Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro

Network-capable Mixing Solution Engine for Vienna Symphonic Instrument Ensemble Pro 5 with Advanced Convolution-based 3D-space Emulation - Unlimited Instruments - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro image 1
Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro image 1
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Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro
Delivered By Download

Add Real Space to Your VSL Ensemble!

NOTE: MIRPro and MIRPro24 owners can download a free update which will give their software the ability to use MIRx convolution reverbs, plus the contents of all 3 MIRX reverb libraries. This product requires a Vienna Key (not included) to operate. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have questions.

Note:Requires at least one MIR RoomPack (available separately).

Vienna Symphonic Library's Vienna MIR Pro mix engine lets you step out from behind your DAW's virtual mixing console and conduct your Ensemble Pro 5 virtual instrument system from the conductor's perspective. Forget about tweaking countless knobs and wading through the endless minutia of parameters - Vienna MIR Pro makes mixing natural and intuitive, putting your virtual instruments in your choice of amazing virtual performance halls. Thanks to the tight interaction between its Multi Impulse Response convolution reverb and Ensemble Pro, your compositions will come out sounding more natural and realistic than ever when you add VSL's Vienna MIR Pro to your system.

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna MIR Pro Mix Engine at a Glance:
  • MIR Control Icon gives you a fresh approach to mixing your ensemble
  • Multi Impulse Response convolution takes realistic reverb to a whole new level
  • Expand this flexible mixing system to meet your needs
MIR Control Icon gives you a fresh approach to mixing your ensemble

Vienna MIR Pro approaches mixing in a totally natural and organic way by allowing you to arrange your individual instruments and ensembles onstage in a physically modeled environment - just as you'd arrange individual performers in a performance hall. That's where the MIR Control Icon comes in. This simple yet effective control tool lets you control the volume of your individual instruments and position them spatially within the mix, all without ever touching a channel fader or a pan knob. If you think more like a conductor and less like an engineer, then the MIR Control Icon will make mixing your ensemble more enjoyable and intuitive than ever before.

Multi Impulse Response convolution takes realistic reverb to a whole new level

Mixing is only half of what Vienna MIR Pro brings to your Ensemble Pro virtual instrument system. The name itself, MIR, stands for Multi Impulse Response, which is an advanced for of convolution reverb capable of calculating a near infinite number of instrument positions. This freakishly powerful system lets you choose your listening position and microphone technique just as you would if you were recording an ensemble in a real hall. However you place and angle your instruments, Vienna MIR Pro responds just like the real, famous concert hall you've selected. Far from your ordinary convolution reverb, with Vienna MIR Pro in your Ensemble Pro 5 rig your instruments will spring to life.

Expand this flexible mixing system to meet your needs

Larger-than-life symphonic music can require a larger-than-life virtual instrument rig. That's why Vienna Symphonic Library gives you two great ways to expand your Vienna MIR Pro system. First, there are RoomPacks available to expand your reverb library (at least one RoomPack is required; ask your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information). If it's more processing power you need, then all you have to do is add another computer running Vienna MIR Pro via your standard LAN. Vienna MIR Pro will interface with both other copies of the Vienna MIR Pro software or the more affordable 24-instrument Vienna MIR Pro 24. Either way, it couldn't be easier to expand your VSL Vienna MIR Pro mixing system.

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna MIR Pro Mix Engine Features:
  • Powerful, flexible, and intuitive mixing and reverb engine for VSL Ensemble Pro 5
  • Provides spacial and mix processing for as many solo instruments or ensemble instruments as your computer's CPU can handle
  • Place your instruments in one of five impressively detailed, physically modeled venues represented by an easy-to-navigate 3D graphical environment
  • Intuitive MIR Control Icon lets you position and angle your instruments, adjust their volumes and direct/ambient mixes, and monitor their activity - all without touching a mixing console
  • Multi Impulse Response convolution reverb technology gives you the realism of convolution reverb plus the ability to position and angel instruments, change listening positions, and reconfigure your virtual microphone arrangements with staggering realism
  • Reverb length can be changed individually for each microphone position
  • Includes models of the four main halls in the Vienna Konzerthaus plus its grand foyer
  • Create breathtakingly realistic, fully dimensional mixes in up to 7.1 surround sound
  • Audio input lets you process other tracks through MIR's reverb environment
  • MIRacle algorithmic reverb plug-in lets you sweeten your mixes
  • Control parameters via MIDI and automate them in real time
  • Room and Master EQ options give you further tone-shaping control
  • Character Presets such as Air, Silk, Bite, Distant, and Warm provide quick timbral changes for most Vienna Instruments
  • Add adjustable room tone to your mix to emulate a natural noise floor
  • Supports third-party VST instruments via Ensemble Pro
  • Learn All/Optimize All and Master Tune controls available for Vienna Instruments
  • Expand your system with VSL RoomPacks to add churches, opera houses, and other famous locations to your collection (Note: Requires at least one MIR RoomPack, available separately)
  • Add even more instruments to your mix by networking other computers running Vienna MIR Pro or Vienna MIR Pro 24
Add unprecedented life and realistic spacial dimensions to your Ensemble Pro rig with VSL's Vienna MIR Pro mix and convolution reverb engine!

