. From juicy rhythms with chunky overdrive to wailing leads with lifelike percussion effects, the Mojo 61 has the base sounds players will love for blues, jazz, rock, or gospel music. The realistic onboard stereo rotary speaker simulator is a stunning approximation of a classic, and is a great way to add depth and drama to your recordings and live setups.

Crumar Mojo 61 Digital Tonewheel Organ at a Glance:
  • 22 realistic tonewheel organ models with powerful shaping controls
  • Comfortable waterfall keys play like a classic
22 realistic tonewheel organ models with powerful shaping controls

It's hard to beat a classic tonewheel organ for jazz, blues, and classic rock. And perhaps even tougher to re-create one through samples. That's why Crumar of Italy resorted to tone modeling to capture the sought-after vintage sounds in its Mojo 61 clonewheel. The Mojo's onboard tone generators re-create the characteristics of 22 actual vintage organs, and even let you create your own for a totally unique sound. Nine natural-feeling drawbars will have you customizing your tone in seconds. Then add in digital reverb, chorus, or vibrato for depth, or dial in overdrive to give your parts some presence.

Comfortable waterfall keys play like a classic

The Mojo 61's comfortable, rounded waterfall keys mimic the revered keybeds of some famous tonewheels, allowing you to perform smooth organ wipes and palm slides without damaging the instrument or your hand. Sweetwater keyboardists know that seasoned players will appreciate the work Crumar has done to create an authentic playing experience in its Mojo 61.

Crumar Mojo 61 Digital Tonewheel Organ Features:
  • A clonewheel with a vintage vibe
  • A museum's worth of vintage keyboards at just 24 lbs!
  • Essential blues, classic rock, and jazz tones
  • Uses sophisticated tone modeling rather than samples
  • 22 virtual generators to model actual vintage organs
  • Also includes pipe organ, 2 gritty electric pianos, and 2 transistor organs
  • 9 zero-latency drawbars
  • 61-key/5-octave keyboard (C-C)
  • Comfortable waterfall keys for smooth glisses and palm smears
  • 6 dedicated preset buttons
  • Store and recall drawbar settings instantly
  • Dedicated Volume, Drive, EQ, KeyClick, and Reverb knobs for real-time tone shaping
  • Stunning stereo rotary speaker effect (2 speeds) adds stereo width to performances
  • Chunky overdrive with heaps of attitude
  • Authentic chorus and vibrato
  • Swappable spring/digital reverbs
  • MIDI in/out plus USB out for flexible digital connectivity
  • Onboard Wi-Fi antenna lets you adjust instrument parameters from any Wi-Fi capable device
  • Stereo balanced outputs with dedicated output volume selector for low-noise amplification
  • Headphone jack for silent practice
  • Pedal inputs for swell, sustain, and rotary speeds
  • Elegant real mahogany wood finish
Get a museum's worth of classic organs and electric pianos in the Crumar Mojo 61 digital tonewheel organ!

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Digital
Number of Keys 61
Type of Keys Waterfall
Other Controllers 9 Drawbars
Number of Presets 7 (Organ A, Organ B, Farfisa, Vox, Pipe organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer)
Number of Effects 6
Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, Rotary, Drive, Phaser, Tremolo
Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
USB 1 x USB Type A, 1 x USB Type B
MIDI I/O 2 x In, Out, USB
Pedal Inputs 1 x Swell, 1 x Sustain, 1 x Rotary Speed
Height 4.33"
Width 37.0"
Depth 13.77"
Weight 24 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Mojo 61

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable keybed and sounds!

I wanted to finally upgrade from my Yamaha synthesizer to improve my piano chops on a proper keybed on a digital piano. Instead I began researching the Crumar mojo and reading how many organists agree that it faithfully reproduces both the feel and sound of the Hammond B3. Wow my fingers are all over it every day!! I love the Rhodes and Hammond samples, but with the new Mojo 61 firmware update that now includes an acoustic piano sample, I can't stop practicing my old Bach pieces and playful sonatinas on it! The feel of the keys hooks me for hours and honestly wish I had upgraded much sooner

The real deal

If you need "the hammond" sound in a single manual clone, look no further. I've owned both a C3 and M3 so I know what this is supposed to sound like. Guido has spent many years developing a truly remarkable instrument. You can tell it was a labor of love. Built like a quality should be, metal and real wood. For those that may not be aware, in addition to the hammond sounds, pipe organ, transistor organs and EP's, they included a couple of Easter eggs which include a nice acoustic piano and DX7 style digital EP. I don't believe anything currently on the market comes close to producing a true hammond sound like the Mojo 61. So go order one now!


I have pretty extensive experience with real Hammonds and I've owned almost every clone out there and the Mojo 61 is THE most authentic sounding clone on the market at this time.. It costs less than half the price of the new competing products from the big guys, it's much lighter and it sounds better. Not only that, but the Electric Pianos and Combo organs that come with this thing are absolutely awesome, and having the ability to edit the Mojo 61 from your phone or tablet gives you a huge advantage over any competing product. There is even a hidden acoustic piano!! I highly recommend the Crumar Mojo 61.
Music background: Semi-pro

Incredible Hammond Organ and Electric Pianos

I've been playing the organ professionally for almost exactly 50 years, and in the universe of organ players, the two manual Crumar Mojo has become legendary. When a single manual version recently came out, it gave a lot of players (including myself) a chance to actually get one. I was wondering if it could possible live up to its reputation. And, sure enough, it is pretty amazing! Even though the Mojo is seen primarily as an organ, it is also an incredible electric piano. 1st is the Hammond Organ part - the heart of the organ section includes over 20 Hammond models. You can select A, B, and C models from the '50's, 60's, and 70's. It is interesting to see how different a room full of vintage Hammond Organs can sound from one another - some are dark and full, some a bright and lively. Once you pick the model you can adjust many parameters to make it sound like it was on the showroom floor or hauled to smoky bars for the past 50 years. Editing is a breeze with an iPhone or computer. You can play a 50’s B3 for your rock Saturday night, a 60’s C3 for your Gospel Sunday morning, and a 70’s A100 for some standards in the evening! I play some of the very best modern tone wheel organ clones and it’s true – the Mojo just has something that makes it feel/sound better than the rest. The Hammond Organ section comes with a Leslie Simulator which could come in handy and, like the organ, it has many parameters to play with. Then there’s the electric piano section: this is as remarkable as the Hammond Organ section. If Crumar made a stand-alone Electric Piano that sounded like this, it would be an incredible instrument. To have it thrown in with a Hammond Organ this great for this price is pretty amazing! You get Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano models with lots of parameters, and the realism is pretty uncanny! You get to play your electric piano through any number of amp models which also sound great. As a Farfisa Organ fan, I was glad to see a Combo Compact included, but this is the only area where I’m disappointed; while it makes a nice transistor organ sound it doesn’t capture the unique sounds of the Farfisa. I can’t imagine many people will get a Mojo to play Farfisa Organ, but I’m hoping an update might improve it. Rounding everything off is a nicely realistic Vox Continental and a fun sounding pipe organ which I probably won’t use much, but if you want it, it’s there. With the Mojo set up I find myself wandering over to it to play whenever I get the chance, and when I’m playing I find myself looking at the clock to see if I can play just 10 more minutes – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that with any instrument! For stunning Hammond Organs and Electric Pianos in a nice looking, great feeling instrument the Mojo can’t be beat. And, you get some great guitar amp models, a couple of combo organs, a Leslie sim, and even a pipe organ!
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