RJM Music Mastermind PBC 10-Loop Switcher

Pedalboard Controller and Audio Loop Switcher
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RJM Music Mastermind PBC 10-Loop Switcher image 1
RJM Music Mastermind PBC 10-Loop Switcher image 1
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RJM Music Mastermind PBC 10-Loop Switcher
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Make Your Pedalboard Obey Its Master

If you love your stompboxes, but crave the flexibility of a rack-switching system, the RJM Music Mastermind PBC pedalboard controller will make you very, very happy. Designed specifically for pedalboards, the Mastermind PBC provides you with 10 audio loops (four of which are stereo capable and series/parallel-switchable), opening you up to a whole universe of routing and switching possibilities. The Mastermind PBC's outputs are just as flexible, letting you configure them as either a stereo pair or as A/B outputs for switching between two amps. There are also four function switches for controlling amp channels and a line mixer for parallel effect configurations. What's more, you can manage your MIDI-controllable pedals with ease, thanks to the Mastermind PBC's full-featured MIDI controller. The RJM Music Mastermind PBC will get your pedalboard under control!

RJM Music Mastermind PBC Pedalboard Controller at a Glance:
  • Stereo loops for infinite routing and switching possibilities
  • Flexible outputs work as a stereo pair or dual mono
  • MIDI features allow complete control over your pedals
  • Function switches for controlling footswitchable amp features
  • Internal line mixer lets you run effects in parallel
  • Audio buffers keep your signal clean
  • Click Stopper makes for transparent switching
Stereo loops for infinite routing and switching possibilities

Loops 7 through 10 on the Mastermind PBC are stereo capable (although you can use them for standard mono signals, if you're so inclined). When the Mono/Stereo switch is in the "out" position, the Mastermind PBC takes the signal coming into loop 7 and sends it to both the left and right sides of the stereo signal, creating a false stereo signal. In the "in" position, it leaves the signal from loop 7's input unchanged, allowing you to send a stereo signal into Inputs 7-10.

Flexible outputs work as a stereo pair or dual mono

The Mastermind PBC's two outputs are extremely flexible. When the Mono Output switch is in the "in" position, it takes the left side signal and feeds it to both the A and B outputs, allowing you to use the outputs as a mono A/B/Y switch for switching between two amps. In the "out" position, the A and B outputs are fed from the left and right sides of the signal, respectively, for stereo operation. The Mastermind PBC also features an isolation transformer, which can help alleviate ground loop hum when using two amplifiers. You can also invert the phase of Out B, in case your amps don't sound right when played together.

MIDI features allow complete control over your pedals

If you've got MIDI-controllable pedals, like those made by Eventide and Line 6, the Mastermind PBC has got you covered. Not only does the Mastermind PBC give you a superabundance of audio routing and switching possibilities, you also get comprehensive MIDI features that will put all of your effects firmly under your command.

Function switches for controlling footswitchable amp features

The Mastermind PBC also lets you control the footswitchable features on your amplifiers. Depending on the amp, you can use the Mastermind PBC to control channel switching, reverb, tremolo, or anything else that uses a 1/4" footswitch jack. The function switch jacks are electrically isolated from each other, so you can safely connect each jack to a different amp. That being said, Sweetwater doesn't condone any attempts at splitting one jack to different amps. That's a bad idea, so don't try it! Also, these switches can be set to either latching or non-latching, and inverted and non-inverted for maximum compatibility.

Internal line mixer lets you run effects in parallel

Thanks to the RJM Music Mastermind PBC's internal line mixer, loops 7-10 can be routed in parallel. A lot of guitarists like to run their effects in parallel because it allows you to apply each effect to your guitar signal individually. This means that the effects don't affect each other, so you can pile them on without muddying up your tone. Parallel routing can also help you avoid AD/DA degradation by mixing a dry signal in with your processed signal. On top of that, the line mixer also allows delay and reverb tails to trail off naturally, without echoing any new notes played. You also get a "kill dry" function that allows you to output only a wet signal, so you can use the output level controls on your pedals to set the amount of effect you want.

Audio buffers keep your signal clean

When you use long cables or pile on loads of effects, you degrade your guitar's signal, causing it to lose clarity and definition. At Sweetwater, we discourage the use of wimpy guitar tone. It simply doesn't get the job done. That's why we love the RJM Music Mastermind PBC. It utilizes a series of buffers to "strengthen" your guitar's signal and preserve its sound quality. And in the event that you'd like to turn the buffers off (pedals such as wah-wahs and germanium fuzzes work better without a buffer), all are independently switchable.

Click Stopper makes for transparent switching

Relays are the cleanest, most transparent switching method available. Unfortunately, they produce a "click" sound when they switch (which is really noticeable in high-gain situations). That's why the RJM Music Mastermind PBC utilizes a Click Stopper circuit. This circuit eliminates those annoying clicks by briefly muting audio output when the relays are switching. So, crank up the distortion and fear not. The Mastermind PBC has got your back!

