Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal

Multi-effects Bass Guitar Pedal with Amp Modeling, Stompbox and Studio Effects, Built-in Tuner, with Large LCD Display
Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal image 1
Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal image 1
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Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal
In Stock!

Powerful Multi-effects Bass Processor in a Stompbox-sized Unit

The Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal houses all of the big bass tone-processing power you could ask for in the size of a single stompbox-sized pedal. Choose from 58 modeled effects and amplifiers to create your ideal bass tone. A large LCD screen makes the MS-60B easy to use in any lighting condition. Right out of the box, this Zoom processor has 30 presets that are ready to deliver the low end on any stage and 50 user presets, so you can design and save your own sounds. From rock to funk to metal, the MS-60B is ready for any gig. Replace your entire pedalboard with the power of the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal.

Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Guitar Pedal at a Glance:
  • Amazing models of classic amps and pedals
  • Large LCD screen makes operation easy
Amazing models of classic amps and pedals

With the combination of six amp models and 52 stompbox and rack effects, the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass pedal is ready to dish out the sounds you need at your next gig. Amp models range from modern to vintage with detailed cabinet models. Every aspect of the bass amp and cabinet can be tweaked to create your own signature rig. Bass-tailored effects include distortion, compression, modulation, filters, delay, reverb, and more. You can use up to six effects and models simultaneously for big, lush sounds. Create a fat reggae rig or a overdriven rock rig, whatever you need the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp can deliver.

Large LCD screen makes operation easy

The Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal has a large LCD display built-in, so you can instantly see your settings. You'll love being able to see exactly what your preset's settings are with this big, backlit display. There's nothing worse than having to guess how your knobs are set and messing everything up at a show. Three parameter controls let you tweak settings quickly. A set of cursors built-in around the footswitch let you dig deeper into presets and functions on the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp bass guitar pedal.

Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Compact multi-effects bass processor
  • 52 stompbox effects
  • 6 high-quality guitar amp models
  • Large LCD screen
  • 30 preset patches and 50 used patches
  • Stereo out
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
Add a ton of firepower to your pedalboard with the Zoom MS-60B bass guitar pedal!

Additional Media

MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal User Manual
Zoom Updates MS Series Pedals

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Batteries 2 x AA (Included)
Power Supply Included No
Height 2.3
Width 3.05"
Depth 5.13"
Weight 0.77 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ZMS-60B

Customer Reviews

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Super Bass Pedal

I installed the FREE May 2017 firmware 2.0 update (effortless and easy). Amazing update that doubles the power locked inside this pedal. if you are contemplating purchasing ANY kind of bass effects pedal, consider that this pedal contains some very close clones to just about any amp or effect you can buy. I purchased this as a backup unit, as I learned a long time ago to always have 2 of everything when gigging live. With 2.0 update, this pedal has became more than a backup unit to my EDEN WTDI preamp pedal, it sounds amazing all by itself. In front of an amp, through an effects loop, etc,...it does it all AND has stereo outs. I ran this into 2 channels/stereo on an XR12 Behringer mixer, the bass tone was beautiful to hear through FOH P.A. cabinets. Truly one of the best purchases I have ever made, total satisfaction on every level. Plus, it runs on batteries! And has a tuner! Hat's off to ZOOM and Sweetwater for providing such a great deal, one that any bass player can afford. Buy one.

Very impressed

Just wanted to echo the many positive reviews for this pedal. I primarily use it for bass fuzz, envelope filter, compressor, and phaser. It does all of these exceptionally well, plus has a built in tuner. The quality of the effects are all really great and you have a bunch of good options for each one. The settings are easy to navigate and manage. It's far easier to program than any other multi-effects unit I've used before. I used to have to keep my manual in my guitar case just so I could be sure I knew what each knob did when I needed to tweak my sound for a show. Not with this pedal. It's all pretty obvious. One feature that I don't see mentioned often in the reviews that really should get more attention is that you have control over your effects chain. Want to hear what it sounds like to run the envelope filter before vs. after the distortion? That's really easy to do with this pedal and impossible to do with a lot of others.
Music background: Bass hobbyist

