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Compact Sampling Workstation with 64-Track Sequencer, CompactFlash Storage and USB Port
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Akai Professional MPC1000 image 1

Sorry, the Akai Professional MPC1000 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Akai Professional MPC1000
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Akai Professional's mobile MPC Groove Box!

The Akai Professional MPC1000 is a feature-packed, thoroughly modern sampling drum machine and 64-track MIDI sequencer equipped with features, functions and facilities to let you explore new musical ideas without restriction.

Akai Professional MPC1000 at a Glance:
  • A full MPC in a laptop size
  • The pad feel and features of the MPC60
  • Full-featured, with famous Akai interface, effects and sampling ease

A full MPC in a laptop size
The MPC1000 is Akai Professional's most portable MPC yet. About the size of a laptop, the MPC1000 is the MPC you can take on the road with you, without the weight and awkwardness of larger models. The MPC1000 delivers the MPC's legendary 'feel' and 'groove' so that you can be sure that your beats and sequences just swing in a rugged, dependable 'switch on and work' and 'out the carton' solution to computer sequencer headaches.

The pad feel and features of the MPC60
The Akai Professional MPC1000 features the sixteen characteristic velocity and pressure sensitive pads - an established (and essential) component of the MPC series since its inception! It also features the original MP60's intuitive transport and locate controls, the MPC1000's unique NOTE REPEAT function plus new additions such as the two Q-Link sliders that allow real-time interaction with tuning, filter cutoff, layer switching, attack and decay.

Full-featured, with famous Akai Professional interface
The MPC1000 features a well established, friendly and intuitive user interface, two separate multi-effects processors (plus a master output effects processor!), resonant multi-mode filters, 4-way sample layering and velocity switching per pad. Other MPC1000 features include two MIDI ins and 32 MIDI channels via the two MIDI outputs, multiple audio outputs as standard, footswitch inputs for 'hands-free' control.

Akai Professional MPC1000 Features:
  • Established friendly and intuitive user interface of MPC series
  • Easy-to-use MIDI sequencer/drum sampler offering a great alternative to complex computer based products
  • Velocity and pressure sensitive pads for expressive programming
  • A 16 levels function giving you one sound on all pads with varied level, tuning, attack, decay or filter per pad
  • Two separate effects processors and one main out effect
  • 4-pole filters (two 2-pole filters) filtering for each of the 32 voices.
  • Two Q-Link sliders for realtime performance control.
  • 2 x MIDI In and 2 x MIDI Out
  • 32 MIDI channels
  • 16Mb RAM standard, expandable to 128Mb .
  • Internal preset sounds in flash.
  • Save/load your sound and sequence data to/from Compact Flash.
  • Portable laptop size
The Akai Professional MPC1000 is your laptop groove generator!

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AKAI MPC1000 Review
AKAI MPC1000 Review

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Manufacturer Part Number MPC1000-BK

Customer Reviews

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Sweetwater Advice

Rob Crocker

I was reluctant at first as I unpacked the MPC1000 to do a review. First, I associated it with music styles that don't interest me. Second, making music on a "groove box" was alien to me, being a guitar player. I figured I'd hate the whole experience... all I can say is I'll eat my words. It's an intuitive piece that is easy to get around. The menu system doesn't take itself seriously with commands like "do it" instead of enter, for example. Within minutes I was setting it up to record a sample and playing with the drum pads. It sounds great which blew me away and before long that grumbling was replaced by a smile. I had a lot of fun playing it, making sequences, tweaking my samples and essentially stepping out of my creative comfort zone. The MPC1000 took me to creative places that I seriously doubt I'd have ever visited on my own.
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Joe Gilder

The MPC1000 is really the first drum machine/sampler I've really sat down with and gotten to know. I took it home and tried to forget everything I know about audio and recording. I wanted to approach it with the kind of mindset of someone who doesn't want to know all the ins and outs of the recording and sampling process and just wants to make some music. The MPC1000 is quite impressive. This sleek little black box looks great, which gets your creative energies going as soon as you take it out of the box. Power up the machine, and you'll be deep into sequencing in minutes. The Quick Start Manual is great, especially for someone like me who has no prior experience with these things. I glanced over it, got my bearings, and started playing. The most impressive thing to me about the MPC1000 is how quickly and easily you can put together a sequence. Set up your tempo and how long you want the sequence to be. Find the first sound you want to lay down. Hit record, and do it. It automatically loops back over what you recorded, so you can just keep adding different sounds to different tracks without ever having to stop the loop! When you get a good groove, going, you don't want to have to stop everything to find your next sound. Keep it playing while you look. When you're ready, throw it back into record and lay down the next part. It's so easy. For those of you with less-than-perfect rhythm (like myself), the MPC will automatically line up your performance (if you want it to). Don't agonize over a missed beat. Let MPC1000 fix it for you on the fly so you can keep going. Once you've played with all the sounds included on the MPC1000, you can then add as many sounds as you want. Record it in straight from your computer or CD player, edit it on the MPC and assign it to a pad. Customize this thing however you want, and save it all to your Compact Flash memory card. For those of you that like to tweak, the MPC has plenty of effects and synth parameters. Almost all of the adjustable parameters (frequency cutoff, resonance, volume, etc.) can be controlled by one of the two Q-link sliders. You don't have to make your adjustments with little buttons, use a fader to "feel" your way through the different sounds. Get an MPC1000 and let the creativity begin. You'll be making great musical creations in no time.
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Paddy Steading

When first getting familiar with the MPC1000, my greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box! From the 32 MIDI tracks, to the 64 track sequencer, backed up by the real-time processing, the MPC1000 has got you covered. I was also impressed by how easily I could navigate through the LCD and recording features. Any feature or filter is accessible within a few selections. That is a huge relief! Do you really want to feel like you are reprogramming a computer in the middle of a live performance? I don't. The MPC1000's Q-Link sliders are the main controls for the real-time processing. They act like a filter knob on an analog synth, meaning you can change tuning, filter cutoff, attack, or decay during performance. A really cool extra with the Q-Link sliders is that they can be reassigned mid-performance. So if you are changing the tuning of one sample, and suddenly want to change the decay of a different one, you can do it almost instantaneously. With modern music changing all the time, we all have to remember that certain products are no longer genre specific. Samplers are no longer just for hip-hop and electronica. Rock and metal groups, and even country acts, are now using samplers. Why? Because they sound so close to the real thing! If you are a guitar player and don't want to have to wait on band practice, or can't find a band to practice with, don't get frustrated. The MPC1000 has the ability to be your band. (and it actually does what you want it to.)
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Jared Matchette

As someone with little sequencing and sampling experience, I was mostly concerned with ease of use. The AKAI MPC1000 put all of my worries to rest. Within minutes of firing up the MPC1000 I had created a 6-track sequence without having to put much thought into maneuvering through windows and menus. I was able to focus my mind on creating music. In addition, the preset sequences provided a quick way to hear what sounds were in the preset programs, as well as showing the possibilities capable with the MPC1000. It's a great songwriting tool!
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