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MIR Pro Update

Tech Specs

Software Type Mixing Solution Engine
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Processor, 4GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Processor, 4GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7
Manufacturer Part Number VSLS03-P

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Sound and Beautiful Graphic Interface

An amazing piece of software engineering. I've been using this for over a year now and I couldn't produce without it. The ease of use is excellent, whether you're using it as a standalone plug-in to a DAW or notation program (I use MIR Pro24 with Notion), or as part of Vienna Ensemble or VE Pro. It's very straightforward, and the interface is very simple. It's totally visual, so have fun placing your musicians anywhere you feel like it in the sound stage. Not happy with the Stokowski layout? Mix it up! Go Pre-Stokowski! Want your basses spread across the back of the soundstage for a huge cinematic wash? Have at it! As an architect in my "day job" I am totally hooked on the idea of pushing my musicians around a virtual stage or studio and being able to hear the difference with distances as short as 18 inches! One slight shortcoming is in the documentation. The documentation is complete, but I think new users might benefit from more tutorial examples or "best practices". However, having used the software for over a year, I find little in the way of documentation that I miss now. On the other hand, technical support from VSL is always prompt and courteous. They've always answered any minor question I've had and even have been able to go into more depth when I needed it. Also, They have probably the best support group that I've dealt with. The folks responsible for creating the software are often the ones answering your questions. The online community is also excellent. The software is pricey, but I've tried other solutions and they don't come close in terms of sound quality, ease of use and sheer beauty! Also, be aware, the base package requires the purchase of additional "Room Packs" in order to function. These are the waveforms for the convolution reverb. I'd recommend the Studios and Soundstages pack. Very useful. The Gateshead Sage Package is also excellent. The software also comes with an add-in package, MIRacle, which is a conventional reverb tail modification program for sweetening and enhancing the straight convolution reverb provided by MIR Pro. It's a great added benefit, and the sound of the different venues can really be fine tuned using it.
Music background: Hobbyist

The best reverb+positioning solution.

MIR is one of the only all-in-one reverb+positioning plugins out there right now, but it is so well-done that I can hardly imagine anybody improving on it anyway. Sure there are reverb plugins out there, but they tend not to have any positioning and in the rare event that they do it's a questionable effect at best. And there are positioners out there but they tend to be dry and certainly don't offer the variety of rooms or realism of MIR. Being a user of mostly dry libraries, I literally just add MIR to each instrument, move it on-stage to where I would like it to be, and I'm done. The result is perfection. It's so natural sounding that I forget how much the original library's sound is changed and I surprise myself every time I hear the dry instruments again. While there is a room EQ feature, I'd suggest using your own EQ that you're used to as the one provided is somewhat limited. This one program has changed the way that I work more than any other, and no other piece of software out there has made me stop, listen to my own recording, and think "I can't believe I'm not listening to a real orchestra." Well-worth the high price tag.

It does the job as intended

Without a doubt, this is a great tool for the midi-based orchestral composer. It is nice to be able to see where you place each orchestral instrument within a chosen concert or studio hall. Of course there's still tweeking to be done in order to get the desired sound. But DANG! The "depth of sound" that is achieved is wonderful! With the right amount of tweeking, it sounds like a recording of an orchestra! BUT, it's expensive. It also does not come with any concert halls. You have to purchase them seperately. (Apparently, this is a new business strategy by VSL.) i'm glad that I made the investment, though.
Music background: Composer; musician
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