Yeah, It's that Good

I have been playing for 14 years now and have always been resistant to effects pedals for a number of reasons. Cost, Infrequency of use, loss of usable bottom end and just figuring out when the effects are actually adding more than a dry signal would contribute. Basically for me it was what kind of value is this piece of equipment contributing to my overall tone vs. what it cost me. This little pedal addressed all my concerns and more. The construction is of very high quality, Nice metal casing sturdy feel so an A for it there. The effects themselves sound very good as well. But the real standout feature is the amp modeling, they are perfect for coloring your sound in just the right way for a particular song. I am of the opinion that less is more when it comes to effects and if you like having them for adding a bit of depth and complexity to your tone this thing is a must have. It does have a couple of drawbacks however. I have found the majority of the presets to be fairly useless for my purposes but they could work for some of them are also cranked so you will need to go through and adjust levels, I will likely be overwriting them. The overdrives are highly over saturated, Upon a first listen I thought they were useless, not so, they just need to be dialed WAY back on the tone and gain settings and they actually provide a nice beefy overdrive. A firmware update could address this. Also, when the treble, gain or output levels get past a particular point there is a bit of noise to contend with but as long as you balance it so your amp is pushing most of the volume this is not an issue, just a matter of eq'ing The user interface is highly intuitive and with a quick read of the manual is a fast learn. As far as usability in a live setting the footswitch patch cycle function is a great feature but you must have your tone completely set for effective use and individual effects can not be switched on or off in this setting. Somewhere down the road an 3 button foot switch that could be tied in via the USB out to control the individual effects in the patches would be a nice accessory offer. But overall I could not be happier with this processor and highly recommend it.
Music background: Hobbyist - Semi Pro

Crazy versatility and tone in a single stomp

I have never been a fan of multi effects units, or even digital pedals in general. I like a good analog sound. I wanted this as a versatile filter pedal that would occupy only one spot on my nano pedalboard, for the occasional times I wanted to have a filter effect. What I quickly discovered is that not only are the filters all really well done, the preamp and amp sims are by far the best I've heard. They don't have the typical synthetic sound that even analog tube sim pedals have, making them perfect for dialing in different flavors through my clean Markbass head. The compressors all sound better than stand alones I've tried, and the EQ, line selectors, etc are all very useful. Then add to all that the ability to put 4 pedals in a row PER PATCH, wow. Even if one pedal isn't quite there on the sound you want, just add an EQ, or a preamp, or an amp sim...or all three. It's also really useful in a live setting with the mode that allows the footswitch to cycle through slots with specific patches assigned to them. And the buffered bypass is so clean it might as well be true bypass. This pedal is impressive, whether you're a filter junkie that loves to create crazy sounds or a wedding player that needs to call up different genre tones on the fly.
Music background: Semi-pro musician

Any Bass Player Would Enjoy This Pedal

I purchased the MS-60B to use as a secondary,back-up rig to my EDEN WTDI pedal, the mainstay of my bass rig. I can plug the Eden into ANYTHING and it sounds great! Another bass player I am friendly with at our rehearsal hall had an MS-60B and borrowed my Eden in a quest to create a "close" duplicate preset of the Eden. We were both thoroughly slack-jawed at what he was able to come-up with. Through a cabinet, it is dead on accurate and amazing. It didn't have the unique voicing/shine of the WTDI when used to record, although when used with an A/B Y box to send both signals into separate tracks, the results were stunning. Add in about any effect you can possibly use, and the ZOOM goes way past just a back-up rig. Also sounds tight going into a channel on the PA live. Nice to have sooo much available in a battery-powered unit. Well made,solid amp models,plenty of FX, and even a tuner. A great deal by any standard. Thanks, Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Advice

Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp for Bass

But the soul of this pedal lies in its effects. Zoom did a great job of with the factory presets. Some standouts: The reggae patch is simply low-end heaven....
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