RJM Music Mastermind PBC Pedalboard Controller Features:
  • 10 audio loops, four of which are stereo capable and series/parallel switchable
  • Outputs can be configured as a stereo pair or as A/B outputs for switching between two amps
  • Out B has a switchable isolation transformer and a phase switch
  • Audio buffers keep your signal clean
  • Click Stopper noise reduction circuit for transparent switching
  • 4 function switches for controller amplifier channels
  • Internal line mixer for running effects in parallel
  • A full-featured MIDI controller that can send any type of MIDI message
  • Expression pedal input that can be programmed to generate MIDI messages
  • Easy-to-read LCD display displays preset, song names, and more
  • USB host port for backing up and restoring settings to a USB thumb drive
  • External switch input allows two more switches to be added
  • Mac/PC editor software allows for faster and more comprehensive editing
  • Includes an integrated tuner
  • Power adapter not included
Get your pedalboard under control with the RJM Music Mastermind PBC pedalboard controller!

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Tech Specs

Type Loop Pedal Board Switcher
Inputs 2 x 1/4", 10 x 1/4" (Return), 1 x 1/4" (Exp Pedal), 1 x 1/4" Ext Sw)
Outputs 4 x 1/4", 10 x 1/4" (Send)
True Bypass Yes (switchable audio buffers)
Height 3.33"
Width 17.5"
Depth 5.5"
Weight 4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PBC10-A

Customer Reviews

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Greatest invention since.. anything!!

The Mastermind PBC exceeded my expectations in all aspects!! $ and you change your guitar playing life forever?!.... WORTH IT!!!! If you're thinking about it, don't think anymore, just do it! And if you can't afford it right now? Get a Sweetwater Card and get it! Hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made!!! Thanks Sweetwater!!!!!
Music background: Professional Worship Musician

Amazing Solution to the Tap Dance

I've had the Mastermind PBC for nearly a year and am completely blown away by the quality, ease of use, and flexibility of this product. At the end of the day, it removes the tap dance from moderately complex boards and allows you to focus on playing. A couple highlights: - Customer Service: I've contacted RJM a couple times with questions or suggestions and have always received prompt, friendly, and helpful responses - from Ron or Sheri, the owners. There is also a wealth of information available on RJM's website and forum. - Editor Software: For me, the editor software is what really sets this apart. The ability to customize page and button functions, create presets, assign presets and tempos to songs, and order songs into setlists from a computer and send the changes to the pedal via USB is invaluable. There are great video tutorials available for the editor. - I/O Options: The ability to route loops 1-6 into the front of my amp, run stereo effects in the effects loop, and output to stereo amps has revolutionized my sound. It would be nice to be able to virtually move around these loop blocks to flip pedal order or change the number of effects in front or in the loop, but hey I'm not The Edge. - Single step (or two) = any change I want: No longer do I have to limit my sounds within a song or back to back songs by how quickly I can tap dance. Example: End a 120 bpm song on a screaming lead with stacked overdrive pedals, tape delay with quarters on the left and eights on the right, and a tight reverb. Click starts for the next song at 85 bpm, I bank up and select my first preset for the next song. (Mastermind turns off my drives, turns on the first buffer that had been off for to play nice with my germanium drive pedal, turns on my compressor and mod pedals, sends tempo and preset changes to my MIDI pedals, sends external click to my JHS Unicorn - all in an instant). Then I'm playing the clean, ethereal sounding, dotted eighth/quarter intro to the next song. This product allows me to be as creative as I want to be without needing to roadmap complex changes in a performance, yet is still flexible enough to allow me to change my mind during a set. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Music background: Hobby guitar and home studio

Excellent pedal as well as customer service

First and foremost, this pedal switcher is amazing! Overall it is fairly easy to set up and get running, but software editor puts this switcher a step above the others. RJM's customer service also gets 5 stars! They are prompt, accommodating and very helpful. Highly recommended!
Music background: Hobbyist


I got mine in February! This is the very best investment I've made for my overall experience since I went to in ear monitors 9 years ago. As far as Im concerned, there are no drawbacks to this product. I use mine live at least 4 nights a week and it is still working perfectly.No glitches ever! I've had other loop switchers none are even close to the sound(or lack there of), rugged build , and ease of operation. The kicker is the extensive yet easy to use software interface that allows me to make changes on my MAC and then transfer to the pedal. It's a Bradshaw rig on my pedalboard! Lastly, killer customer service. Ron and his wife are really care! Buy this! you won't be disappointed!
Music background: Professional

Sweetwater Advice

RJM Music Mastermind PBC

RJM clearly considered just about every scenario pedal junkies are likely to face. So the Mastermind PBC offers simple solutions for the most common problems. While the unit is true bypass, there are three switchable buffers that can be saved as part of any given preset. The last four loops, meanwhile, have an internal mixer so you can route pedals in series or parallel. The Mastermind PBC can also be configured for a stereo setup or for A/B routing to different amps. I took advantage of the latter option and connected one end to my shimmery clean blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb and the other to my Mesa/Boogie Trem-O-Verb. It was a pairing made in heaven....
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