MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru

1-in/4-out Standalone MIDI Splitter Box
MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru image 1
MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru image 1
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MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru
In Stock!

Awesome 1-in/4-out MIDI Splitter!

The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru MIDI splitter box is a fast, easy, and low-tech way to send one MIDI output to four MIDI inputs. Just plug the MIDI output of your keyboard, guitar effects controller, pyrotechnics rig, or whatever MIDI-driven gear you're running into the Quadra Thru's input. Instantly, you've got four copies of your data to do with as you please. And since it's even powered by MIDI, you don't have to lug around batteries or a power supply to use your MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru MIDI splitter.

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Since 1992, MIDI Solutions has been offering creative musicians like you the MIDI tools they need to make the most of their music gear. Ask any seasoned keyboard or high-level guitar tech, and they'll tell your that MIDI Solutions modules are the lynch pins of the live performance world. You just wouldn't believe how many complex MIDI rigs are currently being held together by simple, effective, and road-tested MIDI Solutions boxes. When you need highly flexible yet delightfully affordable MIDI routing tools, you can trust the MIDI Solutions gear you'll find at Sweetwater.

MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru MIDI Splitter Box Features:
  • The perfect way to split 1 MIDI source to 4 destinations
  • 1 x MIDI in port feeds 4 x MIDI thru ports
  • An easy and affordable solution to your MIDI routing issue
  • Active circuitry prevents and cleans up data skewing, ensuring reliable performance over long cable runs and extensive daisy chaining
  • MIDI-powered operation means you don't have to fuss with batteries or power supplies
  • Can also run on external power supply
  • MIDI indicator LED provides visual feedback of data throughput
Get the MIDI routing you need with a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru MIDI splitter box from Sweetwater!

Additional Media

MIDI Interface Buying Guide
Quadra Thru User Manual

Tech Specs

Type Portable
Ports 1 x 4
Power Bus Powered
Height 1.09"
Depth 2.19"
Width 4.19"
Weight 0.256 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number QuadraThru

Customer Reviews

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Midi Problem Solver

The Quadra Thru Midi Processor by Midi Solutions is very well built and does its job in an excellent way. I use it to connect the Roland PK5a bass pedals to a Roland G-70 and the KeyB Exp organ sound module and it works great. I have two additional Midi outputs available that could be used to hook up additional modules for a killer bass sound. I also use the Midi Solutions Midi Merger which works the opposite way: Two Midi In's and One Midi Out and it works great as well.Excellent products by Midi Solutions and super excellent service by Sweetwater.

Connect it and forget it

The Quadra Thru is a perfect solution to my synth rack. I needed to use one synth to control four synth modules. This was both the lowest priced solution, and the easiest to use. In my case, I gave each synth module a different id, and can quickly switch between the modules or the master keyboard/synth. The only thing missing is labels, but I added my own to avoid any confusion when moving things around. I've used it for almost a year with zero problems.
Music background: Composer, Engineer

The MIDI solution!

This little box is really a MIDI solution! Powered by the output of the Elektron Octatrack (no batteries or power supply required) and feeding the inputs of different MIDI gear as easy as plug and play. Before I had a chain of connections, but to control devices at the end of the chain, everything else needed to be turned on. Now is segmented and still the gear is getting a common MIDI clock and all the notes and CCs sent from the Octatrack. Very functional and sleek!

Exactly what you expect - flawless midi splitter!

Simple midi splitter - I ran my midi foot controller into the Quadra splitter and then individually to each unit so I didn't have to daisy chain. Midi signals reached each unit at the same time so there's zero midi hiccup - perfecto. Highly recommended for even slightly complex setups.
Music background: Pro musician

Works when other play by the standards

Severely frustrated and mad that my Focusrite 18i8 does not follow MIDI specifications rendering this simple very useful product useless. Same is true with any Focusrite interface and many others. What the heck are standards for?!?!? There is a hard to find explanation of this on MIDI Solutions site. This is a nice product and does exactly what it is meant to do WHEN others follow the standards.
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