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61-key Synth Workstation with Phrase Arpeggiator, Effects, Sequencer, and Computer Integration
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Yamaha MO6 image 1

Sorry, the Yamaha MO6 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Yamaha MO6
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It's Time to Get MO Yamaha in Your Studio!

Introducing the direct descendant of the pro-level MOTIF ES, the 61-key Yamaha MO6. (An 88-key version, the Yamaha MO8 is also available). The MO6's amazing voices, high-quality effects and powerful filters derive from the same technology and feature the same memory capacity as the MOTIF ES-including the stunning Mega Voice technology. With an emphasis on modern styles, the MO has all the sophisticated synth sounds and drum kits used in today's popular music-dance, club, urban pop, hip hop, R&B, techno, electronica, and more.

Yamaha MO6 at a Glance:
  • Voices, effects and filters derive from the MOTIF ES.
  • Built-in Phrase-based sequencer
  • DAW remote control
  • Lightweight

Song & Pattern Creation
The Yamaha MO6 features a built-in phrase-based sequencer that gives you an exciting set of tools to create your own music-more quickly and easily than ever before. The Yamaha MO6 allows you to trigger arpeggios and generate new, creative ideas on the fly. You can use them along with the Mega Voices to create unusual phrases. Combine the pre-programmed phrases into complete patterns, and then use the pattern chain functions and track looping to quickly craft your own songs. The Yamaha MO6 lets you generate an unlimited amount of pattern variations, via the semi-random Remix controls.

Computer Integration
The Yamaha MO6 features remote control functions to give you hands-on control over your DAW/sequencer software-right from the panel, plus, the Yamaha MO6 employs Yamaha's exclusive Studio Connections software, which means that compatible voice and multi-part editors will treat the Yamaha MO6 like a VSTi instrument with freeze function for freeing up CPU resources. With the Yamaha MO6 you have comprehensive hardware/software integration into your music production system - making the Yamaha MO6 the heart of your music production studio - but that doesn't mean the Yamaha MO6 has to stay at home...

Perfect for Performance
The Yamaha MO6 is a light, compact keyboard that's easy to carry to your gigs. To accommodate the needs of live performance, the MO6 has a master mode that lets you easily and instantly change the settings
you need for each song.

Yamaha MO6 Features:
  • 61 keys, LC Keyboard (Initial Touch)
  • Tone Generator AWM2
  • Polyphony 64 notes
  • Multitimbral Capacity 16 parts (internal)
  • Wave ROM 75MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 1,859 waveforms
  • Presets: 512 normal voices + 64 drum kits; GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kit
  • User Locations: 128 x 2 (Bank 1: Original, Bank 2: Picked up from Preset), Normal Voice + 32 drum kits
  • Performance User: 256 (up to 4 parts)
  • Filter & Effect System: 18 types (Filter), Reverb x 20 types, Chorus x 49 types, Insertion (A, B) x 116 types x 3 blocks,
  • Master Effect x 8 types, Master Equalizer (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo)
  • Note Capacity: Approx. 226,000 notes
  • Tempo: 1 - 300
  • Recording types: Real time replace, Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain), Real time punch (Song only), Step (with the exception of the Pattern Chain)
  • Tracks, Pattern Mode: 16 phrase tracks
  • Tracks, Pattern Chain Mode: Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene track
  • Tracks Song Mode: 16 sequence tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each track), Tempo track, Scene track
  • Patterns: 64 patterns (x 16 sections), Measures: 256 maximum
  • Preset Phrases: 687 phrases,
  • User Phrases: 256 per pattern
  • Song Capacity: 64 songs, Mixing voices: 16 per pattern (256 maximum)
  • Mixing templates: 32
  • Sequencer is capable of transmitting 124 simultaneous commands "polyphony"
  • Arpeggiator: Preset x 1787 types, User x 256 types
  • MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set
  • Scene Memory: 5 per Song
  • Sequencer Format: MO6/MO8 Original format (compatible with MOTIF ES),
  • SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)
  • Master User Locations: 128
  • 4 Zones (Master keyboard settings), Assignable Knob/Slider settings, Program Change Table
  • Sequencing Software compatible with the Remote Control function
  • For Windows: Cubase SX 3, SQ01 V2, SONAR 4, MO6/8/MOTIF ES/
  • MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK/S90 ES Multi Part Editor
  • For Macintosh: Cubase SX 3, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer 4.52, MO6/8/MOTIF ES/MOTIF-RACK ES/MOTIF-RACK/S90 ES Multi Part Editor
  • Controllers: Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Assignable Control Sliders (4), Assignable Knobs (4), Data dial
  • Display: 240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD
If you thought that the Yamaha MOTIF was out of your reach, think again - but don't think too much... get a Yamaha MO6 and start creating!

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Dave Shaw

The MO6 is a full scale workstation with the versatility to be used as a stand-alone sequencer, live keyboard, or an addition to a computer based system. The first thing that caught my attention when I opened the box was the on-board faders and knobs. Within minutes I was tweaking and applying effects to presets. This unit boasts many unique features such as these. The Yamaha MO6 is a member of the popular Motif family, and the sound library comes loaded with 700+ presets to accommodate even the most complex of musical styles.  The unit's intuitive design allows quick and precise tweaking of its sounds. The faders and knobs can be assigned to a variety of features dependent on the unit's mode of operation. This is great for modifying or creating patches on the fly. The faders also come in handy while mixing your arrangements with the on-board mixer and effects. Experimentation with the arpeggiator function can lead to some very interesting phrases that are highly ideal in dance music production. The MO6 features a 16 track sequencer that works as a great tool to arrange and sculpt songs from raw to polished form. Operation of the sequencer is very user friendly, leaving every option just a few clicks away. This is great. Who wants to lose their inspiration trying to navigate their way to find preset setting. Eq, reverb, and other effects can be added to each individual track. Also featured is complete integration with Cubase and Nuendo. The MO6 can function as a controller or external virtual instrument. This makes the process of bringing your creations into your DAW amazingly fast.
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